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Ch. 1
Jacob would have given anything to just talk with Clair. She was in his Calculus class and sat in front of him every Tuesday and Thursday. He wanted to try the typical “studying together” approach but didn’t exactly know how to begin with her. Would he just walk up and offer to meet with her after class? No, that wouldn’t work because he had never actually said a single word to her. People didn’t just walk up to strangers in their class and offer to study together. It would be too obvious what his true intentions were.
The fact was, he was enamored by her. To him no other girl came close. She was thin and petite, with long curly hair. Her face was soft and round and her brown eyes were big and always full of happiness. She almost always had a smile on her face. She was perfect to him with a body that was tight and firm from years of either jogging and or swimming.
He knew she was smart too. He could see her test grades as the teacher passed out their papers every week. She almost never had problems in the class. Maybe he could simply ask her for help. She seemed like a nice enough person that she would probably go for it. But then he immediately started to worry about the whole stranger thing again. He had never talked to her before, he didn’t even know her. He couldn’t just walk up to her and start suggesting she help him pass this class.

Thursday rolled around, and since most people left town for the weekend, Thursdays were the biggest party night for their small college town. Jacob didn’t want to miss an opportunity to join in the fun, so he got with his buddies Fred and Derek at the town’s one major club, Honky Tonk’s. Since the college town was located in the middle of the hill country most of the club was dedicated to country and western dancing. Speakers hung from the ceiling and blasted out Brad Paisley and Dirks Bently while guys wearing pearl snaps and tight fitting jeans spun girls wearing plaid shirts and even tighter fitting jeans around the dance floor. Jacob passed right through this room to the back room, which was called Bedonky Donks. This continuation of a country song’s name was the hip hop side of the club, although it was much smaller than the country and western side.
Stripper poles were positioned all over the small room and a cage stood on either side of a large stage that held a DJ booth. No professional strippers ever stepped foot in the club. Instead the poles were intended for the more adventurous girls that entered the club. Any girl that came in could give any of the poles a dance or they could climb into the cages and shake what they had for all of Bedonky Donks’ to see.
Jacob, Fred and Derek cruised over to the large bar that took up the entire right side of Bedonky Donks and each of them ordered a beer. They then began to scan the crowd, looking for anyone they knew or any girls worth watching on any of the poles or the cages. Jacob immediately spotted a group of girls around one of the polls and recognized one of them as Clair. He couldn’t believe she was actually here.
She was not one of the girls actually attempting to dance on the pole. Instead she was nervously watching as one of her friends grinded the pole like a true pro. The girl on the pole was practically oozing with confidence and she gestured to Clair to take her turn on the pole.
“Come on, show us what you got.” The girl shouted over the beats of the hip hop music.
“I’ve never danced like that before, I’ll look ridiculous.” She said back, cupping her hands around her mouth.
“Just pretend it is a giant dick, and you are trying to make it stay hard.” Another of the girls said, obviously drunk.
Clair rolled her eyes and allowed her body language to reflect the fact that she was not going to be dancing on the pole any time soon. One of the girls grabbed her wrist and tugged her toward the pole.
“Just do what I do….. We’ll give it a threesome” She said laughing.
Jacob found himself moving closer and closer to the group of girls around the pole. Before he knew it, he was about ten feet from the two girls now dancing against the pole.
Clair’s friend moved gracefully around the pole and Clair watched with true interest. Soon she too was bumping and grinding against the pole with surprisingly good technique. Jacob was truly captivated. He could have watched her forever, but suddenly their eyes met. She looked at him as if he was looking at her while she was naked. They both just froze as she realized he had seen her dancing and he realized she had seen him watching her.
She tried to play it off as if she had been making a joke and even shoved her friend who was still dancing on the pole and then started acting as if she was laughing. Jacob knew this was his one chance to save the situation. Otherwise things would be awkward between them from here on to eternity.
He stepped forward and said the best line he could come up with in the two seconds it took to close the distance between them.
“Hey, why did you stop? I thought you were doing great.”
