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Fuck! I can't believe what I'm seeing in my parents' living room. Three giggling teenage girls, wearing sheer lingerie are sitting on the couch cheering on a fourth girl who is attempting to deep throat a dildo. What the fuck! The cheers and laughter is probably why they didn't hear me come in through the kitchen door. I step back into the shadows of the hallway while my cock responds to the luscious, pale ass cheeks of the fourth girl. Her purple sheer nightie has ridden up over her heart-shaped ass, revealing her matching thong as she starts to gag on the rubber dick suction-cupped to the glass topped coffee table.

"I can do this!" the girl exclaims, taking a deep breath and sliding her lips back down the realistic looking cock. Holy shit! That's Lauren's voice! My dick is hard and I'm having perverted thoughts about my 18-year-old sister. I guiltily look away from her scrumptious ass cheeks and try to forget what her lips look like sliding down that fake cock.

"I thought you said you had done this before," laughs one of the girls, pulling my attention back to the couch. The other three girls are wearing similar outfits, sheer baby doll nighties with matching thong panties. The only variation seems to be the color.

"I have done it before," my sister protests, "but with a real dick! This thing isn't working for me. I need a real dick." Lauren sits back on her heels and laughs along with her friends.

"There appears to be one in the hallway!" The cute black girl sitting closest to me says as she smiles in my direction. Fuck! Busted! I might as well take the offensive and try to put Lauren on the defense.

"Brandon!" Lauren screams, jumping to her feet as I step into the room. Her tits bounce temptingly inside the cups of the purple nightie. "What the fuck are you doing here?"

"Never mind about me? What the fuck is all of this?" I sweep my arm towards the coffee table where, besides the suction cupped dildo there are several vibrators and other assorted sex toys. "What's going on here?"

I'm six years older than Lauren and I've been living with my girlfriend for the past couple of years. I crash at my parents' house whenever Kelly and I fight, which seems to be happening quite often lately.

"We're having a sleepover," Lauren says as if that explains all of this. While she's getting outraged with me, I'm checking out her girlfriends. It's like looking at a live action Victoria Secret's ad. There's the African-American girl who spotted me in the hallway. My eyes zero in on the yellow nightie barely covering her impressive chest. Next to her is Kristina, Lauren's petite blonde friend from down the street, looking pretty in her pink lingerie. Finally, on the other end of the couch is a tall brunette all decked out in the sexiest shade of red.

"A sleepover?" I ask, raising my eyebrows as I appraise their outfits. The tops are sheer except for the bra-like cups around their breasts. In actuality, except for the thong, they don't show much more than a skimpy bikini but somehow it is much more enticing when it's lingerie.

"We had a lingerie party," the black girl explains, smiling without a hint of embarrassment. "Do you like our outfits?" She stands and twirls around giving me a great view of her full, round ass cheeks.

"Alex!" Lauren admonishes her. "That's my brother!"

"Well, you should at least introduce us," Alex answers, stepping forward with her hand extended. "I'm Alexis but you can call me Alex." She smiles as I shake her hand.

"Brandon," my sister takes over the introductions. "You know Kristina," she says, pointing to her friend in the pink nightie. I nod in her direction.

"Hello, Brandon," Kristina smiles demurely.

"And this is Kylie." The tall brunette stands up and extends her hand.

"Nice to meet you, Brandon," she says, making eye contact. Damn! We're almost the same height and I'm a little over six feet.

"My pleasure," I answer, shaking her hand, which is surprisingly small and feminine given her stature.

While being introduced to her friends, I steal surreptitious glances at my sister. She has really filled out over the past couple of years. Something I hadn't noticed during my previous visits. Of course, she wasn't wearing sexy lingerie any of those times. Fuck! My cock is hardening again. This is so wrong.

"What are you doing here?" Lauren asks, drawing my attention back.

"I needed a place to stay," I shrug without further explanation. I'm about to ask her whether mom knows what she's up to but my sister and I have an unspoken agreement about not embarrassing each other in front of our friends.

"Well," I smile at the sexy foursome. "Sorry to have interrupted. I'll just head up to my room and leave you girls to your fun. Where are mom and dad?" I ask.

"They're at the cabin," Lauren answers, referring to our lake cabin in the mountains.

"With my parents," Kristina adds. Kristina has been Lauren's friend since they were little and our parents frequently go to the cabin together.

"The house is all ours for the weekend," Kylie smiles.

"Why don't you stay? The fun's just starting," Alex says with an unmistakable flirtatious invitation. I hear my sister's exasperated sigh before I can even respond.

"That's okay," I answer, moving towards the hallway. "It was nice meeting you," I call back over my shoulder.

"Damn! He's sexy. You should have asked him to stay, Lauren," Alex says as I turn the corner towards the stairs. I wait just out of sight to hear her response.

"He's my brother!" she retorts. "I don't want him anywhere near our sex toy party, or any of our other plans." Whatever that means.

"He can be my sex toy anytime," Kylie says. "How old is he?"

"Too old for you!" my sister snaps. She's right and that's my cue to keep moving.

Half an hour later, lying on my bed and trying to get the sexy images of my sister and her friends out of my head, there's a light knock on the door.

"Come in," I call without moving from the bed. Lauren pokes her head in before opening the door the rest of the way.

