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Katie and I are both in our early thirties and have been married for just over ten years. Both highly sexed, we have enjoyed a great sex life but have always kept our 'bedroom' activities to ourselves and had been faithful to each other since the day we met. Katie is a gorgeous brunette with a killer body and I think myself lucky to be married to such a bombshell.

Last Christmas Eve, just after lunch, Katie received a text message on her mobile and appeared flustered as she read it. I asked who it was from, expecting it to be a Christmas greeting from family or friends, and asked if I could see. Katie immediately deleted the message and her composure made me instantly suspicious.

I asked again who it was from and Katie, appearing nervous, sat next to me and told me not to be angry. She explained that one of her former work colleagues, Harry, who she used to tell me was constantly hitting on her, had somehow managed to get her mobile number and had sent her a number of flirtatious texts. I asked what he said in the text messages; she had deleted them all but said that he had been encouraging her to meet him for a drink and saying how sexy she was. He had apparently also sent her more explicit messages but Katie claimed not to remember the content. She said she had never once responded, he just kept on persevering.

I was surprised to find that rather than being angry, I found myself getting aroused at my wife receiving such attention from another man.

"You never really said, what did he look like? Did you fancy him?" I questioned her.

"I told you, I'm not interested in anyone else, just you," she answered.

"Okay, but if we weren't together or if I gave you permission...?"

Katie looked me in the eyes, "Oh my god, this is making you horny isn't it?" she exclaimed. Her hand moved between my legs and she felt my growing erection under my jeans. "I'm right aren't I, this is turning you on?"

"I don't know," I replied, genuinely confused at my reaction, "I should be jealous or angry I suppose, but the thought of you secretly conversing with another guy just got a different reaction than I thought it would."

"I told you, I never replied," she said, rubbing my now solid cock, "Would you want me too? Do you want your wife to flirt with another man, maybe meet him for a drink?"

I could tell Katie herself was becoming turned on and wondered whether she was being serious or this was just some kind of role play. She pushed me back on the sofa and straddled me, her skirt around her hips as she pushed herself down against my hardness.

"Go on, be honest, would you like me to meet Harry, flirt with him, maybe snog, grope each other and then come home and tell you all about it?"

At that moment I did, that was exactly what I wanted. I could feel the warmth of her pussy against me, even through her knickers and my jeans; my mind was conjuring up images of her having just come home from a date with this man I had not even met, and riding my cock as she told me all about how she had given herself up to her lover.

"You want to though, don't you?" I countered, "That's why you're getting so horny."

Katie kissed me passionately, her tongue probing at my mouth. She didn't need to reply, I could tell that she was giving serious thought to having someone else, but just needed my blessing.

"What did he just text you?" I asked, in-between kisses.

Katie leant back, realising that this might lead somewhere. "He just said he was in town this evening with friends and that maybe we could meet up, if you weren't around of course."

We had planned on spending a quiet evening in together as we had family visiting the next day. I thought about this for a moment, not twenty minutes ago everything had been normal and now we were having this conversation.

"So if I said yes, would you want to go and meet him?"

Katie looked down at me, no doubt trying to gauge my thoughts. After a few seconds she moved off me and sat next to me, holding my hands.

"I know it sounds wrong, but even you have to admit we have both just experienced naughty thoughts which clearly turned us both on," she said, "Maybe it'd be fun, me playing the naughty unfaithful wife."

We sat for the next twenty minutes discussing the situation, and I have to admit, my cock was solid the whole time. In the end, Katie said there was no way she was leaving me on Christmas Eve but said she'd text Harry back and tell him to contact her in a few days. She did just this, saying that I was home over Christmas but would be gone again the day after Boxing Day. He replied almost immediately, 'Gr8, can't wait'.

My mind was racing, I had just almost encouraged my wife to go and meet another man, where god knows what might happen, yet I was unbelievably turned on by it all. That night we had fantastic sex as we fantasised about Katie being a slut wife and fucking other men while I was left at home; we both had massive orgasms and agreed it had been the best sex, and fantasy, we had shared in a long time.

Christmas came and went, not fast enough as far as we were concerned. Late morning on the 27th, Katie's phone beeped and she went to check it. She called me downstairs to read the text that had just arrived.

'Coast clear? Fancy meeting tonight at Alex's Bar, maybe coffee at mine afterwards?'

Well, it was clear what he was after and Katie looked at me questioningly.

"Well babe, what shall we do? This is for us remember, he's just a tool in our fantasy."