Even in the black lights he could tell she was blushing. He had taken a huge risk blurting out such a completely forward statement, but it was a take it or leave it kind of opening. Either she would shoot him down and he would drop the class to avoid ever having contact with her again, or she would talk with him and he might have a shot.
“Oh whatever, I suck.” She said laughing and looking at the ground. “That was truly terrible pole dancing.” Things were looking good. The fact that she had somewhat insulted herself meant she was slightly nervous.
“No, I’ll show you some terrible pole dancing.” Jacob said moving towards the pole. He was now going to completely humiliate himself in an attempt at both humor and making her feel like she had the upper hand.
He stood with his back to the pole and began to bump his ass against it to the beat. He looked like someone that possessed no rhythm was trying to twerk on the pole. He smeared a goofy look on his face and was sure to make eye contact with Clair and each of her friends as he performed the whole charade. Again he was taking a huge gamble, but he knew they would all either laugh with him or at him. Either way, he hoped he could spin the situation into his favor.
“Wow, you are right, even I danced better than that.” Clair said laughing.
Jacob stepped away from the pole with his hand out stretched to her and said “Well maybe you can show me some moves?”
She looked down at his hands and then around at her friends. Looking back up at him she said “You probably want to dance with one of my friends, they are all way better dancers than I am.”
“Nope, I’m pretty sure it is you I want to dance with.” Jacob said, still holding his hand out to her.
He couldn’t believe the luck he was having with getting off the decent lines that evening. He was fairly certain he was batting 1000 right now. Clair chuckled and took his hand.
They danced awkwardly for awhile and talked about the class they were both in and after awhile made their way over to the bar. Before they knew it the evening had gotten even later and soon 2am brought the club to a screeching halt. The overhead lights came on and everyone began to funnel out of the place.
Jacob and Clair walked out into the parking lot where Jacob finally asked her for her phone number. He called her phone with her standing in front of him and said, “There, now you got my number too.”
“Great.” She said “Call me, or if it is later in the evening or if I don’t answer, just send me a text.”
“I’ll do that.” Jacob said. He wasn’t sure if he should try for a kiss just yet but before he knew what was happening, she leaned over and pecked him on the lips.
Her eyes locked with his as her face moved away, and for a second he was hypnotized by her gaze. He smiled like an idiot as her face glided away from his and he turned and walked to his car. He felt as if he was practically floating to his driver side door.

As he lay in bed, he couldn’t sleep. He just kept replaying the whole evening in his head. He was in such a daze he barely felt his phone vibrate on the edge of his bed.
He reached over and looked at the screen. The text was from Clair.
“You still awake?” It read.
“Yeah, kinda hard to sleep.” He typed back. A moment later the phone vibrated again.
“Yeah, me too.”
He lay there thinking about how lucky he was to be texting the girl he had such a crush on when the phone vibrated again.
“I think I can't sleep because I am a little horny”
Jacob sat strait up in bed. He read the screen of his phone three times before he actually believed what he was reading.
“Really?” he typed back.
“Yeah, I have always thought you were cute. I just can't believe you danced with me and asked for my number.”
“I always thought you were cute too.” Jacob typed back. He brought back the previous message she had typed just to read the words ‘I am a little horny’ once again. His penis was now at full attention beneath the sheets.
“I wish you were here to cuddle with me.” Her next text read.
Jacob read this text 5 times before he decided to take another gamble.
“I could be, if you like.”
“I don’t know why you didn’t offer to have me over to your place to begin with you silly boy.”
Jacob slammed his head into his pillow at this text. She was right.
Her text after that was her address and Jacob threw on some pajama pants over his boxers and put on a white T shirt. He ran out to his car and fired up his GPS navigator on his dash board.
When he pulled up to her apartment and climbed the three flights of stairs to her floor he found her waiting for him in the hall way. She was wearing Yoga pants and a spaghetti string tank top. She had no bra on, but hardly needed it for her small A cup sized breasts. Her top was short and came no where near the waist of her yoga pants and his eyes were drawn down to her tight stomach and slender but strong legs. She immediately ran to him and pressed her chest against his.
“I can't believe you actually came over.” She said looking up into his eyes.
