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Now, before I start my story of how I ended up on my knees in the bathroom of a Broadway theatre, I need to explain something about myself...

I... am... a... squirter.

I mean I come so hard and release so much wetness that I immediately need to drink to rehydrate myself.

It's always been like this.

Since I first started getting myself off.

I thought something was wrong with me at first, but eventually I accepted I just come differently than most women.

I also never wear panties (well, other than when it is that time of month). I don't do this because I'm a slut, but for two very different reasons:

  1. I like the liberating feeling of it...I like the idea that my co-workers (I work as an administrative assistant), my friends or my family have no idea that under my cute, usually conservative, appearance, my pussy is shaved and I'm completely commando.

  2. I hated the few times I frigged myself while super horny or was being fingered by a guy and I came hard in my felt like I pissed myself (which I did once in college) and I hated that feeling. I'd rather just gush my orgasm out and then clean myself up. Plus, when I do let a guy go down below, I love the look of surprise on their face when they realize I've gone really are easy to impress!

Liking the girl next door look I still have, even at 30, I also only wear thigh high stockings or garters and stockings... originally for the same reason I don't wear panties (my cum flooding my pantyhose is not a very nice feeling either). But I learned that many men love the sexiness of stockings and it made me feel sexy to wear sexy stockings.

Plus, the rare time I met a guy and just needed to be fucked then and there it was very convenient.

Anyways, enough about me. This story is really about how I was seduced and taken by a much younger woman while attending a professional showing of Book of Mormon.

On my thirtieth birthday, knowing that I loved musicals, my boyfriend, Ronnie, took me out for dinner at a five star restaurant and then to the musical, a play I loved. (I know he was trying to get back in my good books, having broken up with me for a third time a few months ago and having just grovelled back into my life a couple of weeks earlier). That said, I loved him. I hated him many times too and that love-hate relationship had kept me from moving on like I should have many times.

On the contrary, for being such a sweetheart tonight, he was going to get very lucky once we got back to my place.

For the special occasion, I wore a black and white dress, with stockings and a garter (something I only wore for very special occasions), and a black lace bra that enhanced my already very nice 36c breasts. I even wore three inch opened toe heels (my boyfriend loves red painted toenails in nylons...a strange fetish, but a rather easy one to indulge) something I rarely did...hating how much heels killed my feet and ankles.

Of course, I was also sans usual.

A couple glasses of wine at the restaurant, another before the theatre doors opened and I was quite tipsy as well as we made our way to our seats in the second balcony.

The balcony only had eight seats and we were the first to sit down. I whispered, as I placed my hand firmly on his dick, "I'm going to let you do something very special to me tonight."

He groaned, "Tonight is all about you."

"And I want to do something special with you," I said back, dripping with sultriness.

"If you insist," he shrugged, knowing that wine usually meant the wild and kinky me.

"I'd love to suck your cock right here," I purred. "Would you like that?"

"God, yes," he groaned, as I rubbed his cock through his dress pants.

"Or maybe straddle you right here and ride your cock," I continued, enjoying teasing him, "I'm wearing a garter for you tonight."

"Shit," he groaned, just as a mother and daughter sat beside us.

They were both dressed elegantly and when I looked up to see the teenager I couldn't believe how much she looked like Simone.

Simone... my one and only lesbian encounter... someone I hadn't thought about in a long, long time.

I was a junior in college and was attending a frat party with a couple of my friends when I was introduced to several members of the girls' cheerleading dance team.

One girl was named Simone and we started chatting, both of our hometowns just a few miles from each other. We chatted about the new outlet mall being built, the places we shopped, and so forth while drinking some rather potent punch. As soon as I finished one drink, she would give me another.

I had a pretty good buzz going and the room was very hot and I unbuttoned the top two buttons of my blouse and fanned myself. I didn't even remotely mean it to be a hint of interest in her, but she took it that way... although I didn't know that at the time. I even added, accidently implying my interest, "It's so hot in here. I need some fresh air."

Simone took my hand and led me outside to the side deck.