"Fuck it, go for it," I said, "Text him back, say you'll meet him at nine, see how things go."

Again, I could feel my cock twitching. In less than twelve hours time my wife could be meeting with someone else, essentially cuckolding me. Anyway, Katie done as I suggested and minutes later Harry replied.

'Ok. C u at 9, lookin 4ward 2 it.'

And that was it, two short text messages and it was arranged. For the rest of the day it was all we talked about, Katie showed me that she had condoms and assured me she would use them if the evening turned out that way. From what she'd told me of Harry, he was a womaniser and was not in for the long haul, so I guessed that one night stands were his thing. Katie also said that he used to be the talk of the ladies restrooms at work, because he was such a good lover and apparently was very well endowed.

"Are you sure you're okay with this?" Katie asked me, "If you're not I'll cancel."

"A week ago, if you'd told me we'd be doing this, I wouldn't have believed you," I said, taking her hands and kissing her on the lips, "But now, even I could never have imagined being so turned on by something which is so bad."

"Okay babe, well as long as you're sure, I'm gonna get ready. I'll call you up later to see the finished product."

I spent the next few hours watching crappy TV and unable to think of anything else other than what the evening had to bring. Katie eventually called me upstairs and asked for my opinion; she looked stunning, her hair and make-up flawless, wearing a tailored knee-length summer dress that showed her figure off perfectly. She was wearing strappy sandals and her freshly shaven, tanned legs looked gorgeous.

"I was thinking of going commando," she said, meaning without underwear, "But I thought he might appreciate these?"

She lifted her dress to show a pair of knickers that were part of a set I had bought her for her birthday. Light blue and lacy, they showed of her ass and pussy perfectly, this was the first time I had seen her in them. "Of course, the matching bra as well," she said, giving me a peek.

I looked at Katie, she was looking as hot as I had ever seen her, but yet all I could think about was how much Harry was going to appreciate my sexy wife. "You look fantastic," I said, pulling her to me, "He's gonna think all his Christmas' have come at once!"

Katie laughed, "Thanks babe, but you just wait till I get home, so will you!"

Katie kissed me on the lips, gently so not to ruin her make-up, "I love you honey, I'll see you in a few hours."

Feeling her body next to mine I desperately wanted her, right there and then, but she pulled away, laughing. "Steady tiger, not long then I'll be home and share the whole night with you."

Moments later, the taxi arrived and Katie left. I watched her getting into the taxi and, surprisingly, did not feel a little bit jealous that she was going to meet another man. My cock remained pretty much erect throughout the evening but I resisted masturbating, wanting to save myself for Katie's return.

It got to midnight and I had heard nothing from Katie; just as I was wondering whether I should call or text her, my phone beeped. 'Goin as planned, back 2 his now, don't wait up, have keys, will wake u', was all the text said. I had expected her home by now but even so, knowing that she was going back to Harry's flat, the thought of what would occur there, I didn't mind her being late. I went to bed to wait and eventually fell asleep.

I was woken by the sound of the front door opening and closing; looking at the clock I saw it was 5 am. I heard footsteps on the stairs and then Katie came into the bedroom and turned on the lights. Just looking at her, her face flushed and make-up gone, I could tell Harry had fucked my wife. Katie smiled down at me.

"Hi honey, sorry I'm late, I fell asleep."

She leant down and kissed me on the lips, I could immediately taste what I guessed was Harry's cock. Katie probed my mouth with her tongue and I sucked on it, even though I realised this tongue was probably licking another man's cock during the last few hours.

"Well, how did it go?" I asked.

"Shhh, just lie back and relax." Katie replied, reaching into my bedside drawer and taking out a pair of handcuffs that we occasionally used for light bondage.

She took my hands and put them above my head, handcuffing me to the headboard. Standing at the side of the bed, she slipped off her dress and I could see love bites on her shoulders and on her breasts. She took off her bra, revealing her gorgeous pert breasts; my cock was harder than ever as I looked at my sexy wife.

Climbing onto the bed, just in her lacy knickers, Katie straddled me and rubbed herself against my erection. I could feel that her knickers were damp and couldn't wait to slide myself into her wet pussy. Teasing me, she ground herself against me for a few moments as she kissed my neck and licked and sucked at my nipples. She then moved herself up my body until her lace covered pussy was above my face, her holding onto the headboard. I licked at the gusset of her knickers, tasting the dampness. I thought I must be mistaken when I tasted and smelt what I thought was cum; Katie had occasionally made me go down on her after coming inside her and I recognised a similar taste. Before I could say anything, Katie spoke.