“Hey, what can I say, I can't pass up an offer to cuddle.”
She laughed and pulled his head down into a kiss that was much longer and way more sensual than the one she had given him earlier that evening.
Her apartment was a small one bedroom with a few paintings on the walls and a dining room that doubled as half of the living room. She had a small entertainment center against one wall and a small kitchen across from the entry way. A couch sat across from the entertainment center and behind it was the table she ate on, although a lap top sat on it as well. Beyond the living room was her bedroom with an attached bathroom. She dragged him straight across the living room to the bedroom.
“I would offer to watch a movie, but I am way too tired. I would just fall asleep right away.” She said.
She turned on a lamp next to her bed and dropped into it in a full backwards swan dive. Then she quickly pulled the covers up over her and peeked out at him from beneath the sheets.
Jacob lifted up the covers and climbed into bed next to her. She immediately rolled over so that she was on her side facing him and put her arm across his chest.
“I really am glad you are here. I hate to sleep alone.”
She looked into his eyes and realized what she had just said.
“Ummm, but I always do. It’s not like I have a bunch of guys sleeping in this bed every night. You really are the first one.”
“Really?” Jacob said sounding a little skeptical.
“Yes really.” She said sounding annoyed. “I shared a room with my sister back when I lived with my parents. I am not used to sleeping by myself.”
“Oh….. well that makes sense.” Jacob said. He chalked it up to her being nervous, but he really hoped she had only accidentally said the whole ‘hating to sleep alone’ thing. She had tried really hard to cover it up and he really didn’t want to be just another notch in her bedpost.
She looked into his eyes with what he thought was true anger and he immediately wished he had kept his mouth shut. But then her face softened back to the same smile he was used to and she went back to talking.
“Ah I’m just messing with you. I should have worded that first part better. It really did sound like I just invited people over so that I didn’t have to sleep by myself.”
He smiled back and she cuddled closer to him and put her head on his shoulder. He slid his arm underneath her neck so he could hold her close and the two of them lay there in silence for a short while.
“……..so” Jacob said trying to break the silence. “Did you mean to send me that other text?”
“What the one about me being horny?” she said bluntly.
“ye…yeah.” Jacob said weakly.
“Yeah I meant to send it to you. I am horny. I haven’t had sex in 22 years.”
Jacob took a moment to process this. He realized what she was saying and quickly tried to think of something good to answer with.
“I’ve just been thinking. When I was in high school, I had boyfriends but I never did anything because I didn’t want to be thought of as a whore. I was scared to be part of the group of girls that quote, ‘put out’, because word traveled fast around my school. Now I’m in college and things seem to be completely flipped around. I want to explore but I also want to be careful. To be honest, I am not looking to lose my virginity, but I am looking to expand my horizons just a little bit.” She had been looking into his eyes during most of this but as she got to the end she looked up at the ceiling fan.
“So, what exactly are you saying?” Jacob said turning to look at her. She kept her stare on the ceiling and he found himself looking at the side of her head.
“I’m saying, I am in college. I have never even seen a dick. My girlfriends have all lost their virginity and then some. They make fun of me on a daily basis. But I’m not going to give up everything of my innocence just yet. I want to do this one step at a time and at my own pace.”
Jacob frowned at her and she finally turned to look him in the eyes.
“I think you are cute, and the way you act so shy makes me think you are a sweet guy too. I don’t want to lose my virginity, but I don’t want to be so innocent either. I wouldn’t trust some big douche bag jock to give me what I am looking for so I thought maybe I could trust you.”
“What is it you want from me?” Jacob asked looking back at her.
“Well…..” she said pausing to put the words together. “I just told you I have never even seen a dick. I would like to see yours…. play with it, maybe even touch myself with it. But I want to be completely in control.
She sat up in bed and looked down at him. He was staring back up at her with a concerned look in his eyes. He didn’t know whether he should jump for joy or feel used. She could tell he was mulling it over in his brain and took this as an opportunity to further explain herself.
