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98 months ago

It was Saturday afternoon and I was bored.

My friends were mostly away at University, there was no football to go to and there was nothing else to do so in true nineteen-year-old style, I was sitting in an old armchair in the shed at the end of the garden, filling the time having a slow smoke and a beer stolen from my Dad's fridge.

Bored! Bored! Bored!

Even Dad and my Stepmom were away overnight at a birthday party so I wouldn't even get my dinner cooked for me or chat to them over a movie on DVD.

I was supposed to be spending the day at a theme park with my girlfriend Cindy followed by sleeping over at her house. Her parents were away and I had fully expected to get into her knickers big-time that night but of course we'd had a mega-row that very morning and, for the moment at least, the day trip was off, the sleepover cancelled and I was dumped!

My 'crime' had been paying too much attention to Becky Gleeson in McDonalds after college, a crime of which I have to confess I was very guilty but which sadly had led to nothing.

How could I have been so stupid?

The bust-up had been horrible. I had cycled to Cindy's house early that morning so we could use her parents' SUV for the trip but when I arrived there I found her spitting fire from the moment she opened the door. Her so-called friends had seen my failed attempt at seducing Becky and had reported it to Cindy with apparent glee.

And of course the seduction had been doomed to failure from the start!

Becky was a really hot girl but was the biggest cock-teaser in college despite flirting outrageously with the better-looking boys, which of course included me. As star footballer I had certainly had more than my fair share of the girls at school but now I was in college and had a steady girlfriend I was supposed to be calming down. Cindy and I had even bought each other thin gold necklaces with our initials on which made our relationship much more 'official'.

We were even on Facebook as 'in a relationship' and you don't get more official than that, so why-oh-why had I been so stupid?

In a way I had calmed down a bit; Cindy was everything I could sensibly have wanted but I wasn't sensible and Becky was different. Becky was a challenge; Becky was the last unclimbed sexual mountain because, as far as we knew, no-one had got anywhere with her at all; not even as far as fingering her.

She might still be a virgin for all I knew and I had wanted to score that cherry so badly!

But why-oh-fucking-why had I thought she would have changed in only a couple of months? Why had I been stupid enough to think that things would be different this time? Why had I imagined that she would jump into bed with me when we weren't even dating and she'd resisted all her previous would-be seducers!

Why had I got myself dumped by Cindy, the second-hottest-girl in the whole college, my 'official' girlfriend and the girl who would most definitely have let me fuck her that very night?

I took a long drag on my cigarette and blew a smoke ring into the air as I fingered the letter 'C' on the chain round my neck.

The truth was that I was both stupid and conceited. In my defence, I really was pretty fit myself, tall, dark haired and maybe even on my way to being a pro-footballer. I worked out five times a week too so had a good physique that had got my own cherry taken at an early age by one of the more predatory older cheerleaders.

I stared at the ceiling, inhaled again and chuckled. My own cherry!

My own virginity had actually been lost in that very shed. What was her name? Susie! What happened to her? She had done the rounds of the teams, collecting cherries like I used to collect football cards. She had been kind and understanding and I had been lucky to meet her when I did.

Not long after she had got pregnant by mistake - not by me - and got fat. What a tragedy!

There had been a couple more triumphs in that shed, I thought, taking another long swig of beer. Originally a playhouse for my older stepsister Lisa, the shed had fallen into disuse but not disrepair and as a den for a group of lads and the occasional gullible girlfriend it had served well.

I had first fingered Cindy in the very chair in which I was now slouching, not so very long ago if truth be told. Cindy had made me work hard to win her affection and had made me wait impatiently a full six months before surrendering her virginity.

That had been a wonderful afternoon, in her house, in her room, on her bed. She had cried and I had been as sensitive as a teenage boy could be but I had left the house that evening feeling ten feet tall. We had fucked many times since then but that one was the best!

Our bust-ups were rare but emotional. I was confident - well, nearly confident - that I would be able to win Cindy back eventually but for the moment it looked like I would be spending Saturday afternoon and, worse, Saturday night on my own.

I was pissed off.

Pissed off with Becky for being a cock-teaser.

Pissed off with Cindy for dumping me.

Pissed off with myself for being greedy and stupid.

Now, instead of fucking Cindy, I would be spending Saturday night alone with only my own right hand and a stolen beer or two to relieve the frustration. Worst of all, deep down I knew there was no-one to blame but myself.

For a while I wallowed in self-pity and self-loathing but after a while I heard a car draw up into the driveway. Who could that be? They were all supposed to be away.

I looked through the window to see my Stepsister Lisa's car next to the house, its doors open. A tall, gawky boy a couple of years older than me was carrying a cardboard box from the back seat and in through the kitchen door. A moment later, an equally skinny blonde girl in a frumpy, old-fashioned skirt and baggy blouse came out and closed the car doors behind him.

"Shit!" I mumbled under my breath, "the Stick Insects!"

As if being alone wasn't enough, now I would have to spend the evening watching the great Christian love-in on the couch. They would resent my presence; I already resented theirs so the evening would be a wash-out.

Lisa, my squeaky clean, churchgoing, virginal older Stepsister, wouldn't even let me get away with drinking Dad's beers and as for that geek fiancé of hers, Bobby... aagh!

Why were they home anyway? The two skinny love-birds were supposed to be at a friend's house for a party ninety miles away.

The day was just getting better and better... Not!

Lisa's Mom and my Dad had married ten years ago. My Mom had died when I was little; Lisa's Mom was a shapely, attractive woman who still turned heads but who had 'gone astray' in her teens and had ended up a highly disapproved of single mom.

After years of being shunned, eventually she had discovered religion big-time and 'been forgiven'. This had helped save her from the ignominy of 'having a child out of wedlock' but many churchwomen still looked at her sideways.

My Dad, the widower had met her years later at a church social. Both single, they had enjoyed each other's company and had gradually gotten closer and closer until it made sense to tie the knot.

Apart from anything else, my reformed stepmom had turned her back on her previous life and would only sleep with Dad once they were officially man and wife. Once that deed was done, however, she had with God's approval, thrown herself into the physical side of their relationship with considerable enthusiasm. The last ten years had been peppered with embarrassing incidents, moans, thumping and other noises coming from their marital bedroom which testified to their continued active sex life. My Dad was now happy, if rather 'pussy whipped'.

Living in the same house, Lisa and I got on ok but had little in common. Like her mother, Lisa was heavily into the church and was pretty and pleasant but immature and boring as hell. We didn't row but we didn't talk much either and definitely didn't mix with the same group of friends.

Her equally skinny boyfriend Bobby - now officially her fiancé - was also from the church. The two of them had been together since early high school and were well matched, squeaky-clean and dull as could be.

I popped open another of Dad's beers, lay back in the chair and played with my phone, listening to the football commentary on the ancient transistor radio turned down low in the corner of the shed.

