The Sleepover
Fuck! I can't believe what I'm seeing in my parents' living room. Three giggling teenage girls, wearing sheer lingerie are sitting on the couch cheering on a fourth girl who is attempting to deep thro.. Read more
99 months ago
Dad Cums to the Rescue
I kicked back in the recliner, took a sip of Gentleman Jack, neat, and opened the newspaper to the sports page. The Jack went down smoothly, warming my gullet, as intended. It had been a grueling week.. Read more
101 months ago
Lesbian MILF Seductress: 30th B'day
Now, before I start my story of how I ended up on my knees in the bathroom of a Broadway theatre, I need to explain something about myself... I... am... a... squirter. I mean I come so hard an.. Read more
101 months ago
Comforting My Neighbor's Daughter
It was four months ago when my new neighbors moved in. I was used to the neighboring house being empty since the previous occupants had moved out a few months earlier, which was no big loss because I .. Read more
102 months ago
Teasing Lisa
It was Saturday afternoon and I was bored. My friends were mostly away at University, there was no football to go to and there was nothing else to do so in true nineteen-year-old style, I was sitt.. Read more
102 months ago
Satellite Installation
Mickey looked at the job card in his hand. "So, it's a two room set up yes? Which rooms exactly?" The middle-aged lady nodded. "The lounge, just through there," she answered, pointing to the door a.. Read more
102 months ago
Katie and I are both in our early thirties and have been married for just over ten years. Both highly sexed, we have enjoyed a great sex life but have always kept our 'bedroom' activities to ourselves.. Read more
103 months ago
A 3 Way At Trent
I met my wife while we were in university. I had been playing with both men and women for some years by then but had never admitted it to anyone. If I was with a girl they thought I was straight and I.. Read more
103 months ago
Her Horny Thoughts
I imagine that my husband is at home waitng for me and he has a hot chic with him and he keeps sending me messages with pics of her fine ass bbody. I am on mywayhome from picking up his "birthday pres.. Read more
103 months ago
My First Threesome
I just read this story pretty hot. I will start my story when I was younger, I use to hang out with two brothers, one older by a year, the other younger by about nine months, I was very aware of th.. Read more
103 months ago
Ch. 1
Ch. 1 Jacob would have given anything to just talk with Clair. She was in his Calculus class and sat in front of him every Tuesday and Thursday. He wanted to try the typical “studying together” appro.. Read more
103 months ago
Oral Switch
Lauren is the most sexual creature I have ever encountered, and I am her devoted oral slave. A true exhibitionist, she will bite her lower lip while catching my gaze and this serves as my signal to g.. Read more
103 months ago
Three's a Party, Not a Crowd
We are all standing around the bed Chrissy is just in sexy lingerie, whilst Greg is sitting on the bed next to her still fully clothed and I am standing just in my boxers shorts, my is cock is already.. Read more
103 months ago
The Cave
A bored twenty-one year old girl is on holiday with her parents, and goes on a coach tip to the caves to enjoy some independence. When she notices a young couple sneaking off the touris.. Read more
113 months ago
The Waiter
(This story is an extract from forthcoming novel The Secret Life of Lara Lovett) An bored twenty-one year old girl is on holiday with her parents, and finds herse.. Read more
114 months ago
Bathtub Desires
Bathtub, music, you and I Something in me starts to fly Candlelight on hot wet skin Tingles flutter deep within Hazel eyes, aflame with need Touch me now, our silenc.. Read more
116 months ago
Don't You Want Me?
It was always different with you, from that very first time I laid eyes on you and you looked not at my cleavage, brazenly displayed, and not at my curves, clearly defined through that short slutt.. Read more
116 months ago
Seducing The Boiler Man
I knew I had to have him to moment I answered the door to his knock and he stood there, all stubble and scruff, all manly man. “I’ve come to service your boiler love,” he said, a line strai.. Read more
116 months ago
Tina and I Together
As I walked into the bar, I saw her standing, facing the bar, with one butt cheek hiked over the edge of the adjacent bar stool; the other leg standing straight. She seemed confident and comfortable w.. Read more
127 months ago
Chasing Cars
We were driving along a stretch of roads but my hands were hardly on the wheels. I felt my life was in danger but i could not stop. I could not resist touching her sweet legs .. Read more
127 months ago
Picnic In The Park
It was a beautiful hot afternoon so we decided to have a picnic down at the local park. We found a secluded corner and laid down our blanket next to a picnic table. We sat and ate our lunch before mov.. Read more
127 months ago
Fucking after English Class
I sit in the front row, staring at her uncontrollably. Her name is Ms.Davees and she is my English teacher, just saying that would do her no justice so i must explain that she is perfection at its fin.. Read more
127 months ago
want a facefull ov spunk
Any guys/gals couples want to get me going.. Read more
127 months ago
The Hot Woman
While I was on vacation, I met the greatest bunch of people. Hank, who is 36, separated from his wife and lookin' for a good time too. He was sitting at the bar with Melinda and drinking one of those .. Read more
128 months ago
Hot and Spicy
She was the dangerous type, the kind that always unnerve me. From her makeup to her clothes, this woman exuded an agressive, bull-by-the-horns attitude. And oh, she was hot. Her self-assured demeanor .. Read more
128 months ago