I felt an odd chill go up my back at her touch and once outside I noticed she wasn't wearing a bra and I could see her hard nipples through her light beige blouse. I didn't realize I was doing it, but I was staring at them.

Before I even knew it, she took my hand she was holding and moved it to her breast.

I couldn't believe this was happening.

Simone was a senior.

Simone was easily one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen.

Simone's breast was so firm.

Completely drawn to her, like a moth to a flame, I moved my other hand and cupped her other breast.

"Have you ever been with a girl?" she asked.

It must have been obvious. I was cupping her breasts like a teenage boy touching them for a first time. "No," I admitted, as I continued to stare at her breasts barely covered by her thin blouse.

She leaned in and kissed me. I saw fireworks in my head as it was the softest, most tender kiss I had ever experienced. Her tongue parted my lips and explored my mouth and I did the same. I was completely intoxicated with her and my pussy was leaking.

I forgot I was at a frat party, I forgot that anyone could see me kissing another girl, I just allowed myself to be taken in completely by the moment.

As our tongues twirled inside each other's mouths, I felt her hand go under my skirt and directly to my very damp pussy.

"No panties," she purred, as her finger slid inside my heated cunt.

"Ooooooooh," I moaned, in shock and awe of what was happening.

She kept kissing me while simultaneously fingering me. I was moaning in her mouth, my body reacting with unbridled lust.

She broke the kiss, looked into my eyes and said, "Come for me, Elizabeth."

Her finger found the g-spot I wasn't sure I had until that moment and I screamed, "Oh God!"

My body exploded, my cum flooded out of my cunt like a broken dam.

"A squirter," she said softly, even as she kept tapping on my clit.

"Oh God," I repeated, as I put my hand on her shoulders to hold myself up, my legs feeling like jelly as all my energy was usurped from me by her masterful touch.

"You look so cute when you come," she complimented.

"Thanks," I whimpered, barely able to do anything but try to breathe.

She looked down and smiled, "You created a pretty big puddle."

"Sorry," I whispered, embarrassed by the puddle that was between my legs.

"Never apologize for getting off, sexy," she said, kissing me again.

I again melted into her touch until she again broke the kiss and ordered, "Come with me," a few seconds later, even as my orgasm continued to tremble through me and I continued to feel cum leaking down my legs.

At this moment, I would have followed her anywhere... although walking after the most intense orgasm of my life was very challenging.

She took my hand with the hand that had just had a finger in me and led me away from the frat house.

She took me to a secluded spot, and ordered, "Take off my blouse."

I was completely intoxicated by her beauty and utterly under her spell. I didn't consider myself a lesbian or even bi, but at this moment I was whatever she wanted me to be.

My hands trembled as I began unbuttoning her blouse. Once it was unbuttoned, her breasts now free, she ordered softly, "Go ahead, Elizabeth, suck on my tits."

I didn't need to be told twice as I leaned forward and took her left hard nipple in my mouth as I simultaneously cupped it. I was in awe, the entire situation completely surreal.

I swirled my tongue around her nipple, I playfully bit it, before replicating the attention on her other breast.

"That's so good, Elizabeth," she purred. After a moment, she ordered, "On your knees, sexy."

I had been told that many times, but never by a girl. I lowered myself to my knees and watched with eager anticipation as she pulled her skirt off. She too wasn't wearing any panties and I was now staring at her beautiful, glistening, shaved pouting pussy.

I felt like her pussy was calling my name.

Simone sat down on the grass, lay back, spread her legs and offered, "Go on, Elizabeth, lick me."

"I-I-I've never done this before," I stammered, not that I didn't want to. I desperately wanted to. I just didn't want to disappoint her.

"Now don't be shy, sexy, I know you'll be a natural," she purred, her voice so tender and alluring.

I crawled between her tanned legs, moved my head to her inviting pussy, extended my tongue and began licking.

Her cunt tasted so sweet, unlike what I'd imagined, especially considering how most men bitch about eating pussy (yet they sure expect us ladies to suck cock at the drop of a hat).

I wanted more of her taste; I wanted to fuck her pussy with my tongue. I tried to use my tongue as a small cock. I struggled at first, but I eventually got my tongue in her small tight hole.