"I've got a little confession to make," she said, looking down at me. "Harry refused to wear a condom, he said he had the snip and only fucked bareback. I couldn't say no, his cock was so big and hard."

I was speechless but strangely, even more turned on. Just inches from my face was my wife's pussy, full of another man's sperm.

"You don't mind do you?" Katie asked, "I thought maybe you'd like a fresh creampie, I think that's what it called when a man eats cum from a well fucked pussy."

Katie reached down and pulled her knickers to the side, revealing her shaven pussy lips. Using two fingers, she spread her lips apart and I could see white fluid inside her.

"Go on honey, taste me, trust me, Harry's cum tastes lovely, I've already swallowed a full load of it."

Hesitantly, I licked at her clit and around the entrance to her pussy but Katie wanted more. She lowered herself down onto my face, giving me no choice but to tongue her deeper. My tongue entering her seemed to open the dam and suddenly a load of thick cum flowed into my mouth, which I swallowed quickly.

"Oh fuck, yeah, that's it babe, eat me good, suck up all of Harry's thick spunk," she gasped, pushing herself down onto my face. "Harry's cock was so big and thick, bigger than yours and he fucked me four times. I hope you don't mind but he shagged me in his car when he dropped me off so the neighbours might have noticed, they'll know that I've been fucking someone else."

I didn't answer; I couldn't anyway as she was almost suffocating me, making me suck her pussy clean. Despite this latest revelation, I found the potential humiliation of our neighbours knowing that Katie was a slut wife a massive turn on. Katie reached behind her and felt my stiff cock.

"You love it don't you honey? You love that your wife acted like a dirty slut tonight and took another man's cock. Well, get used to it, this won't be the last time, Harry's coming here tonight and I'm gonna fuck his black cock like there's no tomorrow."

This stopped me in my tracks. Black? She'd not mentioned that before now. So not only was I eating another man's cum from my wife, but it was a black guy that'd fucked her and given her so much pleasure.

"Sorry, did I forget to mention Harry was black?" Katie said, "Believe me, it's true what they say, black men's cock are massive, I thought I was gonna be split in two," she goaded me. "Come on, don't stop, eat all that black sperm out of your wife's dirty pussy."

She was wanking my cock as she spoke and I just couldn't hold out any longer. Her filthy talk, along with the filthy act that I was carrying out was too much for me and I groaned as I came, sucking hard on her clit as my own cum spurted over my stomach and Katie's hand.

"Fuck, you are such a dirty bastard," Katie told me, "That's it babe, suck it up, clean my pussy so I can be Harry's bitch again later on. Service my pussy like a good cuckold."

Katie moved back and impaled herself on my semi erect cock, at the same time shoving three cum-covered fingers into my mouth. She pushed down hard against me, rubbing her clit against me as my cock twitched back to attention inside her soaking wet cunt.

I sucked at her fingers, eating my own cum from them as she moved them in and out of my mouth and continued her filthy commentary.

"That's it babe, oh fuck, I'm gonna come, stick your cock deep into my dirty pussy, give me your seed."

Katie gripped me tight, sucking hard on my neck as her orgasm ripped through her. I could feel her pussy pulsing against my hard cock as she came, her nails tearing onto my shoulders as she groaned in pleasure. I had never seen Katie have an orgasm like this, it seemed to go on forever and I could feel her nails tearing my skin, the pain just adding to the experience. This was all too much for me and I came again, which was a surprise even for me, so soon after the last time.

My cock throbbed as I spurted inside her, mixing my own cum with whatever of Harry's that lay deep inside her pussy. Katie egged me on, desperate for a fifth load of creamy sperm inside her.

"Oh yeah, fuck your cum up me, that's it honey, fill up your slutty wife."

As we both came down from our orgasms, Katie rolled off me, lying next to me and idly fingering her messy pussy.

"Enjoy?" she asked, "You've hardly spoken since I got home."

"Well, I hardly got the chance did I?" I responded, smiling at her and kissing her, "Considering I had a mouthful of your pussy and some black guy's cum! How come you forgot to mention that?"

Katie smiled back at me, but I could tell she was holding something back. "What is it?" I asked, "There's something else you've not told me."

Initially, Katie avoided the question, releasing me from the handcuffs. Then she lay back down next to me and stroked my now flaccid cock.