Even my team was letting me down today, losing away from home. After half an hour I was bored with their dreary performance too and my beer was empty.

Shit! With the stick insects in the house I wouldn't be able to get any more from Dad's fridge.

I looked at the house for a few moments before a movement caught my eye; the closing of a pair of curtains upstairs. My stepsister's bedroom faced the yard and, after a quick window-count, I realised it was her bedroom curtains that had been drawn.


Knowing those two, the most they would be doing was a little kissing; it was more likely that Lisa was changing clothes and had told her geeky fiancé to wait outside the door. Either way it meant that they would be distracted and might not notice if I sneaked into the garage and helped myself to a couple more beers. But I would have to move fast. I opened the shed door quietly and ran, commando style, across the yard to the garage door, pulled it open and slipped inside. The fridge was in the corner and I pulled open the door eagerly.

Shit! No beers! I had drunk them all!

Then I remembered that Dad always kept a few cans in the kitchen for when he watched the football. I was just about to run to the kitchen door when I heard another car pull into the driveway. I sneaked back into the garage and peeked out through the window.

It was Dad's car! What the fuck? They were supposed to be away too! What was going on?

A familiar tall, thin man got out and pushed a note through the house's front door. I looked again at the car and this time noticed the registration. It wasn't Dad's car at all; it was Uncle Jack's. He and Dad worked together in the family business. They had bought a job lot of Fords for the sales team at a discount. They were all the same model and colour; really boring cars but the deal had been too good to miss.

I liked Uncle Jack but didn't want him to smell the beer on my breath so stayed hidden by the window. I watched him return to the car and was just about to abandon my beer quest when the back door of the house burst open violently and Bobby ran full pelt across the yard. His shoes and shirt were in his hands, his feet were bare and he was running like a frightened rabbit. Reaching the fence he quickly vaulted it and, as Uncle Jack's car disappeared out of the driveway, so Bobby disappeared down the track out the back.

What the f...?

Silently, I opened the garage door again, padded my way across the driveway to the open back door and slipped silently into the kitchen.

There was no-one there. I opened the fridge to check on the beers; sure enough there were three large cans. I was about to take one when I heard a familiar voice coming from upstairs.

"Bobbb...beeee? Don't keep me waiiiii...tinggggg..."

It was my stepsister Lisa's voice, but not like I'd ever heard her before. A moment later she called out again.

"Bobbb...beeee! I'm readd..deeee!"

There was a strange, unfamiliar tone in her voice I had never heard before. Intrigued, I followed the voice through the hallway and up to the stairs.

"It's MY turn nowwwww"

Lisa's sing-song voice rang in my ears as I tip-toed up the stairs and across the landing towards her open bedroom door. Tentatively, I peeped into the room but could see nothing. I peered through the gap in the hinge but my line of sight was poor. I moved forward, little by little, until I could just peek around the edge of the door.

I gasped.

There was my boring, goody-two-shoes stepsister lying in the middle of her double bed, wearing only a white bra and large unattractive panties. She was lying in the shape of a crucifix; her arms outstretched to the side of the bed, her legs together straight down its centre.

"Come on Bobbeee! I'm read..deeee!"

I stepped back in amazement. Around each wrist was a dark Velcro cuff from which a black plaited cord led under the mattress, holding her arms wide like a crucifix. There was a black Velcro strap around her knees holding her legs together but what was most bizarre were the blackout blindfold over her eyes and the pair of headphones over her ears from which the muffled sound of country music was emerging.

"Are you there Bobby?" she called as I carefully leaned over to look at her, "You ARE there! I can FEEL you!"

She was so turned on and her skin so sensitised that the heat of my body must have been enough to give me away. What should I do? Stunned at the sight before me, I had already seen much more than I should.

I slipped as quietly as I could into the room. The cardboard box I had seen earlier was on the dresser. I looked inside; there was a tangle of more Velcro straps of various sizes, a pink duster and a single long pink feather.

What the fuck...?

The 'good' side of my brain told me I should just slip away, leaving her to escape with her dignity intact; to keep all this strangeness a secret.

The 'bad' side of my brain told me to get my phone, take a few good pictures and show them to my buddies over a few beers.

"Well? Don't keep me waiting..." she called in a sexy tone I hardly recognised as belonging to my squeaky-clean stepsister, "I'm getting co-old!"

As the two sides of my brain battled over their dilemma, my body took over and, before I realised what was doing, I had taken the feather out of the box and tentatively drew it along Lisa's stretched-out tummy.

"Oooh! That tickles!"

I ran it slowly up and down her skin from her tummy button up to her shoulders and down her sides with immediate results.

"Bobbeee! That really tickles," she giggled, "it's really niiiice too!"

Feeling bolder, I ran its tip along her underarms; she writhed on the bed, tugging at the straps but with no real desire to escape. I ran it down over her tits and back to her tummy then down the sides of her thighs to her knees.

"That feels funny! See? I told you! We can have fun without having sex. It'll be your turn next!"

Her body was long and skinny, her knees a little knobbly, more child-like than womanly but there was something about her sheer joy at this half-innocent pleasure that was definitely turning me on.

How could that stick-insect Bobby have left her like this? Was he really so scared about our parents finding out?

"Don't stop, Bobby!" Lisa's voice was an exaggerated whine.

In response I put the feather down and tentatively reached out with my fingers until I was gently running my fingertips along my stepsister's long, flat, surprisingly toned tummy.

"Mmmm," she purred. I did it again, very softly with just the tips of my nails. She wriggled.

"Bobby... mmmm that tickles too... nice... "

There was a smile on her face that showed her obvious enjoyment. Watching carefully, my mouth closed tightly, I began to stroke her exposed flesh, over her tummy again, down her sides, along her widely spread arms to her fingertips and back to her freshly shaved armpits.

Lisa's soft purring grew louder, her enjoyment increasing as my hands explored a body I had barely even seen before. Even in the heat of summer, Lisa had always dressed modestly; her skirts and shorts were never more than an inch or two above the knee; her tops, usually shapeless blouses, were all-encompassing and opaque, never giving even a hint at the presence of a bra beneath. Her swimming costumes were all full body; I didn't even know if she possessed a bikini, far less had seen her in one.

And yet, I had to admit, she had a fine, if rather pale and skinny body and my enjoyment in touching it was increasing rapidly.

"Mmmm," she hummed as my hands began to stroke her long, slender, surprisingly sporty legs, beginning at her dainty ankles, moving up her calves to her knees where the Velcro strap held her legs firmly closed.

"Mmmm, Father Michael was right, Bobby. We don't need to sin to have a good time... this is really nice."

I felt quite unreasonably pleased with the effect simply touching my stepsister's increasingly appealing body was having on her. I had a bit of a reputation as being good in bed and this unexpected endorsement of my skill made my chest swell with pride.

