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I imagine that my husband is at home waitng for me and he has a hot chic with him and he keeps sending me messages with pics of her fine ass bbody. I am on mywayhome from picking up his "birthday present ")" a hot guy i had met online and wanted to surprise him with. When I get home I tell the guy to wait in the garage until i come and gt him. I then go inside and find her straddled on my husband sitting on the couch, he has his hand up her really short kirt and her tits in his mouth. he is only in his shorts but I can see his hard on and it is BIG! they don't realize that i'm there until I walk over to stand behind her and start grabbing her big tits, mmmm she feels nice. Then my husband looks up andays "hi hunny I didn't hear you come in" and I say, well I got youu a few presents baby". I start to take off my coat and I have nothing on but a g-string and as I drop my coat to the floor her hand slowly begins to rub my pussy damn that feels good. He then starts to play with me and instantly they make me cum. I stand there in aww for a minute and trn and walk away, they both ask where i'm goig adI say to get youur other present baby. SoI go into the garage and tell him to close his eyes, he does. I walk back in with the hot guy and her mouth drops open as she sees his naked bdy (he got naked in the garage) and his big jiant dick. I tell him to bend me over and start fucking me as i'm already wet and he slides right in. I then tell my husband "surprise you can look now". he has always wanted to watch me fuck another man and I have always wanted to watch him fuck another woman. So he opens his eyes and he is staring at us as i'm getting fucked and the hot guy says " happy birthday handsome, your wife's pussy feels really good" then the chic pulls my husband's dick ouut o his shorts and starts riding him. We are all gettin turned on, the guy fucking me takes me to the coch and bends me over so i'm next to my husband and he starts pounding my sweet dripping wet pussy. My husband leans over and kisses me and says he loves my present and asks if he could have some fun with him. I say of course because I want to play with her. We all g into h-the bedroom and the guys start making out laying on the bed and me and her start making out next to them. I am in a 69 wither and my husband is laying on his bak while te hot guy starts to fuck him in the ass, just the sight of satisfaction and wanting on his face makes me cum all over her sweet face. I watch as they are fucking and her sweet wetpussy is sliding in my face accross my tongue and I have the best orgasm ever! then the hot guy sees meconvulsing and pulls his dick out and jacks off on top of my husband and my husband jacks of and shoots his cum onto the hot guys abs and the chic squirts her sweet cum all over my fac and I lick it all up.
Credit to lovevoodoo

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