“I want to do this, but I don’t want to lose control of the situation. Like I said, you look like a nice guy that would not take advantage of the situation. I want to stay a virgin, but I want to touch a penis. The thought of that makes me so wet. But from what I hear, guys can get really turned on and if I’m touching your penis but not letting you put it inside of me, well, you might get frustrated. I only want to go so far. Can I trust you to let me be in control and not want to take things too far?”
Jacob couldn’t believe what he was hearing. In his mind all he heard was that she wanted to use him. That was all there was to it. Part of him felt like this should be every man’s dream. The other part felt like he should just do it, because he would do anything for her. And the last part of him just felt like he was a piece of meat. He was flattered that she trusted him and didn’t want to do anything to betray her trust but he was starting to wonder if the reason she had summoned him here tonight had anything to do with a lasting relationship. It sounded more like he was just a sweet guy that would let her play with his dick.
As much as he wanted to isolate and cater to the part of him that was a romantic and a one woman man he couldn’t help but acknowledge that another part of him was also tugging away at his brain. Part of him had come over here simply because of her text message stating she was horny. He would let this part of him take over for the moment. But part of him still wished that he was here because she genuinely wanted to be with him for something besides a sexual encounter.
“How do you know I am not the kind of guy that would take advantage of this situation?” He asked.
“Because I have been watching you, almost as much as you have been watching me. I am taking a little bit of a risk but I will go ahead and say that I trust you. Besides I don’t plan on taking off my pants until I have tied you down thoroughly.”
“What!?” Jacob blurted out while turning his head to look straight at her. It took Jacob a moment to realize what she had said. Now he felt a little bit alarmed but he went along with it.
“Yeah that would pretty much take most of the riskiness out of your end of the situation.” Jacob said. “You really thought this through.”
“So what do you say? Are you in or out?”
Jacob was on the spot. A gorgeous woman wanted to perform her own sexual experiment and needed to use him as her male guinea pig. Somehow his romantic side was still screaming out to him and he tried one more time to see if there was anything more to this than just touching and playing. “Will I get to see you again after we are done?” He asked.
“I said you were cute right? I wouldn’t mind seeing where this goes afterwards.”
“Alright.” He said, relaxing a little bit. “What do you want me to do?”
“Ok, rule one.” She said getting off of the bed. “My clothes don’t come off until you are tied down and I am satisfied that you cannot escape.
“Fair enough, but I have a rule as well. If you are planning on taking pictures of me or letting a bunch of people burst into the room and laugh at me while I am naked or helpless, you better tell me now or I will forever call you a liar and do my best to expose you to the school as a fraud.”
She just laughed at this worthless threat and continued.
“I am to remain in complete control throughout this whole thing. I am not like other girls. This is just the way I have decided to familiarize myself with the male body. You will lay there and not move. No thrusting, no re positioning, and no trying to escape. I may put myself in a position where my pussy is touching your cock……. This is not an invitation to penetrate me…….understand. I have thought about doing this for a long time and I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do.”
Jacob nodded.
“Are you ready to do this?” she asked looking into his eyes.
He took a deep breath and then sighed. “I guess so.”

He stood up out of bed and slowly took his shirt off. She sat in the middle of the bed and looked at him with an amused smirk on her face. He was very slender and his abs showed giving evidence that he often worked out. He took his pajama pants and boxers off at the same time revealing that his penis and balls were freshly shaven.
He suddenly felt the need to explain himself.
“I uh…. Was on the swim team. It just feels weird if I let it get hairy down there. I will probably keep it shaved till the day I die.” He chuckled awkwardly, then tried to play it off as a cough.
“I like it.” She said looking him up and down.
He was by no means small in the man hood department. He knew this from being in the locker room after swim practice. He also knew just by comparing bulges in the speedos of his team mates with quick glances at swim meets that he was of above average size. The only thing he was embarrassed of was the fact that not a curly hair could be found on his package.
“Well, have a seat sir. I have some rope in my closet.”
The rope she used to tie all four of his limbs was some kind of rock climbing rope. He wasn’t sure why she had it, but he began to feel more and more vulnerable as each of his arms and legs were tied down to one of the four bedposts of her bed. He wasn’t exactly spread eagle, but he certainly couldn’t move his arms or legs much from where they were tied. After inspecting her work it appeared she was satisfied that he would not be able to break free and take control of the situation.