"Finger me too, Elizabeth," she ordered, her moans soft and sexy.

I moved my tongue to her swollen labia as I slid my finger inside her. I searched for her g-spot, not something I had any experience in finding, while simultaneously flicking on her clit.

"That's it, your tongue feels so good," she moaned, as her hands went to the back of my head.

I didn't find her g-spot, but I was making her moan.

She grabbed my head, and began grinding her cunt all over my face. I pulled my finger out and focused on licking while she literally fucked my face.

She soon screamed, "Yesssssss," and I received my first female cum facial.

I lapped up her juices which were as sweet as the punch juice that got me intoxicated enough to end up in this exhilarating situation.

Unfortunately, even though we would get together a couple more times, it was never as thrilling as the first time and eventually I began dating a football player, a relationship that lasted a couple of years... never again tasting the sweet nectar of a woman.

Yet, for the first time in eight years, I was drawn to a woman...well a girl...she couldn't be more than eighteen or nineteen.

I watched her in deju vu awe as if I were again a junior in college.

She was wearing a blue dress so short that when she sat down I could see almost the entire top of her thigh high stockings. I had become a stockings addict because of Ronnie and his obsession with them and came to see them as a great accessory for my outfits as well as accentuating my best asset, my legs.

I was almost drunk enough to comment on her hosiery choice, but she looked barely eighteen and I was thirty...that could only come across as creepy.

She was also wearing five inch heels and I couldn't help but wonder how she didn't kill herself in them.

She seemed to notice me staring at her legs and heels so I quickly turned away, which only made it more obvious.

Until the play started, I tried to focus on my sweet boyfriend who was giving me a great thirtieth birthday party.

Yet, the temptation to look at this intriguing teenager was overwhelming.

Ronnie asked, "So, are you enjoying your thirtieth birthday?"

"It's the best thirtieth party I have ever had," I playfully replied.

As he chatted, I tried to focus on his words, but I couldn't get Simone out of my head, nor her teenage lookalike.

I mean, sure, on occasion I saw a beautiful woman, usually younger, and gushed a little as I remembered the exhilarating rush of sexual submission to Simone... yet fantasy and the past tended to never become today's reality.

That said, fantasy wise, I have a lot of kinky fantasies that are on my sexual bucket list:

  1. Be taken by a well-hung black man.

  2. Be gangbanged by a group of well hung black guys.

  3. A night with a transsexual. A girl with a dick is such a turn-on (I'm pretty sure I like dick too much to ever completely cross over to the other side).

  4. To be triple teamed with three cocks pounding away all at once is fun to imagine.

  5. Being a cocksucker for a whole team (preferably a football team-so much cock) and having it turn into a bukkake (I do love the feeling of cum spraying on my face...a slutty kink of my girl next door look).

There are others, but to say the least, my fantasy life is a lot more interesting than my actual life.

I took a couple more quick glances before the play started, but she didn't seem to notice as she chatted with her mom. Yet, having her right leg crossed over into her left gave me a very good look of the top of her thigh high stockings. Plus, her dress didn't remotely hide her firm perky breasts.

I could feel my pussy getting tingly and was worried I would gush in these extravagant seats (maybe I should have worn at least a thong).

I couldn't remember feeling this giddy around another woman in years and she didn't have any clue what impact she was having on me.

She was easily one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen, somehow mixing a natural innocence with a powerful persona...and this I got without talking to her. She just exuded a confidence in her look and dress...again a similar vibe to Simone all those years ago.

I was curious if her eyes were blue like mine. Her blonde hair was in a bun, which allowed her to showcase her facial features...which were utterly flawless... just like Simone.

As the lights went down, I turned to the stage. I love musicals, having seen many including Phantom of the Opera, Miss Saigon, Guys and Dolls, Jesus Christ, Superstar, and Grease...just to name a few. But Book of Mormon was my favourite... this being the third time I'd seen it.

I tried to focus on the show, my right hand in my boyfriend's hand, but it was undeniably a struggle. My past, my one lesbian tryst, kept playing in my head.