"Erm, well, I hope you don't mind but I told Harry all about your fantasy, he knows that you know I was with him tonight."

"You're joking?"

Part 2

It turned out that Katie had told Harry all about me; that I had willingly let her go out and meet him, waiting home for her to come back. Apparently he had really enjoyed fucking a slut wife, knowing that she would be going home to her knowing husband, full of his cum. In fact, that was why he had insisted on fucking her in the car when he had parked outside our house to drop her off, just so she would be freshly laden with his seed.

"Harry says he can't wait to fuck me again, but he wants you to be watching this time as I take his big black cock up inside my cunt."

It was mid morning, we had slept for a few hours and Katie had woken up full of spirits. Harry was going to be visiting our house at 8 pm and Katie couldn't wait; it seemed that overnight she had turned into a complete cock whore, desperate to be fucked by Harry's cock again. Admittedly, it really turned me on, while I was a little nervous about meeting Harry, the thought of watching my beautiful wife succumb to a black cock really got me going and I was actually looking forward to his visit.

"You're okay with this aren't you?" Katie asked me as she got ready to go into town for new clothes. "I just wanna look nice for you both; I wouldn't want to disappoint my new lover."

Every time she mentioned this my cock twitched and grew hard. Katie went out into town and came back with a short black dress, stockings and suspenders to match. As she showed me them, she told me how Harry wanted her to be his white bitch and that when he was with her, I was just a toy to play with; that he was her man and I was just the clean-up boy. She told me that for the evening he was her husband, he was the man who owned her and I was to do as I was told, like a 'good little boy'.

Before today I would never have thought I would be like this, but all I wanted was to see my wife being fucked by someone else, this stranger. The more she talked about it the hornier I became, in my head I visualised her being impaled on a massive black cock and when he filled her up with his potent sperm, burying my head between her legs and sucking it all out.

Katie received a few text messages from Harry but refused to let me see them; all she would say was that Harry was giving her instructions for the evening and that it was a surprise. I was even more nervous now, wondering what they were planning, but somehow the humiliation of being cuckolded by my wife continued to keep me horny and looking forward to the evening's events, whatever they were.

Fifteen minutes before Harry was due to arrive, Katie came downstairs and she looked stunning.

"What do you think?" she asked, posing in the doorway of the lounge.

"You look gorgeous babe, dunno how long you'll keep those clothes on though!"

Katie poured herself a drink, no doubt to calm her own nerves and we chatted in the kitchen. "You still okay with this?" she asked me, "Looking forward to seeing me be fucked?"

"I can't wait," I replied, "Do you think he'll be comfortable with me there?"

"Don't you worry, Harry will be fine. One thing he doesn't lack is confidence."

"No wonder, if his cock's as big as you said."

Katie downed the last of her glass of wine and smiled at me, "You'll soon see," she said, "Now, follow me."

Katie led me upstairs and into the bedroom. She had taken the pillows off the bed and covered it with a black latex sheet. "Clothes off and lie on your back," she instructed me. I did as she asked, wondering what she was up to but my stiff cock gave away the fact that I was enjoying being given orders.

Once I was lying down, Katie tied my hands above my head, securing them to the headboard. The feeling of the latex against my back and legs just made me hornier and my cock was sticking straight up, hard as a rock. Katie leant down and licked at my helmet, sucking on it for a few seconds.

"There, just think, the next cock in my mouth isn't gonna be yours," she teased me. "Oh, by the way, Harry has told me that when he arrives I'm to snog him on the doorstep, in full view of any neighbours who might be watching. He wants everyone to know that your wife is shagging a black man."

As turned on as I was, I was unsure about this; the last thing I wanted was the neighbours talking about us behind our backs. "Honey, maybe that's not a great idea, you know what this neighbourhoods like, we'll be the talk of the street."

"Hey, this is what you wanted isn't it? You love it really, look at the size of your cock, it's bigger than I've ever seen it. Now just lie there and wait, he'll be here soon and then you can watch me taking his black cock up here," she said, lifting her dress and showing me her pussy, covered in a sexy pair of black satin knickers. "Or maybe here," she added, turning around to show her tight little ass.

Anal? Katie had never let me fuck her ass, the nearest I got was rimming her occasionally, but as soon as I tried anything more, she would always stop me. I was about to say something but Katie put her finger to my lips, "Shhh, just wait and see okay, maybe I'll let him take my anal virginity, maybe I'll let you."