I tickled her upper thighs close to her panties until my fingers brushed lightly against her crotch. I could just about make out the tight curls of pale pubic hair beneath the thin material but she pressed her knees close together as if to prevent any deeper exploration.

"Ah-ah!" she chided, "Remember what Father Michael said. When the ring's a stone, your secret's left alone; when the band is gold, your secret can unfold," she giggled in her sing-song voice, "no touching down there until we're married, Bobbeeee!"

My hands left her crotch and moved up her tummy towards her bra. I gently ran my hands over her sides, shoulders and armpits, then tentatively over the tiny satin-covered mounds of her tits. She winced for a moment then her resistance seemed to fade. I cupped them in my palms and kneaded them through the soft material.

"Mmmm, that's nice too... but only a little touching, remember?"

I cupped and stroked them a little longer and was rewarded by deeper and noisier breathing.

"Hear no evil; see no evil; speak no evil..." she chanted softly, obviously becoming aroused.

One hand moved from tit to tit, the other began to stroke her tummy down to the top of her large, unattractive panties.

"Hear no evil; see no evil; speak no evil..." she whispered.

Of course! That was what the blindfold and headphones were for! Jesus! How stupid could church rules be? Sure, she couldn't hear or see what I was doing; sure she hadn't said anything sinful, but that didn't mean it wasn't happening.

Whatever she felt inside, Lisa's arousal was now obvious. Her breathing had become deeper and she was fidgeting on the bed as my fingertips explored her body. Feeling brave, I quickly unfastened the front clasp of her bra, between her tits. It sprang open, revealing her bare chest.

"Oh! Bobby!" she protested, pulling helplessly at her bond as if attempting to cover herself, "I thought we said... oooohhhhh!"

I quickly began to stroke the underside of her small pointed naked globes as I had done with girls many times before, knowing how much pleasure it could give. Sure enough, at the new sensation, Lisa's resistance evaporated and her nipples began harden as my fingertips danced over her teats.

"Hear no evil; see no evil; speak no evil..."

Shit! She really was flat-chested. With her arms stretched out like that, her tits had all but disappeared, leaving only large, dark nipples, hard and pointed from her increasing arousal.

I had always loved big tits before. Cindy's were particularly large and had been great for a tit-fuck when she was on her period, but seeing Lisa's tiny, firm, cone-shaped pair, I realised what I had been missing!

My stepsister's tits were hot! What else did she have hidden?

Keeping one hand on her chest, I began to stroke her lower body, from her knees across her skinny thighs to her hips, sides and tummy, feeling her body writhing beneath my hands with every stroke. I began to trace the inside of her thigh, from above her tied knees to the elastic of her panties and, for an instant, felt her legs instinctively flop open before her conscious mind snapped them closed again.

"Hear no evil; see no evil; speak no evil..." she repeated as if chastising her fiancé but her determination to stop me had definitely reduced.

I backed off a little, then leaned over and breathed hot air onto her exposed, hard left nipple. She shivered.

"Ooooh! That was nice!"

I breathed again, this time on her right teat before squeezing both tits in my hands, forcing her nipples upwards. She shivered again.

"Mmmm. Bobbyyyy..."

I stuck out my tongue and licked her right teat.

"Ohhhhh Goodnessssss! That's so good... do you think... it's ok... we're allowed... to do this... oh Goodness!"

The only reply I could give was to carry on squeezing, sucking and licking my stepsister's nipples, pulling her teats into my mouth and flicking their tips with my tongue as my hands caressed and kneaded the tiny cones beneath. Lisa writhed in genuine pleasure.

My mouth still on her nipples, I returned my right hand to her thighs and began to run my fingers up and down again but this time when her knees clamped together I did not pull away. This time I kept on stroking, forcing my fingers deeper between her thighs and, with each stroke, moving higher and higher until my fingers finally touched the crotch of her panties.

"Not there Bobby. Not... until we're... marr... ohhhhh!"

But her words were cut short as I began to caress her mound and slit through her panties. With her knees tied together, it was awkward but I persevered and before long, my middle finger was pressed against the full length of her slit, separated from her body by nothing more than a thin layer of cheap satin.

"Please... Bobby! Please! We... promised... "

I moved my finger against her body, feeling the warm dampness spreading around my hand.

"Bobby that's... too much... but it's... soooo nice... maybe if... you only touch me... through my panties..."

I released her nipples and fumbled with both hands on the strap that bound her knees. The Velcro tore apart with a loud, coarse, sexually charged rrrrrrrip!

"Bobby no!" she protested feebly but a moment later my hand was full on her crotch, forcing her thighs apart, first cupping then fondling her pussy through her soaking wet panties.

"Hear no evil; see no evil; speak no evil..."

Lisa chanted the words like a mantra as my fingers did their work, fondling and pressing before slipping underneath the elastic and touching the real, bare flesh of her virgin pussy.

"Please! Bobby! It's sinful... It's... ohhhh!" her voice objected but her body told a different story.

I parted her legs; her vagina was weeping through her panties onto my wet, smelly fingers. I boldly grasped the waistband of her panties in both hands and pulled them quickly down her thighs.

Lisa clamped her knees together hard, halting my progress mid way but a simple lick of my tongue across her pubic hair was enough to shock her into releasing her grip and two seconds later she was naked.

I stared open mouthed at my stepsister's body as she lay spread open on the bed. Aroused and exposed, she was hotter than I had ever dreamed, from her covered eyes and ears, across her tiny tits, down her slender body to her long, athletic legs between which was the neatest, tightly curled triangle of pale pubic hair I had ever seen.

With nothing to bar my way, my hand had free reign on her body and I took full advantage of it, stroking up and down her dark, wet slit and across the deep sensitive crease at the top of her thighs.

"Hear no evil; see no evil; speak no evil... ooohhhhhhhh!"

She was fully aroused now, her chest heaving as I located the entrance to her vagina with my finger and slipped it just inside. Her hips recoiled away from my touch but I followed them with my fingertips, moving upwards until finally I found her clit which was already sticking out from the top of her slit.

"Oh Bobby! Oh Bobby! Oh Bobby!" she moaned as I toyed with her nub, tickling its tip and underside as I had done so many times and knew so many girls loved.

Lisa was no exception; she began to buck against my hand, one moment pulling away from my touch, the next forcing her body onto mine as a tiny orgasm began to grip her. I tickled her clit again, this time making little circles around its tiny sides.

"Ohhh GoodnessssOhBobbyOhmyyyyy!"

This time there was no mistaking the orgasm that rippled through Lisa's body; possibly the first in her entire life. She shook and trembled on the bed, bucking wildly against my hand as I probed and stimulate her over and over.

"Please... Please...!" she eventually cried but by now I was madly aroused myself and far beyond stopping.

I removed my hand from between her thighs and she fell back onto the pillow, her pink-flushed chest heaving up and down, her breath noisy as she began to recover from the shock of her first climax.