The teen beside me, (was she even eighteen?) only enhanced my inability to focus as she continually kept shifting in her seat, crossing her legs and even playing with her dress and rubbing her nylon-clad legs.

I took a plethora of glances at her, particularly every time she changed positions. When she began rubbing her leg, I starred at her hands, her finger nails painted purple, curious if her toes were of a matching colour, and her sexy legs.

I tried to pull my eyes away from her hypnotic movements but couldn't, even as they broke out into one of my favourite songs, 'Turn it Off.'

As the play continued, she continued to draw me in. I tried to focus on the play, the humour and the dance numbers, but I continued to be drawn to her legs in nylons.

Being dark, I assumed she couldn't tell I was staring, drooling and leaking over her, but when I heard her heel hit the ground, I watched as she moved her stocking-clad foot to the balcony and answered my question, she had indeed painted her toenails the same unique purple. Her feet in the dark mocha colour were sexy and I couldn't stop staring, no longer even feigning interest in the play that I loved.

She wiggled her toes, she leaned forward and fixed the seam that was slightly askew and then, using both hands, slowly moved her hands from her ankle up her calf to her knee and then to her thigh.

I was completely intoxicated by this young woman, my pussy so wet I felt a gush leak out of me. 'Shit, I wish I could just get up and find a place to get off.' I thought to myself as my pussy burned.

I imagined her pointing to the floor and me obediently dropping to my knees.

I imagined her opening her legs and again wordlessly pointing to her pussy.

I imagined both my boyfriend and her mother watching as I was helplessly drawn to much that obeying her, tasting her, overrode common sense and dignity.

I imagined leaning forward, extending my tongue, and tasting what could only be an exotic perfection.

I didn't even notice the final song of the first act end. Only the clapping and the lights going on woke me out of my vivid day dream.

I looked at her and she was smiling directly at me.

My face burned red as I quickly looked away and to my boyfriend who was also staring at the teen's leg and foot (he too had a nylon fetish, actually his favourite way to get off was a nylon-clad foot job. Because of that, all my nylons were sheer silk).

"I need to pee," I declared, needing to calm myself down. Although, I was worried about the wet spot that I had definitely created on my chair. So as I stood up, I put my program on my evidence of sin and glanced back to her.

She was already up and walking the other way. I stared at her ass and noticed her nylons actually had a seam going up the back.

As I stared, she turned around and smiled... a knowing smile.

My face burned red again as I again turned around as Ronnie took my hand and led me the other way.

As we made our way to the main floor and the wine, he asked, "Are you enjoying the show?"

"Which one?" I asked, trying to spin my obsession onto him.

"She is distracting," he replied.

"I bet she is," I smirked, hiding my obsession by playing on his.

"Do you want another glass of wine?" He asked changing the subject.

"Do you want to fuck my ass?" I asked flirtatiously, horny as hell. I then realized I had ruined the surprise. We had talked about it on occasion, even tried it once, so it wasn't completely out of the blue, but he was definitely surprised. But that time we didn't use lube and it hurt like hell. But for the past couple of months, I had been prepping my ass with lube and butt plugs. For some reason, the idea of getting ass fucked turned me on, especially because everyone sees me as so prim and proper.

He stammered, "Y-y-yes."

"Then you'd better make sure I'm feeling pretty buzzed, so my inhibitions are completely gone," I winked, before adding, "I do really need to pee."

I left him in line and headed to the washroom, which, of course, had a long line.

The entire time in line I tried to figure out what it was that was drawing me to her. I mean I saw women in nylons lots, I saw beautiful women often and none of them had the effect this teenager was having.

Maybe it was the wine.

Maybe it was just that I was turning thirty, beginning to question if Ronnie was the one and going through my own personal sexual self-awakening.

Maybe it was her eerie resemblance to Simone.

When I was leaving the bathroom, after deciding to not get myself off in a bathroom full of women, I felt someone grab my arm.

A voice asked, "Are you enjoying the show so far?"

I turned around. It was her. I stammered, "Y-y-yes, it's been very enjoyable."

