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Lauren is the most sexual creature I have ever encountered, and I am her devoted oral slave. A true exhibitionist, she will bite her lower lip while catching my gaze and this serves as my signal to get my mouth between her legs, without hesitation and regardless of where we are at the time. I never refuse her invitations, and it often results in torn pantyhose and intense orgasms in very public places. When she first broached the subject of sharing my oral talents with others I assumed she intended to whore me out to other women.

We entered the darkened split-level home and she led me downstairs into a man-cave where a tall well-built guy stood watching porn on a large flat screen. With
no other woman in sight, my mind was racing between thoughts of retreat and
thoughts of embracing what had been a long time fantasy. Though I had never touched another man’s cock there had been numerous sessions with Laurel that would end with her pumping my ass deeply with her fingers while stroking my cock and “forcing” me to eat my own cum. The warm salty taste became an obsession, and I
had known for a long time that sucking cock was in my future.

She led me into the room and pressed down on my shoulders to move me to a kneeling position next to the couch. She then proceeded to lay a passionate kiss on
this guy, whose name was Adam, and as she did this used her hands to open his
bulging jeans to release his half-hard cock. I noticed my mouth begin to water. Lauren looked at me and bit her lower lip as she positioned Adam in front of me. “Time for you to suck some cock baby,” she said, “show my friend Adam what a talented mouth you have.” I licked my lips and stared momentarily, in awe of the beautiful cock before me. Long and thick and shaved clean, it was twitching very slightly in the air, becoming harder in small increments without me even touching it. I could see a spot of pre-cum at the opening, and reaching for that with the tip of my tongue savored my first taste of another man. I hungered for more.

I reached out my hand and grasped Adam’s cock at the base, and wrapped my lips around the head of his cock. I closed my eyes and with his cock about two
inches into my mouth, sucked on and tongued his thick head while thinking “you
are a cum-hungry cock sucker now . . .” Laurel was enjoying the view, and she
produced a digital camera and began to shoot stills of the action. Being watched has always been a turn-on, and knowing that I was being photographed sucking a hard cock heightened my own excitement.

For the next several minutes I worked on Adam’s tool with my mouth and hands, sucking, stroking, going down on him as far as I could and feeling that gag reflex being triggered. I kept his shaft well lubricated and stroked him slowly while I ducked underneath to gently suckle his large hanging balls. He was moaning his encouragement and Laurel was adding her play-by-play, calling me her cock-slut and telling me she was going to catch Adam’s orgasm on video. After enjoying this man’s gorgeous cock for some time, I was determined to make him spurt and settled in to a steady motion of sliding him in and out, my lips closed tightly and generating a strong suction inside my mouth. The sounds of a sloppy wet blowjob filled my ears and I knew from Adam’s hip thrusts and grunting that he was about to nut.

Laurel squealed “video on!” and then yelled at Adam to “shoot your hot load in this bitch’s mouth!” I held my lips around his cock as he thrust himself in and out with increasing speed and fury. His cock twitched in my mouth and he was grunting “oh fuck yeah bitch eat that load,” and I knew it was feeding time. As my mouth was flooded with its first ever load of man milk, I continued my up and down sucking motion, allowing the load to collect in my mouth without swallowing. Adam’s thrusts subsided and he began pushing my head off his cock but I was not ready to release him. I wanted to gather every fucking drop of cum he could deliver. I wanted him to know what a cum-hungry slut I was.

I finally allowed his spent cock to fall from my lips as Laurel continued to video the action. I turned to her and opened my mouth to show her my prize, my first load from another man’s balls. She then said to me, “eat it baby, you earned it,” and with that I closed my mouth and swallowed Adam’s sperm.

This was the first of many occasions of Laurel whoring me out to friends, female and male, for oral service, both one-on-one and in groups. Whenever we connect with others, she has my complete trust and while she has definitely expanded my boundaries, has never put me in a situation beyond where I was willing to go. And meanwhile, our collection of stills and video of me eating pussy and sucking cock continues to grow.

Credit to lovevoodoo