Driven by lust, I knew I had to take advantage of her arousal quickly. I dragged off my shirt, jeans and shorts and threw them on the floor; my cock sprang forwards and upwards, already massively aroused. I climbed onto the bed between her spread thighs and leaned low over her.

Lisa must have felt the heat of my body and the movement of the mattress.

"What... what are you doing?" she asked as my legs forced their way between her thighs, spreading them further apart.

"Bobby! Stop! We swore... we promised we'd wait... until we were married," she whined unconvincingly but I took no notice, pressing her skinny legs wide apart.

"Bobby! It's too soon! I'm not ready... We mustn't..."

But her body betrayed her; there were beads of lubrication glistening on the pale, tightly-coiled hair above her open pink slit. I lowered my body onto hers. She tried to close her legs to keep me out but her thighs gripped my torso uselessly.

"Please, Bobby," she moaned, breathing deeply, her microscopic tits rising and falling beneath me, "I know we're engaged. I really want to... want to do it but..."

I wriggled myself down the bed a little and lowered myself closer still until my erect cock just brushed against her pubic hair. The sensation sent a thrill through me and made Lisa shudder.

"Please Bobby, I love you... and one day... we'll do it... but we promised... promised Father Michael... Ohhh! That feels... so good!"

I took my weight on my right arm, took my shaft in my left and gently rubbed its smooth end against her wet, opening crack. It felt simply amazing.

"Oh my Goodness! Bobby! What are you doing? That feels so... so... Oh my Goodnesssss!"

I rubbed a little harder and felt her crack open just enough to let the tip of my cock into her wet, hot slit. I rubbed it up and down until its tip rested between her slippery inner lips. Lisa's face went soft and dreamy, her voice now slurred and there was surrender in her words.

"Mmmm... we mustn't Bobby..." she hissed helplessly without conviction, "but it feels so good... maybe... maybe if you just rub the tip... just rub the tip against me but no more... promise?"

She sounded drunk with her arousal. I pressed forwards; her inner lips parted easily thanks to the glistening lubrication that simply oozed from her slit.

"Oooooh... That's nice," she moaned as I rubbed my smooth head up and down her crack. I could smell her juices flowing, preparing her body for my cock.

"Mmmmmmmmm," she moaned again as I slowly parted her inner lips, pressed gently forwards then stopped.

Oh my God! There was 'something' in there, preventing further access. Oh my fucking God! She still had a hymen! A real, virgin hymen!

"Ohhh that's niiiice," she moaned again, "Oh Bobby... I never thought... never imagined... "

Her voice was slurry. I pressed back and forth gently against the fragile membrane that clearly proclaimed her virgin status, each thrust a little harder than the last. I lowered my head to her tits and kissed and sucked her hard, pointed nipples, hearing the tinny music from the headphones still playing ludicrously in her ears.

"Ohhhh Bobbeeee... promise... you won't tell..."

My kissing and pressing grew harder still, rocking backing and forth against her frail maidenhead. I drew her right nipple into my mouth and nibbled its end then passed over to the left.

"Mmmmm that's soooo niiiccceee... "

And then something seemed to take over me, for a split second I lost control of my body and I thrust myself hard into my stepsister's body.



A much more powerful third time!

There was strong resistance followed immediately by a sudden sensation of yielding and with a strange 'popping' feeling the head of my cock slipped into her.

This time we both gasped in surprise and in my case, pleasure.

"Oh! Oh! Goodness! Oh My Goodness!" Lisa squealed, her body flexing wildly against her bonds as the head of my cock burst through her hymen and entered her body.

"Noooo! Bobby nooooo!" she wailed but it was too late. Her hymen was broken and my cock was inside her vagina.

Her legs closed on me tightly and her hands flailed against her bonds but I held myself with the head of my cock in her pussy, shocked at what I had done, staring down at the girl beneath me, her body tense but her pussy gripping my errant erection tightly.

"You promised!" she cried, "We swore we would wait! What have you done?"

What could I do? Pull out? Run away? I couldn't restore her virginity or repair her hymen. I'm not proud of myself but there seemed only one thing I could do.

I began to fuck her! Very slowly and gently at first, rocking back and forth as her body and brain tried to come to terms with the entirely new sensations that had stunned them.

"No! Bobby! Stop!" she protested as her tight passage began to loosen around my shaft with every tiny thrust, giving the lie to her protests and allowing me to thrust deeper and deeper into her.

"Bobby... we promised... we swore... oh my Goodness that's amazinggggg!"

It was indeed amazing. Really amazing! I'd had my cock in a good few girls' pussies but I had never felt anything as smooth and tight as Lisa's. Not even Cindy when I took her cherry had felt as tight as this. I pulled back an inch then pressed forward, slipping deeper into her body. Her pussy tightened around me and a moan escaped her lips.

"Hear no evil; see no evil; speak no evil... ooohhhhhhhhmyyyy!"

I did another little pull back and push forward until half my shaft was buried in her.

"Hh Hh Hh!" she panted, her body going stiff beneath me, "Oh Goodness! It's so big! No more! Please Bobby! It's too much! You're too big!"

Her words were strong but her voice carried no conviction. Another tiny pull-push and I had sunk a further inch. It felt even better; her already well-lubricated pussy was getting wetter by the second and her legs parted slightly.

Still she pretended to protest. I ignored her and pulled back one more time.

"Please Bobby! We promised! Not all the way until we're married... oooooHHHH!"

One firm, final thrust and I had slid my full length into Lisa's virgin pussy, stopping only when my pubic hair ground hard against hers.


Beneath me, my stepsister's mouth opened wide, her voice a low wail as her body frantically tried to adjust to the unfamiliar presence now deep inside her. She twitched and grimaced, wriggling her hips, spreading her legs helplessly wide as my cock found its natural lie in her freshly penetrated vagina.

"Oooohhhhh! It huuuurrtsss! It's sooooo biiiggg!"

I paused, relishing the incredible sensations passing through my own body. Whatever pleasure Lisa was getting from her first penetration was washing over me too. Oh my God! She felt amazing; tight all around me, her pussy hugging my cock all along its length and gripping my thick base firmly.


The mantra continued over and over as I began to thrust in and out of her body. She was tight as hell, from my base to my rapidly-swelling tip and after a dozen strokes I knew I was going to cum really quickly.


Her legs parted wider and wider as my thrusts grew stronger and faster. A loud wet slapping sound filled the room over which her chanting and my grunting could be clearly heard.






"Oh fuck! I'm going to cummmmm!"

The last voice was my own. A dozen more thrusts and I felt the hot wet feeling in my groin and inner thighs that announced the imminent arrival of my own orgasm. Before I could register what was happening, my head swelled within her body and, despite her innocence, something primeval within Lisa seemed to tell her what was about to take place.

"Stop Bobby, please!" she wailed, "Not inside me! Please! No!"