"The play or me?" she asked, as if looking right inside me.

"Pardon?" I questioned, trying to feign innocence.

"I know you've been checking me out," she said, staring into my eyes.

"I have not," I lied, staring into her beautiful blue eyes.

"Tell you what," she said. "I have a very special thirtieth birthday present for you. If you want it you will leave at the beginning of 'Baptize Me' and wait for me on the third floor balcony bathroom. The final stall."

Before I had time to respond from the blunt offer she walked away. I watched her until she was out of view.

As my head was spinning with her offer, an announcement was made that the play was going to commence in five minutes.

I began walking back and saw Ronnie looking my way. I went to him, grabbed the wine and downed it as if it was water as he asked, "What took so long?"

After finishing my wine, I replied, my head suddenly feeling light, "I wish women could pee standing up."

"Just one of many perks to being a guy," he smiled.

"Tell me about it," I nodded, taking his hand and heading back up the stairs and to our seats.

As we returned, the unnamed girl was already seated and chatting with her mom.

I sat down, feeling very tipsy. A mixture of giddiness and trepidation bounced inside me.

Was she serious?

Why would she say such things if she wasn't?

How did she know it was my birthday?

Did I want to? Fantasy is one thing, but making it reality was a whole different matter.

I glanced towards her. She was pointing at something on stage while chatting with her very pretty mom, which gave me a chance to stare again at her lovely legs.

The lights dimmed and I had only a few songs to make a decision. A decision fraught with consequence. My clouded drunken mind had a hard time considering the negative as my cunt burned and leaked with fevered excitement.

Yet, I was thirty now. Thirty year olds didn't go and have sex in a girl's washroom...especially at a Broadway show with a teenager.

Yet, I was horny as hell and completely intoxicated by this confident, forward seductive teen... just like I had been all those years ago.

Yet, my boyfriend was right beside me, his left hand on my right leg.

As the first number began, after a lengthy interlude to make sure everyone was seated, I felt a hand on my left leg.

A chill went down my spine and a gush of wetness flooded out of me... again.

Her hand was on my leg and slowly slithered its way under my dress.

I bit my lip to not let out a moan.

I should have stopped her, yet instead I allowed the beautiful stranger to explore me.

Reaching the top of my stockings and feeling my garter, she paused.

I refused to look at her, my eyes transfixed on the play I wasn't remotely watching or processing.

I waited, with bated breath, to see if her hand was going to explore any further up, my fiery leaking cunt ready to erupt.

But, she didn't.

She just lingered there, ever so slowly caressing the top of my sheer silk stockings.

When the song ended, both hands on both my legs left as they clapped.

I did too, albeit greatly delayed, as my drunken, over-stimulated mind tried to focus on why I was see the play I loved.

As the play continued, Ronnie's hand returned to my leg, but hers didn't.

I kept waiting with anticipation for her hand to return, yet it didn't throughout the entire number.

Then, as the third song began, my favourite, 'I Believe'. I felt her hand finally go to mine and she put something in my hand.

She gave me her wet panties.


My face went beet red in the dark, as a chill went up my spine.

She gave my hand a firm squeeze before moving it away.

I knew I was supposed to leave once the next song started. My cunt was leaking with anticipation, my chair literally dripping with wetness, having repositioned myself so my leaking cunt was at the edge of the chair so I wouldn't soil the chair, instead I would make a puddle on the floor.

I had decided. I was definitely going to go to the washroom, I was too curious not to. When the third song ended, I took a deep breath and glanced over to the teenager. She was staring at me with a slight smile on her face.

As soon as the characters broke into the song that I was supposed to leave to, I whispered to Ronnie, "Sorry, I have to go the washroom."

"Now?" He questioned.

"Too much wine," I answered, which was a very believable excuse.

"Okay," he nodded, moving his legs so I could as discreetly as possible exit the balcony.

I walked out, found the stairs and climbed up to the third balcony floor.

I saw the bathroom at the far end of the lobby and walked to it. My mind was spinning and my body was tingling with anticipation.