I heard a car pull up outside and Katie went to the window. "He's here," she said and kissing me on the lips, she headed out of the room and downstairs. The doorbell rang and I heard the door open; it was about thirty seconds later when it shut and I assumed that Katie had done as Harry asked and stood with him on the doorstep, letting half the street see what was going on.

I laid on the bed for about twenty minutes, the whole time wondering what was going on downstairs. I didn't have a clue what was going to happen, whether I was going to get to see Katie being fucked by Harry or whether I would be joining in, I just lay helpless, waiting and hoping they would come upstairs. Minutes later, I heard movement on the stairs and Katie came into the room, her face flushed and lipstick smudged. Leading him by the hand, Harry followed her. He was taller than me, good looking and well built; no wonder Katie fancied him so much.

Without saying a word, Katie came straight over to me and leant down to kiss me, as I responded she opened her mouth and suddenly my own mouth was full of sticky cum. We kissed passionately, swapping the creamy fluid between our mouths until Katie stood back up and I swallowed what was left.

"Harry, this is Scott. Scott, Harry," she said by way of introductions, "As you can see, he loves your cum as much as I do!"

Harry nodded at me and to be honest, I felt a little embarrassed; tied to the bed, my cock standing to attention and looking at my wife stood next to a handsome black guy who's cock she had just sucked, and who's cum I had just eaten.

"So this is your wimpy husband?" Harry said, looking down at me, "He must be mad wanting to share you but I ain't complaining." I watched as Harry groped Katie's tits and they kissed each other, their tongues probing each others mouths.

I watched as they kissed and stripped each others clothes off. Katie kept her stockings, suspenders and black heels on, while Harry was totally naked. His cock was solid and I had never seen one so big; I couldn't believe Katie had managed to take it in her pussy and had even considered squeezing that monster into her ass.

"Okay Scott, as of now, you do exactly what you are told and enjoy the show, okay?" said Katie and I just nodded in acknowledgement. "For the rest of the night, I am Harry's, and so are you."

This last comment both surprised and concerned me. "What do you mean, I'm his?"

"Oh, sorry honey, I must have forgot to mention," Katie smiled wickedly, "Harry likes fucking ass, and he doesn't care whose, just so long as it's tight. I know mine is, what about yours?"

"Whoa," I said, straining at my restraints, "I never agreed to this."

"Scott, you DID agree to this, now just be quiet or I'll be getting the ball-gag out," Katie seemed serious so I just decided to do as she said, not wanting to be gagged.

Katie climbed onto the bed and knelt between my legs, spreading them as far as they would go. I watched as she took my cock in her mouth and started to blow me, but was shocked to see Harry kneel up on the bed, next to my head and his cock bouncing just inches from my lips.

"Suck my cock bitch!" Harry demanded, "Suck my cock just like your whore wife did five minutes ago."

I looked down at Katie, my cock in her mouth and she nodded her approval. Taking my cock from her mouth, she addressed me. "Go on cucky, suck my lovers cock like a good little bitch."

I had never had any bisexual urges before, but this black cock prodding at my lips was too much to resist and I opened wide, taking the head and as much length of Harry's cock into mouth as I could.

I have to admit, I loved it. Sucking this massive cock, pre-cum leaking from it while my wife sucked at my own cock, it was heavenly and I realised there and then that I wanted more, I wanted this big cock to abuse me, I wanted it to rip me open if necessary, to fuck my virgin ass. I couldn't believe my own thoughts; less than a day ago I would never have even entertained the thought of having sex with another man, but faced with this beautiful cock, all I wanted was to please it, to please Harry and be his male bitch.

Looking up at Harry, I begged him to pleasure me with his cock. "Please fuck me, stick your cock up my ass."

Katie interrupted, "No way, he has my ass first. Harry's a real man and wants to fuck a real woman, isn't that right lover?"

"Oh yeah, I'm so gonna fuck your wife's ass," gasped Harry, motioning for Katie to move over me in a 69 position. I was then treated to one of the most horny sights I have ever witnessed; Katie's pussy was pressed against my mouth while I sucked at her clit, watching as Harry pushed the head of his bulbous cock against her tight little ass. His cock, wet with my own saliva, slid into her, causing her to groan in a mixture of pain and pleasure, her ass being violated for the first time.

I wanted to reach up and grab Harry's ass, to help push him into my wife but the restraints stopped me. Katie moaned in pleasure as his length slid into her, pushing back against him, making me have to move to lick at her soaking wet pussy.