But it was already too late. The hot wet burning ran down my thighs to my knees, my chest went tight and the rhythm of my thrusts became wild and erratic. Almost before the word 'please' had left her mouth, the first gobs of cum had spurted from the end of my cock and deep into her pussy. By the time the word 'inside' had ended, my ejaculation was in full spate.

And I could feel it was a big one; rope after rope of thick, sticky semen was cascading from me and against my stepsister's cervix as I slammed wildly into her skinny body, making the bed bounce uncontrollably, completely out of control.

"Noooooo!" she wailed but her body was betraying her, her vagina clamping down on my cock over and over as if milking it of every drop of semen.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" I grunted, unable to remain silent.

My body was wracked by one of the most powerful, most fulfilling orgasms I had ever had, taking me entirely by surprise with its intensity. My cock pulsed and throbbed within her body as her vagina gripped and released it until my toes curled and I had cum so hard it felt as if my insides had been drawn out of me.

"You've cum in me! You've cum in me!" she wailed as my thrusts slowed to a halt.

I held myself above her, feeling the dying pulses of my throbbing cock as it pumped the last few drops of semen into my stepsister's body. I stared down in horror at the skinny girl whose virginity I had just taken. There were tears running from underneath the blindfold.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh Fuck!" I growled as I began to soften inside her tight pussy.

"How... could you... Bobby?" she was sobbing, "we promised... promised we'd wait... I wanted to wear white... when we married but now... you tempted me!"

As my orgasm cooled the reality of what I had done began to dawn on me. But Lisa hadn't finished, between huge sobs she croaked out half incoherent words.

"You know... I'm not... not on the pill... but you still... still came in me! How could you do that? "

But these were not words of passion screamed in arousal. This was a cry of fear! Of despair!

What had I done?

Suddenly it all became horribly real. The terrible realisation hit me. I had just taken my stepsister's virginity - I could pretend it was with her consent - but I had then inseminated her unprotected body. The wickedness of my action shook me to the core. My erection vanished in a second and I pulled it immediately from her messy body.

"Bobby!" she squealed as my disappearing cock left her pussy red and gaping.

I could have stopped; I should have stopped; I should at least have released her wrists but all I could think was 'got to get away!'

The thought buzzing round my head overwhelmed me until I could think of nothing else. Got to get away from the scene of the crime; from the skinny blonde girl on the bed whose body I had just violated thoughtlessly.

"Bobby, don't leave me!" she wailed pulling wildly but ineffectively at her bonds as I backed away through the door, grabbing my clothes in an untidy bundle as I passed.

"Let me go! Untie me!" she called.

Her words rang round my head as I ran down the stairs to the kitchen, pulling on my shirt as I went then stopping hurriedly to wriggle into my shorts and jeans, realising in my passion I hadn't even removed my socks.

"Bobby! Bobby!"

Lisa's voice wailed from the bedroom upstairs.

"Bobby! Let me out! Let me free! Bobby, where are you!"

I closed the kitchen door behind me, locked it then ran back to the shed, bolted the door firmly and lay down on the couch to make sure no-one could see me.

I waited and waited.

It was a full hour before I heard the kitchen door open. I peeked through a gap in the panelling to see Lisa carrying the cardboard box to the back of her car then slamming the door violently. She was dressed in the frumpy skirt and blouse she had worn earlier but now she walked gingerly, stiff-legged as if in some pain.

As she crossed the driveway back to the house, massaging her wrists vigorously, she had obviously been crying but to my surprise, when I looked at her body, I no longer saw her as a blonde stick insect; in my eyes, my nerdy older stepsister had become a woman and a rather exciting, desirable woman too.

A minute later she returned to her car, climbed stiffly into the driving seat and reversed out of the driveway.

I waited ten full minutes before emerging from the shed then left the garden the back way and ran across the fields to lay low.

It was late when I went back home. The lights were on downstairs and Lisa was sitting in the lounge watching the end of a movie. She had washed her face but I could still tell she had been crying.

"Hi," I began, "I wasn't expecting to see you. I thought you were at a wedding with lover-boy."

She frowned at me, barely looking me in the eye.

"Change of plan. And he's Bobby, not lover boy. And anyway aren't you supposed to be with Cindy-poos?"

I grunted at her sarcastic tone. I deserved that.

"Change of plan there too," I told her grumpily.

I couldn't bring myself to ask what the matter was, and anyway it would only prompt her to ask me the same question which might lead to my revealing the fact that I had not been with Cindy all afternoon after all. I couldn't take that risk.

Lisa clearly felt the need for privacy too so we watched the end of the movie together in near silence, drinking tea, me wondering what on earth I had done and what on earth I would do now.

Every few seconds I looked across at the girl I had shared a house with for so long. How had I ever thought of her has a stick insect? True, her tits were tiny and her legs were long and skinny but now I saw her as slim-bodied and her legs slender. Her face which had mostly worn a frown in my presence now seemed light and pretty, though she had obviously been upset.

Had she changed? Or had my crime changed the way I saw her?

I wondered what would happen next.

To my surprise, the next few days passed without my terrible crime being discovered although Lisa was distracted and off hand with me for a long time. All the family overheard the series of high volume, highly emotional phone calls she had with her fiancé Bobby who by the end of the week was quite definitely and publicly an ex-fiancé.

As the week passed, I found it harder and harder to keep my eyes off her, my mind full of images of what I had done, the incredible way it had felt and what Lisa had looked like as I had fucked her for the first time.

Cindy refused to answer my calls or messages for days. On Monday night I saw her in McDonalds with her ex-boyfriend Chris. They were holding hands across the table and I had to get home quickly before anyone saw the tears forming in my eyes. I persevered, sent flowers, messages and three cards saying how sorry I was until eventually she agreed to see me at the coffee shop on Tuesday lunchtime.

It was a disaster. I quickly realised I had moved in too soon while the hurt and anger were still too raw and strong. After only ten minutes it was clear that there was to be no forgiveness.

"I can't trust you," she said coldly and accusingly, "I can't be with someone who tries to fuck other girls whenever I'm not around."

I had grovelled and apologised but the truth of her words stung me hard. She was right; given the opportunity I would have fucked Becky despite being with Cindy. I had taken full advantage of Lisa too, hadn't I?

"You're not even wearing my necklace anymore!" she cried angrily, making all the other customers stare at us.


"I bet you took it off when you were trying to seduce Becky," she accused, her voice hard and cold, "and you didn't even notice it was missing. You don't love me; you've never loved me. Now you've fucked me you just don't care!"

A moment later the necklace I had given Cindy with my initial on was on the table in front of me and I was watching her back passing through the door and into the street. I raised a hand to my throat.

She was quite right! There was no necklace! What the hell could have happened to it? The metal was so thin and light that I usually forgot I was wearing it and consequently hadn't noticed it was missing.

Oh fuck! I had really screwed up this time!