I reached the bathroom and was surprised to see it only had two stalls; it was a lot smaller than the main lobby bathroom.

I went to the last stall and waited, feeling like a kid waiting to unwrap a present on Christmas morning.

I took her panties and moved them to my nose. As expected, her scent was intoxicating and I imagined how much stronger it would be directly from the source. I also wondered if it would taste as amazing as Simone's did all those years ago.

It was only a couple of minutes before the bathroom door opened, yet it seemed like an eternity as I eagerly waited for... for my birthday present.

The heels got closer and closer until she was at my stall. She paused then pushed the door open.

"Hi, my pet," she greeted.

A slight gush leaked out of me at her words. "H-h-hi," I stammered.

"So, ready for the best present ever?" She asked, walking into the large handicapped stall and closing the door.

"H-h-how old are you?" I asked, praying she was eighteen, praying I wasn't about to commit a crime.

"Old enough to know you are a submissive looking for a young mistress," she answered, definitely seeing exactly what I wanted at the moment, yet not actually answering the question.

"Please tell me you're at least eighteen," I said, my cheeks red with excitement.

"Almost nineteen if you must know," she answered, "not that age matters."

"It does in the court of law," I replied, even as my mouth watered, the last barrier from complete submission to this seductress gone.

"Did you enjoy my little gift?" She asked, looking down at my hand with her pink panties.

"It was a surprise," I answered.

"That wasn't the question, my pet," she countered.

"I loved it," I answered, "It's not something I've ever received before as a gift."

She chuckled softly and then asked, "So, why are you still standing?"

I sheepishly admitted, as I lowered myself to my knees, "I haven't been with a woman for eight years."

"It's like riding a bike," she smiled, "once you get back going your natural reflexes take control."

"I hope so," I nodded, my face now at her crotch, her skirt and panties (wait, I had her panties in my hand) all that was stopping me from seeing and tasting her.

"So why did you decide to meet me here?" She asked, looking down at me.

"I don't know," I answered, which was largely true.

"Does your boyfriend know that you are about to lick pussy?" She asked.

"He has no idea," I admitted, although knowing him he would encourage it and love to watch.

"And if you had to choose between his cock and my pussy?" she asked, lifting up her dress and revealing a completely shaved pussy.

At this moment the answer was obvious. I was staring at perfection and I had to taste it. I struggled to look up, her pussy so inviting, but I did and replied, "Your pussy."

"Go ahead," she offered, "it's time to baptise you."

I had to smile. 'Baptise me' was my favourite song in the musical. I leaned forward, extended my tongue and began to lick. Her taste was marvellous and I immediately scolded myself for waiting so many years to lick a pussy. I began lapping hungrily, like a woman lost in the desert who finally finds water...I was indeed baptised again.

"Mmmmmmm," she moaned, "are you enjoying your present?"

"God, yes," I answered, again smiling at the accidental religious response.

"You know," she said, as her hands went through my hair, "This won't be a one-time thing."

I didn't even hesitate in my response, when I replied, while still licking, "I hope not."

"I hope not, what?" she asked, moving my head face away from her purifying wetness.

I looked up at her famished, wanting to dive back in her ocean; yet, unsure what she was implying.

"Are you my pet?" she asked.

I nodded, "Yes."

"And if you are my pet, my submissive, that would make me?" she asked, leading me to the trough.

It took me a second, but then the answer hit me with complete lucidity. "Mistress," I declared, the word flowing off my tongue naturally.

"Good pet," she purred and rewarded me by pulling me back into her pussy perfection.

I resumed licking; I resumed my baptism by fire; I began my journey as a submissive.

My head was spinning with consequence, understanding that my agreement that this was more than a one-time thing was completely unpredictable. Yet, my relationship with Ronnie was completely predictable and dull.

I needed this, I wanted this and I was willing to indeed submit to her again.

Her moans increased and she grabbed the back of my head and began to grind her pussy on my face. Her wetness coated my face, smeared my makeup, but I didn't care. I just wanted to get her off, to taste the full flood of her heavenly water.