Now it was her turn to remove some clothing. She was at least kind enough to stand where he could see her. She lifted her tank top off and revealed her small yet perky breasts, with the slightest little nipples adorning them. Her pants came off much more reluctantly. At one point Jacob thought she had decided against the whole thing as she stood with her back to him and her pants half way off for a very long time. And then all at once she pulled them to her ankles and stepped out of her yoga pants wearing nothing but her pink panties. She turned around and faced him. Even now Jacob could see the roundness of her pussy lips, pushing against the fabric of her briefs. She walked over to the side of the bed and looked down at him.
“No boy has ever seen me naked.” She said. “You must understand why I am hesitant to go through with this. If I do everything I want to, I will have gone from a boy never having seen my pussy to letting one touch my pussy with his dick.”
“I thought you would be touching my dick with your pussy? I think there is a difference.” Jacob corrected her.
“Yeah I guess you are right.” She said and slowly slid her panties to the floor. Jacob’s eyes immediately dropped to her crotch. She had the most beautiful pussy he had ever seen. And the only ones he had seen so far were in porn. The outer lips were round and puffy, and her whole vulva looked like a large half of a peach with a small slice taken out of the middle of it.
She let her finger trail down her body, starting between her breasts and stopping just below her belly button. Then slowly her hand slid down between the lips of her pussy and she began to stroke her labia with her fingers. A soft moan emanated from her mouth and Jacob watched as his penis quickly stood straight up from his body.
She dropped onto the bed next to him and then almost immediately stood back up again.
“I almost forgot something.” She said and leaned over to her bedstand. She opened a drawer and pulled out a small bottle of water based lube.
She popped open the bottle and squirted a little bit of it into her hand. Then she plopped down next to him and began to paint the lube onto his penis with her fingers.
Jacob gasped at the first feeling of her fingers touching him and right away sensations of ecstasy began to spread through his body. But before he knew it she was no longer touching him. Her hand pulled away as she squirted more lube into her palm.
She was crouched on her knees next to him with her legs spread wide. This time instead of touching him she dipped her fingers of her right hand into the lube in the palm of her left hand and began to rub it onto the lips of her pussy. Her pointer finger of her right hand traced one large circle after another around her vulva, pausing every once and awhile against the opening of her vagina, before circling back up to her clitoris. Finally she began to run her finger up and down with the fingernail pointing out and towards the ground where she was standing. The pad of her finger rubbed from her clit all the way down to the entrance of her vagina and back up again over and over again as she continued to masturbate. All the while she cooed and moaned softly with her head lifted towards the ceiling and her eyes closed.
Jacob could only watch the whole amazing event as his cock developed a pulse and bounced up and down with every beat of his pounding heart. After what seemed like an eternity she suddenly began to cry out as an initial orgasm hit her. Her knees buckled and she teetered sideways. Somehow she managed to stay upright. After she regained her breath she turned and looked at him.
“How did you like that?” she asked.
“That was incredible.” Jacob said.
“I’m just getting started. That was just one. If I do it right I can have as many as I like.”
“Do whatever you have to do.” Jacob said. He was past feeling used and was now completely thinking with his dick. He hoped she would get carried away and just fuck the shit out of him at this point.
She climbed on top of his thighs with her body facing him. Her knees were on either side of him and she scooted forward so that her pussy was merely inches from his crotch. Then she reached down and grabbed the lube.
“I am on the pill so if you cum on and around my vagina we won’t have to worry about whether or not any of it gets inside of me. But try not to cum right away okay.” She said in the same tone as a teacher giving very detailed instructions to her class. “I want to cum at least four times before you do.”
“How do you know I will even cum at all?” Jacob taunted back. He had to put up some kind of air of confidence, otherwise he would look like her little play thing just waiting for her to make her next move.