For the next two days I searched high and low for that necklace but by the end of the week I had given up. It was lost. I had almost given up on Cindy too who had refused to respond to any form of communication with me.

Fortunately and to my surprise, Lisa's coldness had moderated. She was clearly awkward being alone with me but when we were together she was surprisingly friendly and I hoped like hell that her previous coldness had been because she was upset about her break-up with Bobby. This separation now appeared permanent; she no longer wore the engagement ring she had proudly donned over a year ago.

Her demeanour had changed in other ways too, though it was hard to put my finger on exactly how. She was still every bit as skinny and flat-chested as before and still wore her usual frumpy clothes but now seemed to be dressing a bit more carefully and even wore a little make-up, if badly applied.

There was something different in her bearing as well, something new which I couldn't fail to notice, even in my own stepsister. For a while I wondered whether she had found a new boyfriend already but there was no sign of one.

Several times I found myself staring at her, or watching her surreptitiously as she did her chores or just watched TV, trying to reconcile the sweet, naïve, boring girl I had known for so long with the hot body I had fucked only days ago. When I remembered my terrible deception and her wailing voice when she had realised what had happened, I slunk away in shame.

This went on for several days, days in which every one of my attempts to contact Cindy had failed and my own demeanour had grown more and more desperate. By Friday, the word was out that Cindy and her ex were now together again. A day later this was 'official' on Facebook, along with their plans to go away together that weekend.

As I drank my fourth beer in the shed in the darkness on Saturday night, my mind was full of Cindy and self-pity. She was probably being fucked by her new boyfriend even as I sat there, his hard cock where mine should have been; deep inside Cindy's wonderful pussy. Cindy's pussy; the pussy I had broken in, had known so well but would probably never even see again, let alone fuck.

I knew it served me right but I felt like shit.

On Sunday morning I had the house to myself while Dad, my Stepmom and Lisa went to church. I had been written off church-wise as a lost cause years ago so after a lie-in I showered, dressed and went to the kitchen for coffee to help with my hangover.

I had just sat down with a hot, steaming mug when I heard noises in the hallway. Puzzled, I sat very still and listened carefully; a moment later the kitchen door opened and Lisa came into the room.

"Hi," she said, helping herself to coffee.

"Lisa! Why aren't you at church?"

"I couldn't face it," she said quietly.

"Because Bobby will be there?" I asked. She shrugged.

"Partly that. But I had something to do here. In private."

She sat down at the table directly opposite, looked at me in silence for a moment then reached over and placed in front of me a long white plastic stick with a window in the side. In that window were two words:

'Not pregnant'

I looked into my stepsister's face, trying unsuccessfully to appear puzzled but my own face must have been a picture of guilt.

"I know it was you," she said, stressing the second word, "it took a while to work it out but I got there in the end."

"What was me?" I asked defensively, knowing my body language was giving me away.

Lisa said nothing. She just dropped something else onto the table in front of me. It was a thin gold necklace with the letter C for Cindy hanging from its middle. There was no point in pretending or lying any longer.

"Where did you find it?" I asked.

"On my bedroom floor under the dresser. Where you dropped it."

"Oh fuck!"

Lisa sat back in her chair and stared at me, a hard look on her pretty face.

"Why did you do it?" she asked, her emotion building quickly.

"Do what?" I automatically countered but there was no conviction in my voice.

"You know what, asshole! Don't you dare try and deny it."

For Lisa to swear was extremely rare. Understandably, she was very upset indeed.

"How long have you known?"

"Since I found Cindy's necklace a week ago."

"And you waited until now to tell me?" I was amazed.

"I needed to know if I was pregnant, stupid!" she said coldly, her anger beginning to build.

"Lisa I'm sorry..." I stammered, "I just..."

"Shut up!" she broke in, "I'm your stepsister! It was illegal, immoral, it was almost rape AND you could have got me pregnant you stupid bastard!"

Her pretty face was flushed and angry now, her eyes wide and staring as she continued.

"You knew I was saving myself for Bobby. You knew we were waiting until we were married but you couldn't resist adding another notch on your belt and you went ahead and fucked me anyway. You selfish, heartless bastard!"

"Lisa I'm sorry..." I mumbled again inadequately.

I had never heard her use such words before or seen her this angry.

"And all just to add another poor girl's cherry to your trophy list so you can tell your stupid buddies. Yes, I know what you all talk about in the shed. How could you?"

"I... I..."

"That's why I can't go to church, stupid. How could I face them after what we did; what you did I mean? I've lost my virginity. I've had sex outside marriage!"

"But it wasn't your fault. You didn't know it was me doing all that to you..."

"That makes no difference! Even if it had been Bobby, I still let it happen. I knew I wasn't married; I knew it was a sin but you got me so turned on I couldn't stop myself. Then you went and busted me and ran away! You made me a sinner and you don't even care."

"It's not true, I..."

"It's not true that you don't care? Or it's not true that you busted me? I'm a fallen woman thanks to you! How can I go back to the church knowing that? Who's going to marry me now?"

"But you're engaged..."

She snorted angrily.

"Bobby? He's history. Even if you hadn't done it I couldn't stay with him. He got scared and left me there to face the music on my own. What if it had been my Mom or your Dad coming in? What if they'd seen me like that?"

She had a good point. At least I couldn't take any blame for that.

"And what if you'd made a baby in me? What if I'd got pregnant? There's no way I could have an abortion and I'd have been shunned by Mom and the church. You could have ruined my life! You didn't think of that, did you?"

All I could do was look as ashamed as I felt and let the anger wash over me. She was right!

"But you aren't pregnant Lisa! You're safe!" I protested.

"Safe? Maybe I've been lucky but I'm still busted! I'm not a virgin anymore! How will I find a husband now? I can't just wait till our wedding night and say 'oh yes, I forgot to tell you...'""

For some reason this last sarcasm brought a fast and strong reaction from me. Turning defence into attack I summoned the courage to look her in the eye.

"It's simple Lisa. Find a man who doesn't expect to marry a virgin!" I growled.

"What?" she asked as if surprised.

"Your brain's been turned soft by that fucking church!" I continued, knowing I was moving onto dangerous ground. "The world is full of men and you could be hot stuff. Ninety five percent of the male population don't expect their wives to be virgins. Most wouldn't want it anyway. I know I don't!"

This outburst had clearly wrong-footed and puzzled her.

"What do you mean? You've always made a big deal about cherries..."

"That's just talk," I confessed, "popping a cherry is great but it hasn't happened as often as I let people think."

"You mean..."

"I mean there aren't as many virgin brides out there as your Father Michael tells you. And I should know! I've fucked enough of them!"

"And it doesn't matter? You wouldn't care?"

"I wouldn't care. In fact I wouldn't want my wife to be a virgin. I would want to learn something from her too!"