"That's it lover, fuck my ass, push your massive cock inside me," Katie breathed, "Come on baby, fuck my ass, fill my tight hole with your thick spunk."

Harry began thrusting in and out of Katie's ass, his smooth balls rubbing against my face as he did so.

"Lick his balls Scott, go on, coax his sperm into my ass," Katie said, looking at me between her legs, "That's right, be a good little bitch for us."

Katie had my cock back in her mouth and I could feel her groaning against it as Harry invaded her ass. I licked at his swollen balls, taking one and then the other into my mouth. Harry's cock was impaled deep in Katie's ass, he groaned in pleasure at the attention of my tongue.

"Fuck, you two are fucking dirty bastards," he gasped, "That's it boy, suck my balls, serve your black master."

Harry remained still for a few moments while I sucked on his sack and then began pounding into Katie's tight hole; I watched as his cock went in and out of her, licking at her soaking pussy and then at his balls as they dragged across my face. Katie had stopped sucking on my cock, her head was buried into my lap as she endured the hard fucking she was getting.

"Go on Harry, fuck my wife's ass, fill her with that cock of yours," I egged him on, "Give her your cum, fuck it up her ass."

Katie's movements quickened and I knew she was about to have an orgasm. "Oh yeah, oh yeah, that's it babe, stick it in deep, fuck I'm coming!" Katie pushed backwards and down, getting all of Harry's length inside her and my tongue deep in her pussy. I could taste her juices as they flowed into my mouth; I sucked eagerly at her opening, wanting everything she had to offer, drinking up her pussy fluids.

"Oh fuck, yeah, I'm gonna cum, take it you fucking bitch!" cried Harry, slamming his cock deep up my wife. His balls tightened and I knew that she was getting a full load of his spunk in her bowels.

Katie moaned in pleasure, grinding her ass back against Harry's black cock, teasing every last drop of his cum out of him. Harry's cock began to soften and he pulled it slowly out of her, leaving her ass gaping wide.

"Feed it to him Katie, make him eat your new boyfriend's cum out of your dirty ass."

Harry moved and lay next to me, watching as Katie knelt up, repositioning her ass over my mouth. I delved into it with my tongue and was rewarded straight away with a mouthful of his thick cum. Katie pushed down onto me and I sucked at her gaping hole, sucking out and swallowing all of the musky tasting sperm from her ass.

"Eat my ass," moaned Katie, "Clean my dirty ass of all his cum."

I could see that Katie and Harry were now snogging above me, I had definitely become the clean up boy, having not even had an orgasm myself. They seemed intent on just their own pleasure but I didn't care, I just wanted to get every last drop of Harry's creamy cum out of my wife's used hole. Harry was fingering her clit at the same time and Katie came again, I could feel her ass tensing against my tongue as the orgasm took her.

"I'm coming again," she cried out, "Oh fuck, yeah, that's it babe, suck my ass, lick up his spunk!"

I did as I was told and slowly, Katie climbed off me, leaving me lying on my back with cum over my lips and smeared over my face. Leaning down, Katie kissed me and then licked around my mouth, clearing up the remains of Harry's fluids.

"Mmm, lucky boy, told you he tasted nice didn't I?" she said, smiling.

I just lay back and watched as Harry kissed Katie again and then got off the bed. He started to get dressed and looked down at me.

"Sorry but you'll have to wait to get a piece of this," he said, tucking his cock into his underwear. "I've got to meet my girlfriend in an hour and I wanna save some for her."

Looking at me with a mischievous grin on her face, Katie made a suggestion, "Well, I'm sure you don't want to go to your girlfriend with a cock tasting of my ass? I'm sure Scott would be willing to clean you up...?"

Harry laughed, "Okay, may as well make the most of a willing mouth while I can," he said, undoing his jeans and pulling out his soft, but still large, cock. He knelt on the bed next to me and I opened my mouth as he fed his cock into it. I sucked and licked at him, tasting Katie's ass off him, he actually began to get hard again but pulled away.

"No way, that's it, I'm going," he said, doing up his trousers. "Want me to call you?" he said, addressing Katie.

"Oh yes," she replied, "Scott needs to experience what I just did and I can't wait to see it."

"Okay, well I'll call you tomorrow," Harry replied and fixing himself, he left the room and I heard him go out the front door seconds later.

Katie knelt over me, untying my hands. "Enjoy?" she said.

"You know I did," I replied, "You?"

Katie smiled down at me, "Loved it, but not as much as I'm gonna love watching Harry fuck your ass next time." @admin
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