She didn’t answer. Instead she squirted some more lube into her palm and slickened her entire vulva with her fingers and palm once again. Then she moved forward some more so that her pussy was now in contact with the underside of the head of his cock. She reached down and grabbed the shaft of his penis and pressed it towards her so that the head seemed to burrow in between the lips of her vulva. The head of his cock was as wide as her vulva even with it being open slightly, so when she pressed it against her labia they seemed to stretch outward to accommodate his girth between them.
Jacob could not believe how incredibly good this felt. Her pussy was so soft and even with all the lube that was on his and her skin he could feel her own natural wetness spilling down his shaft as they both sat motionless in this position.
And then she began to rub the head of his penis up and down the valley of her pussy. Just like she had done with her finger moments ago she was now doing with his manhood. The only difference was she would occasionally stop when she had the head of his cock poised on the cusp of entering her and lean forward ever so slightly. This caused the very end of his penis to slip inside of her just enough to where the thickest part of the head was still outside of her vagina. It was as if she was having a debate with herself about whether or not to just cram him inside her and get it over with. But each time she hesitated she just went back to rubbing his soft head against her clitoris.
Jacob knew he could not stand very much more of this. The most sensitive part of his penis was the underside of the head. Since she was situated to where this part was what was rubbing against her the most he was already pretty close to cumming. The worst part was she kept teasing him by putting the head almost all the way inside of her. She finally seemed to make up her mind that she wasn’t going to put him inside of her and instead seemed to focus on grinding her pussy up and down the underside of his shaft.
It didn’t take long for her to cry out just as she had when she was fingering herself. Jacob was aware of even more wetness now pouring down his shaft and he looked up to see she was not stopping this time around. She leaned backwards and pushed her hips farther out in front of her so as to put even more of her vulva in contact with the underside of his penis and was pushing the head even harder than ever against her clitoris. She had not stopped moaning since the second orgasm had hit her.
“How many is that?” Jacob managed to gasp as he too began to lose control.
“Eight!” She cried out. “You can go ahead and cum! Oh man, It feels so good!”
Jacob felt his whole body release and then waves of pleasure surged through him, starting at his penis and rippling out into the rest of his body. He looked down to see Clair had completely lost control of her body as well and her hips were rocking back and forth. The head of his penis was now buried deep between the lips of her vulva. He could see his hot cum squirting out of the point where her inner and outer labia met with her clitoris, as her soft lips seemed to channel his juices up towards the top of her crease. She leaned back slightly finally allowing his cock to slide free of her vulva. It continued to shoot a stream or two more onto her stomach and pubic area before he was finally empty.
She crumpled forward on top of him and they both lay there in a pile breathing heavily.
In the shower the two of them washed off quickly and then they both dried off and put their clothes back on. Clair slid into bed and Jacob climbed in behind her. As she lay down on her side he put his body against hers and put his arm over her.
She immediately rolled over and looked him in the eye. “Um….. What are you doing?” she asked.
“Going to sleep. You said you don’t like to sleep alone. I was going to hold you and catch some sleep. I got a test tomorrow and…”
“I think you should go.” She cut him off.
He shrank away from her. “Really.” He asked sounding wounded. Now that he had orgasmed, his romantic side was rushing back to him full swing.
“Yeah, really. I don’t want this to get any further along than it already is. I got what I needed and so did you.”
“But I really wasn’t looking for a fling.” He said.
“Well I was…. well actually I was looking for less than a fling. I confirmed that I know my way around a dick and now I’m ready to get me a real man. Speaking of which, are you seriously hurt because I used you? Come on….. Man Up!”
Jacob got out of bed and gathered his things. He turned and slinked out of the bedroom. He was stung emotionally and was angry at the same time. He looked around her apartment for something to break and then decided against it.
He walked back to the doorway to her bedroom.
“At what point in this evening did you decide to destroy me like this?” He asked. “Was it when I approached you in the club? Or maybe your just so damn good, you had this planned from the moment you laid eyes on me in Calculus?”
“I don’t have to answer anything.” Her voice said out of the darkness of her room.
He knew he was beaten. She had hurt him and there nothing left to do but leave. The drive home was short but he lay in his own bed unable to sleep. He just lay there staring at the ceiling, thinking about what a fool he had just been.

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