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I met my wife while we were in university. I had been playing with both men and women for some years by then but had never admitted it to anyone. If I was with a girl they thought I was straight and I often went to find sexual relief with men if I didn't have a girl-friend but never told anyone about that side of my life.

When I met Linda however I knew that it would have to be different. For one thing she was up front with me from the beginning that she had been with more than one man at a time and intended to keep on that way. She made it clear that if that was a problem for me there would be no real future together. Knowing this I assured her that it was okay with me and we began and continued to have a very adventurous sex life.

One of the first times we actually had a 3some together occurred when we went to a symposium at Trent university. We traveled up to Peterborough on a Friday night and got a cheap motel room to share. We attended the symposium all day Saturday and would be back at it again Sunday before going back home. Saturday night there was a reception at the university for all of us and after a nice dinner and sometime socializing things started to break up about 10 pm.

During conversation at the reception we had been told about the fact that Trent had a coed sauna on campus. We had asked about it and got directions as well as being told that it stayed open till midnight. With that in mind we decided to check it out. We got towels from our motel and returned to the campus to find the sauna. After a few wrong turns we found it and although we didn't have any swim suits with us we stripped to our underwear and wrapped the towels around us and went in to relax.

We had been in there for about 5 minutes when the door opened and another man walked in. He looked at Linda startled and asked what she was doing there. He then explained that although there was a coed sauna the one we were in was supposed to be for men only at which point Linda said she would be glad to leave. John, that was his name, said he didn't mind if she didn't and also said it would be unlikely for anyone else to show up that late. With that we sat back down and began talking.

Linda's towel barely covered her and it soon became apparent to me that John was very interested in looking at her legs as they disappeared under the very short towel. He was obviously getting an erection and I leaned over and whispered about it to Linda. She smiled and then did something that surprised us all.

Seeming to merely stretch she managed somehow to loosen the towel around her so that it fell open. At the time I think she felt that knowing she had on a bra and panties under it she wouldn't be too exposed and was planning on teasing John and I with a bit more flesh to look at. I don't think she had considered though that sitting and sweating in a hot sauna had soaked her clothes and when the towel dropped away the bra and panties were practically transparent. Her nipples and the outline of her pussy were clear for us to look at and John gasped when he saw them. Linda looked down and realized she was as good as naked and instead of covering up asked if he minded to which he said no.

She then went even further by standing up reaching behind her and undoing the bra. Removing it she then turned to face me, hooked her thumbs in the waist of her panties and slowly pulled them down bending over right in front of John while she did so. I knew he had a perfect view of her ass and pussy from behind where he was sitting on the other side of the sauna from us.

The sauna had 2 benches one above the other on each side and up till then we had all been sitting on a bottom bench. After stripping however Linda climbed up to the upper bench and sat beside me directly across from John and spread her legs apart so he had a direct view straight at her pussy. Linda was a very athletic woman about 5 ft 4 with a slim build. She had quite small tits but with pink nipples that were almost always erect and she kept her pussy shaved clean so there was a clear view of the lipps of her vagina as she sat there.

John obviously appreciated the show and was by now unable to hide the lump under the towel he was wearing. Linda took the initiative and said she felt a little silly being the only one naked in the room and asking if we wouldn't like to join her. I needed no more encouragement and quickly dropped my towel and removed my underpants. John stood up and removed his towel to reveal he wasn't wearing anything under it anyway and that he had a full blown hard on.

Linda motioned him to come close and when he did she reached out with her foot and started rubbing it over his dick and his balls. At the same time she started pinching a nipple with one hand and playing with herself with the other. AS John came closer yet he started rubbing her thighs which caused her to spread her legs even wider apart. He took the hint and started feeling up the inside of her thigh till he was fingering her pussy. I stood beside her and she turned towards me and took my cock into her mouth just a few inches away from John. He seemed mesmerized by this and never took his eyes off her as she blew me while he played with her.

Linda backed off of my cock and told me to sit down on the bottom bench. When I had done so she changed her mind and told me to lie down on it so we broke apart as I arranged myself th way she wanted. Once I was on the bench Linda straddled me and then sinking down she impaled herself on my cock and started rocking back and forth a few times. She then leaned over and laid right on my chest which left her ass exposed. Turning her head to John she asked if he had ever fucked a girl in the ass. He said no but would love to try. She told him to get behind her and to push against her ass slowly till she told him different. He did so and for a few minutes the tried to get together but then she asked him to stop.

She explained to me that she wasn't ready for him and then told me to eat out her ass and get it wet. She swiveled around and got into a 69 position with me lowering her ass over my mouth while I started licking it and sticking my tongue into her. She then told John to kneel up by my head faced the same way as she was and to keep his cock hard. I don't think that was a problem for him anyway but he knelt there squatting on his heels and watched me working on her ass. Linda then told me to suck him and get his cock really wet. I wasn't sure how he would react to this but he just leaned a little forward and I tilted my head back to take him in my mouth.

John started stroking in and out of my mouth a few times while I covered his dick with saliva and then Linda told him to try again to push it into her ass slowly. He pulled out of my mouth and I had a front row seat to watch as the end of his cock found her anus and he started pushing it towards her. I could see it pressing against her sphincter muscles and just when I thought it wouldn't go in the head seemed to pop through and into her ass. Linda groaned and told him to hold still for a minute while she got used to his size. In a moment she started moving back against him about a half inch and I could see his cock slowly going in and out of her ass hole mere inches from my face. Linda continued this for some time taking a little more of him into her each time till he was getting buried in her ass with each time she rocked back. AT that point I realized her pussy was dripping juice on me and I stated licking it up as she continued impaling herself on his cock.

Linda told him to start fucking her and so she started to hold still and he started ramming into her from behind. I continued to eat her pussy at the same time and I could hear her breath coming in gasps as we both worked on her. John was also sweating up a storm and panting by now and then he said he was going to come and grabbed Linda by the hips driving his cock home deep in her ass. She moaned as she felt him cumming inside her and then after a few seconds he pulled out. She sat up and asked me to clean out her ass with my tongue which I gladly did. I could taste his cum running out of her ass as I rimmed her and stuck my tongue in where his cock had just been.

Linda turned around after a few moments and sat back on my cock sinking it into her pussy and giving me a furious fuck till I blew my load inside her and then she collapsed on top of me.

At that point we all took a few moments to get our breath back then had a quick shower and went our separate ways. By the time Linda and I got back to the motel she just wanted to go to sleep but then early in the morning she woke me up for another fuck before we went back for the day's sessions. She also told me she had been turned on by the thought of me sucking a guy off so it would help her get laid the way she wanted. Something we did many times over the years we were together sharing lovers.

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