This obviously truthful outburst took the wind out of Lisa's sails long enough for me to put on a genuinely meant air of contrition.

"I'm really sorry," I mumbled again, "I didn't mean to hurt you; I don't know what came over me. You're right, I didn't even think about the implications."

She nodded as if pleased with this change of tone. I carried on; to my surprise, the words came out easily and truthfully.

"It's just when I saw you there... looking like sexy... I just thought... well you looked so fucking hot and... I just couldn't help it..."

Lisa just sat there, her chest heaving. After a few moments she looked me in the face and asked:

"Don't you dare tease me! Haven't you hurt me enough?"

"I'm not teasing you," I said, again truthfully, "you were hot! You still are hot!"


"You're hot, Lisa. I didn't know it until then but it's true. You've got a great body; you just hide it under all those fucking awful clothes you wear so I never knew."

She frowned but for some reason didn't attack me back.

"What do you mean? What's wrong with my clothes?"

"Everything! You dress like a dork! All those flowery prints and prissy long skirts! You're twenty not fifty so don't dress like your Mom."

"What should I wear then?"

"I dunno! Stuff that shows off what you've got."

"You've always said I've got nothing worth showing!"

"Well... I was wrong. You've got a great body Lisa."

She blushed and looked away.

"Think about it. Ok, you've got almost no tits so don't wear blouses. Your Mom's got big tits so they look good on her but you... you should wear tight stuff like T shirts. Flat-chested, sporty girls look great in tight stuff."

She looked doubtful but at least I was distracting her from her rightful rage against me so I pressed my luck further.

"You've got great legs too. They're your best part; long and slim and really shapely. You should show them off more."

"But Father Michael says girls that show too much leg..."

"What does he know? He's sixty at least. You should wear short skirts and heels, and really short shorts; maybe even leggings, as long as they're tight. You'd look amazing. Hot as hell!"


"And you've got a really pretty face but you don't do anything about it. Use a bit more make-up and for God's sake do it properly. Let your hair down too - get a more modern style, it's not rocket science!"

I could see her wince when I misused the Lord's name but still she didn't chide me. Instead she thought for a minute as I went on.

"If you do what I say you'll have your pick of the boys, Lisa."

She looked stunned. I felt surprised too; where had all that advice come from? Wherever it was, it was certainly true.

"And there's one more thing you need to know," I continued in a much lower, confidential voice.

She looked at me as if bewildered. Encouraged, I took the last big risk. I don't know what possessed me but I took a deep breath and said it.

"You've got a really first class pussy, Lisa."


"I mean it! It's really sweet and tight; you're going to be an amazing fuck one day! You were a good fuck last week whatever you think. A great fuck, and you enjoyed it too - quite a lot I reckon."

"No!" she screamed, holding her hands over her ears, "It's not true!"

"It IS true," I persisted, "you've got the sweetest, tightest pussy I've ever fucked and I've fucked a lot of pussies."

"Shut up! Shut up! You shouldn't even have seen my pussy let alone know what it feels like!"

"But I DO know what it feels like Lisa and you should know too. Your pussy is amazing; who else could tell you? It's tight and deep and it grips you like a fist. The boys will love it and so will you!"

She stared at me in horror.

"Be honest with yourself; you were really starting to get into it, weren't you?" I asked straight out.

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!"

"Don't try to deny it, Lisa. Remember I was there! It was my cock inside you. I could feel you! I could feel what your pussy was doing to me! I saw what you looked like and what you did. You can't pretend to me you weren't really enjoying it."

"Stop it! Stop it!"

There was a long pause while tiny tears ran down my pretty, vulnerable stepsister's cheeks. I put my arm around her shoulders and hugged her gently, feeling her bony shoulders against my chest. We remained motionless for a few minutes, Lisa breathing heavily, unable to look me in the face.

"I'm sorry," I said eventually, "I shouldn't have said that." She shook her head.

"No. It's all true," she murmured, shaking her head, "You're right. That's the problem; I did enjoy it. Once it stopped hurting I enjoyed it a lot."

"Then relax," I tried to reassure her, "it's no big deal. It's not as if I can tell anyone, is it? It'll be our secret. You'll still find a husband - in fact I'd say you're more likely to find one now."

"And it really won't matter that I'm not a virgin anymore?"

"Not to most boys. A bit of experience is a good thing. No-one wants a slut though. There is a limit. No one wants to know everyone he meets has fucked his girlfriend too."

"But I can't..."

Whatever she meant to say was cut off in her throat as the front door burst open and her Mom and my Dad came noisily into the house.

It was the following Friday evening and I was getting ready to out with the lads for a late burger and a beer. Dad and Lisa's Mum had gone out for dinner to celebrate one of their many anniversaries so I was in the kitchen about to help myself to one of Dad's beers from the fridge when the door opened and Lisa came quietly into the room.

I had hardly seen my skinny stepsister all week after our extraordinary conversation of the previous Sunday and was concerned she had been trying to avoid me. After what I had said and done to her I couldn't honestly blame her; at the moment I was mostly relieved that she didn't seem to hold any grudges against me and wasn't about to tell our parents about my crime.

"Hi," I smiled at her.

"Hi," she replied. She sounded awkward and embarrassed but I was pleased to see she didn't just walk out on me.

Despite her stand-offishness, I couldn't help notice that Lisa seemed to have taken some of my advice to heart during the week. She was still far from trendily dressed but the more frumpy of her skirts had not put in an appearance since our chat, neither had the most mumsy blouses. She had worn jeans on at least two days to my certain knowledge and her eyes had been made up every day, if only very lightly.

That evening she was wearing a flowery skirt which could have been a style nightmare but in fact looked nice on her, reaching just above her slender knees and it wasn't too full-bodied. Her top was close fitting too, though not the tight, sporty style I had recommended. I noticed she had used rather more eye make-up than usual and was definitely wearing lipstick though the colour was a bit pale for my tastes.

"You look nice," I told her truthfully, "got a date?"

She shook her head and blushed. Of course she hadn't; it was stupid of me to ask. It was far too soon after her unexpected defloration and split up with her fiancé Bobby for her to have acquired a new boyfriend.

"Neither have I," I confessed with a grin, "I'm seeing the lads for a pint."

Lisa looked downcast.

"Are you ok?" I asked her, concerned, "do you want to talk about it? I know you might not feel you can trust me now but...""

"I've... I've been thinking about what happened," she interrupted, her voice hesitant and nervous.

"Ok..." I asked, genuinely concerned and still troubled by guilt.

"Well it's... Oh it's no use. It's a ridiculous idea..."

I saw tears forming in her eyes. I took her in my arms and hugged her in what I hoped was a brotherly manner, not wanting to upset her further by any sexual gesture.

"What is it Lisa? You've got to tell me if it's upsetting you this much.

"But you're younger than me; I feel so stupid; so naïve having to ask you things but you're the only person in the world who I can talk to."