And then...the baptism came (literally) as her cum coated my face. I eagerly lapped up her holy juice.

I was reborn.

I was a new woman.

She eventually let go of my head and looking down at me smiled, "Happy birthday."

"Thank you, Mistress," I replied, looking up at her, my face feeling wet and sticky.

"Do you want the rest of your present?" she asked.

"How could there be more?" I asked.

"I'll tell you when the show is over," she smiled, allowing her dress to drop back down. Before I could respond, she walked out of the stall, leaving me confused and on my knees.

Bewildered and consumed with lust I remained on my knees, my pussy on fire.

I was just about to deal with my burning inferno, when she suddenly walked back into the stall and ordered firmly, "And don't you touch that cunt of mine."

"Yes, Mistress," I nodded, a gush of wetness coming out of me at her words 'cunt of mine'.

"By the way," she smiled, "be careful with the puddle on the floor."

"Yes, Mistress," I again nodded, feeling ashamed at making such a mess.

She added, "And don't you dare clean up your make-up. I like my pets to walk around proud and privileged to have my cum on their face.

"Yes, Mistress," I agreed, apparently unable to say any other words.

She walked out again and this time I stood up, my knees slightly sore. I walked out of the stall and to the mirror. My make-up was indeed skewed and I looked like I just got fucked... although that wasn't the case... although damn it I needed to get fucked!

I obeyed her order, unsure how I would explain this to Ronnie, and also curious what she meant by another present.

I returned to the play and was surprised to realize I had missed a couple more songs. Returning to my seat, as soon as I sat down, Ronnie leaned over and asked, "Where have you been?"

I lied, "My stomach was a bit upset."

He gave me a look, but thankfully in the dark it would be hard to see how askew my make-up had become. That said, I did wonder if my face smelt like pussy.

I glanced over to the teenager, whose name I realized I still didn't know, and she was watching the hilarious 'Joseph Smith American Moses'.

I tried to watch the show I loved so much, but struggled as I pondered the crazy situation I was in. Did Ronnie notice my messy make-up or smell the teen's cunt juice on my face? What was the rest of the birthday present that the teen promised? How was I going to explain my look to Ronnie? When was I going to be allowed to come?

As the play continued, neither my man nor my Mistress put their hand on my knee, but as the song ended, the teen leaned over and whispered, "I want you to come during the climactic final number."

I gasped. I was near orgasmic bliss and it sure wouldn't take long, yet doing it in a full theatre, I tended to be a screamer, was something I would not normally do. I also couldn't help but smirk at her word choice.

Yet... I desperately needed to have an orgasm.

Moreover... I felt utterly compelled to obey this seductive teenager.

My hands trembled as the song ended. I knew there was still another reprise of a song in 'Hasa Diga Eebowai' before the big finale.

I had that long to decide if I was going to obey.

Part of me argued how ludicrous it was to obey a teenager.

Part of me argued how amazing it felt to obey the teenager.

Part of me argued that I was thirty and should be making adult decisions.

Part of me argued that making adult decisions had made me have a bland unsatisfactory sex life for years.

Part of me argued I needed to be dignified.

Part of me argued I needed to just let go and be a slut.

Yet, even as my mind contemplated the many different ramifications of each decision, my burning, leaking cunt was overriding my moral dignity.

As the reprise ended, the teenager put her hand on my leg and gave me a firm squeeze.

I nodded in the dark, not sure if she could see my trepidation and anticipation...two conflicting emotions that only seemed to enhance my desire to erupt.

And then, after a couple of minutes of character chatting, 'Tomorrow is a Latter Day' began. I took a deep breath, glanced over to Ronnie, who was watching the play, and moved my left hand under my skirt, slithered slightly on the seat so my cunt was going to leak onto the floor and not the chair, and began rubbing myself.

I glanced at the teenager who was watching intently, a small smile on her face.

When I made my first moan, reaching climactic bliss not going to take long after all the anticipation, I felt Ronnie's hot breath as he whispered, "What are you doing?"

I moaned again in response, biting my lip so as to not alert the entire balcony and theatre, but didn't dare speak.