This sounded serious.

"You can ask me anything, Lisa," I tried to reassure her, though feeling nervous myself.

"You promise you won't laugh at me?"

"I swear!" I said as reassuringly as I could.

She pulled away a little, looked out of the kitchen window for a moment, gulped, took a deep breath and spoke softly.

"When you did it to me... when we did it," she corrected herself to my relief, "It was my first time. You know that, right?"

"Yes, I know," I said shame facedly.

"Now I'm not a virgin any more. I've lost my cherry, right? However it happened, it's gone forever?"

"Yeah, that's right. The damage is done; you're busted now. There's no going back!" She looked up at me suddenly, her face flushed, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sound crude but it IS the truth," I added hastily.

"That's all right," she said quietly, "I want you to tell me the truth." There was another pause before she continued, gathering a bit of confidence and talking as if she had rehearsed what she was going to say.

"But I can only lose my virginity once, can't I?" she asked pensively.

I looked at her, surprised but she hurried on.

"What I meant was that... now I'm not a virgin any more... no one can tell whether I've had sex only once or a lot of times?" It was half question, half statement.

"That's right, unless you go crazy and 'get yourself a reputation'," I said, doing a fair imitation of her mother's accent.

Lisa laughed despite herself. There was an even longer pause as if she was plucking up courage. When she spoke, her words amazed me.

"Do you really think I could be good at it? Good at sex? You weren't just saying it? You really meant it?"

This was easy to be truthful about.

"Cross my heart; you're a natural, Lisa. You were amazing and it really was your first time. You don't even know what you're doing yet and it felt so good." She blushed. "And you really enjoyed it too, didn't you?"

There was the longest pause as if she was steeling herself to make a big decision. Then she took a deep breath and when they came, her words knocked the wind out of me.

"Would you... would you teach me?"

"What?" I couldn't believe my ears.

"Would you... do you think you could... could teach me... how to do it properly... how to be good at it... at doing sex?"

My jaw dropped wide open.


She turned away suddenly.

"You're disgusted! I'm so sorry... I shouldn't have asked..."

She sprang to her feet and made to run for the door but instinctively I grabbed her wrist, rising to my feet and pulling her back until I held her awkwardly in my arms. Her skinny body was pressed hard against my front and I realised I had a raging hard-on which she couldn't fail to feel against her belly.

"It's all right... it's all right... I'm not disgusted. No way! You just caught me by surprise, that's all," I said, trying to calm her down.

"I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry" she mumbled into my chest, her slender body warm and soft against my skin. She felt wonderful and so, so sexy.

"I just wasn't expecting it," I laughed, "think about it; it IS a bit of a surprise isn't it?"

She didn't reply. I hugged her close and felt her trembling in my arms. My head was spinning.

"Did you really mean it...?" I murmured into her ear.

"I... I think so..." she replied, lifting her pretty face to mine.

"You really want to learn how to be good in bed?"

"Is it a bad thing to want?" she asked and my heart ached.

"It's a great thing, as long as you don't become 'one of those girls' as your Mum calls them."

Lisa smiled up at me, "That's why I thought you... you wouldn't mind... helping me."

"You trust me to keep a secret?" she nodded.

"I trust you!" she said, looking me straight in the eye.

"Well if you're really sure you want me to..." I whispered into her long neck.

"I'm sure..." she whispered.

"It might need a lot of practice!" I squeezed her bottom playfully.

I felt her giggle and her long, soft, smooth legs press against my thighs. Her face rose towards mine and I gently kissed her lips. She tasted of coffee.

"I hope it does," she blushed.

"Then it would be my pleasure Lisa," I murmured.

I kissed her again and to my surprise felt a small pointed tongue passing across my own lips and tentatively entering my mouth. I sucked it gently and we embraced and kissed for a long time, our mouths opening wider, tongues writhing over each other, my hands beginning to explore her skinny body properly, pressing her against my so-hard cock.

"Where did you learn to kiss like that?" I asked, astonished when we finally came up for air.

"The Bible doesn't say that you can't make out," she smiled, "there's a lot of kissing and stuff that goes on. You should read it sometime."

"You really are amazing," I told her, "shall we go upstairs?"

"Now?" she asked, as if surprised by the speed of things.

"No time like the present. And you might chicken out if you wait too long."

She smiled sheepishly and nodded. I took her hand and gently led her out of the kitchen, up the stairs, across the landing and through her bedroom door where her neatly made bed stood waiting; the bed on which I had so recently taken her virginity.

In the stillness of the room, my lips closed on hers and we kissed slowly and lovingly, our tongues less frantic but no less entwined.

My right hand fell to her waist and fumbled with the button and zip on her skirt. It popped open, the zip slid easily down and it dropped soundlessly to the floor. Her hand went instinctively to her hips to grab at the garment but then she stopped herself and let it fall to her ankles. Our lips still pressed together, my hands rose and fell as I touched her sweet, tender body all over, from her tiny blouse-covered tits to her panty-hidden ass. She felt soft and warm and smooth.

Lisa was far too shy to touch me in return but offered no resistance when I unbuttons her blouse and slipped it over her shoulders and down her arms. It fell alongside her skirt. Expertly popping the rear clasp on her bra with one hand, I helped her slide it forwards and cast it aside.

"Feels like you've done that a few times before," she smiled.

"Practice makes perfect," I grinned cheekily.

"That's what I'm hoping!"

My heart missed a beat at her unexpectedly sexual words. I raised my hands to her chest; her tiny pointed tits with their hard dark nipples fitted easily into my cupped palms and I kneaded them gently, her warm body pressed close to mine, our lips still together.

"Mum and Dad will be back in an hour or so," she whispered when we finally came up for breath.

"That's plenty of time," I smiled, "I'm good but I'm not Superman!"

She squeaked in surprise as my hands fell to her waist then slipped into the back of her panties, cupping the smooth firm buttocks I had admired all week. I pulled her towards me until my erection pressed into her belly then flicked my wrists backwards so that her panties slipped down over her buttocks and lay in the crease at the top of her thighs.

She giggled.

"You've done that before too, haven't you?"

"A few times," I confessed, "does that bother you?"

"I think I feel safer knowing you're experienced," she said softly as my hands returned to her bared buttocks and began to knead them, pressing her exposed pussy firmly against my thigh and sliding my fingers along the cleft between her taut cheeks.

Instinctively she began to rub herself against my leg, hardly needing the gentle guidance of my hands. We kissed again and again, the taste of her mouth changing slightly as she grew more and more aroused.

My hand slipped around to her groin and my fingers began to explore the triangle between her thighs, first through her panties then diving within to cup her mound. Lisa's first instinct was to close her legs tightly but I could feel her steel herself and after a moment her skinny thighs parted just enough for my fingers to reach the wet warmth of her slit.

"Mmmmm," she moaned as I began to finger her, gently and carefully, slidin