Instead, I closed my eyes, replayed the scene in the washroom, and allowed the natural course of pleasure created by the Lord to wash over me.

My legs stiffened, my back arched and I moaned much louder than I wanted to as the flood of lust rushed out of me.

The teen whispered, "That's it, good girl."

Ronnie whispered, "What did she say?"

My head light, I couldn't respond, as the pleasure that coursed through me hit me like a thousand sparks of fire, creating pleasure not only in my cunt, but fingers and toes, up my back and through every pore of my body.

"What do you say after being allowed such pleasure?" the teen asked, her hand back on my leg.

"What the Hell?" Ronnie questioned, seeing the teenager's hand on my leg.

I ignored my on and off boyfriend of three years, actually thinking, 'Serves the bastard right for all the times he broke up with me', as I turned to her and replied, "Thank you, Mistress."

"You're welcome, my pet," she nodded, her hand moving under my dress and to my still leaking and tremoring pussy.

I imagine Ronnie was watching in shock and awe, but I focused on her touch, her words.

She moved her finger inside me for just a moment and I let out another moan and watched as she moved her hand back out from under my dress and to her lips.

"Holy fuck!" Ronnie said, not angry, but rather in shock.

I imagined his dick was rock hard, but I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction.

Instead, I turned my gaze and watched the rest of the show, my cunt still leaking as my cheeks flushed in the afterglow of my most intense orgasm in eight years.

When the show ended, I stood up to clap and felt more of my cum leak down my leg and I knew I needed to get some water in me ASAP.

After the final bows, the lights came on and the teen said, "You're coming home with me and my Mom."

It was then, after all the crazy things I did, that I remembered that she was with her Mom.

I gasped, "With your Mom?"

"Oh yes, you are about to have the best 30th birthday evening in the history of 30th birthday parties," the teen promised.

The Mom looked at me and nodded, "Happy birthday."

"Thank you, ma'am," I nodded, the whole conversation surreal... my boyfriend right behind me.

"It's Mistress," the teenager corrected.

"Sorry, thank you, Mistress," I reworded, my mind completely overwhelmed with what was currently transpiring.

The teen took my hand and said, "Let's go."

Ronnie said, "Elizabeth, what is going on?"

I turned to him, unsure how to answer it, even as other patrons watched the strange situation, "I'm going home with these two."

"Why?" he asked, looking utterly confused.

Somehow feeling empowered, even as I gave myself to a teenager and apparently her mother (which was intriguing in itself) I replied, "Because like you often do in the summer when you break up with me to bang some summer sluts, I found myself a better offer."

The teen added, "It's really a shame you didn't see her for what she truly is."

"And what's that?" Ronnie asked,

"A submissive slut," the teen answered, grabbing my hand and leading me away from him.

I didn't look back as I knew this decision was one that ended one aspect of my life and started another. I didn't expect I would end up in a relationship with this teen, but in one simple act I knew for sure that Ronnie wasn't for me... partly because he was a player, but even more so because he didn't have a cunt.

I had denied for years that I was bisexual, or maybe even a lesbian, but all those doubts, all those refusals to accept my own sexuality, were gone.

I was a lesbian.

I was a submissive lesbian.

Indeed, the teenager, who I later learned was named Bree, gave me the best birthday present anyone could ever ask for, "Her true identity."



That night, I pleasured both mother and daughter; I was then double penetrated by both once I told them of my original plan for the evening... to give my ass up to Ronnie.

Well, I can't even begin to explain the euphoria of getting double penetrated but it ended in multiple orgasms and my eventually passing out from sheer physical exhaustion.

I would serve Bree a few more times, but it was her mother, Carrie, who I really hit it off with. Besides being a very sweet and patient Mistress, she also helped me accept my sexuality and even set me up with another one of their pets... a beautiful black woman named Joan (you can read Joan's submission to Bree and Carrie in Lesbian MILF Seductress: Chocolate) who I have been dating for six months now.

My 31st birthday is coming up this weekend and Carrie and Bree have promised it will be an epic night. I imagine it will be.

Credit to Literotica