"Hey," she says, walking over to the bed. "Sorry about all that."

"Nothing to be sorry for, Sis. You didn't know I was going to be home tonight, and I certainly didn't know you were having a lingerie party." I answer as she sits on the edge of my bed. She's still wearing the same outfit and I can't keep my eyes from darting between the swell of her breasts and her barely covered pussy mound. "Sorry, if I messed up your party."

"That's just it," she smiles. "You were a very popular surprise." I just smile and wait to see why she came in to see me. "Brandon, do you love me?" she asks, using our standard opening for asking a favor.

"Unconditionally," I answer, realizing as I say it that it really is true. I thought I loved Kelly but there are always so many conditions in that relationship. Fuck! Don't even ask me why I'm comparing my sister to my girlfriend. That's just so inappropriate!

"The girls want you to judge who looks the sexiest," she says, raising her eyebrows questioningly. "Would you do it for us?" This isn't at all what I expected.

"That sounds like a no-win proposition. What's in it for me?" I ask, already determined to do whatever she wants so I can spend more time with her scantily clad friends.

"What's in it for you?" she asks incredulously while punching me in the arm. "You get to gawk at half-naked teenage girls while you decide who's the sexiest."

"Good point," I answer, rubbing my shoulder. "Lauren, are your friends all over 18?" I ask as she stands up and heads for my bedroom door. I swing my legs off the bed and follow her, my eyes glued to her near-naked ass.

"What difference does that make?" she asks. "It's not like you're going to fuck any of them."

"I just don't want any upset fathers, brothers or boyfriends accusing me of improper activities with any underage girls."

"Relax. They're all 18," she smiles.

"Even Kristina?" I ask. "She looks so young."

"Even Kristina." Lauren rolls her eyes. "Duh, you should know we're the same age."

"Okay, I'm ready... but how will I decide?" I ask as I close the door behind me.

"Easy," she says over her shoulder. "Just pick your sister!" Laughing, she sashays down the hall towards the living room, her sexy ass causing more blood to pump into my hardening cock.

"Yay! He's going to do it!" Alex says, clapping her hands as she bounces on the couch, causing her woman-sized boobs to jiggle tantalizingly. My mind is already racing to see how far I can take these festivities. These girls are all over 18 and apparently not virgins, which means there really are no limits tonight.

"Do you guys have a plan in mind for how we're going to do this?" I ask, noticing the girls have gone through a few wine coolers this evening.

"The judges always figure that out," Kristina says. I swear I remember her as just a shy little kid and now she's almost batting her eyes at me as she adds, "you're the judge." I wait a minute to see if anyone else wants to chime in and when they don't I start to put my plan into action.

"Okay, why don't the four of you line up and let me take a look at you," I say, moving the coffee table so they can stand in front of the couch. I take a seat in the center of the couch as they dutifully line up facing me. Fuck! They're all sexy!

"I think we should divide the competition into four categories: your breasts, your asses, your legs and your, um... pussies." When I mention pussies, Kristina and Lauren glance away but Kyle and Alex just smile.

I stand up and walk in front of them like a commanding general inspecting the troops. "Hmm. This is going to be hard," I say.

"I certainly hope so," Alex says as she shifts her eyes to my crotch.

"Quiet," I command, teasingly. "No distracting the judges or you'll be disqualified."

"Sorry," she whispers, dropping her chin to her chest in a mock pout. "Do I really distract you, Brandon?" Damn straight she does! They all do.

"In a nice way," I answer, as I walk past each girl staring intently at her chest. When I get to the end, next to Alex, I stare down the line looking at the variation of protrusions from each girl.

"Look, this shouldn't just be about size," I say, once again taking a seat on the couch. "I can't be expected to adequately compare your breasts without seeing your nipples." This is where we find out how much fun this is going to be.

"What!" Lauren is the first to react. "That's not the deal!" she exclaims, looking to her friends for support.

"I think he's right," Kylie says, reaching for the front fastener of her nightie.

"Wait!" Lauren shouts, batting Kylie's hands away from her top. "Would you want your brother staring at your boobs?" she asks.

"Fine," Alex jumps in. "You can stay dressed, such as it is, and help Brandon judge the rest of us." Lauren looks down at her nighty, seemingly just realizing how much of her body is already exposed.

"But then I can't win," Lauren says, clearly weighing her options.

"Which do you choose Lauren?" I ask like the idea of the other three taking their nighties off has already been decided. This is shaping up nicely.

Kylie is the first to unfasten the clasp between her breasts and slide the thin straps off her shoulders. My cock springs to life as her nightie hits the floor and her eyes meet mine. Her medium sized breasts with their pink, puffy nipples are on full display, awaiting my inspection.

Lauren is staring open-mouthed at her friends as one by one they follow Kylie's lead and drop their nightie to the floor.

Alex is next, taking her time sliding the straps down her arms one at a time. Smiling broadly she adds a bit of theatrics to the unveiling of her gorgeous, dark skinned breasts with their thick black nipples. The surrounding areolas are smaller than expected but by no means less appealing. Mouthwatering is the only adjective that comes to mind.

Kristina seems a little more reserved, possibly because her breasts are quite small in comparison to the other girls. "I'm not going to win this round," she smiles. She needn't worry, what she lacks in size, is more than made up for by her thick protruding nipples. Damn! She has grown up. I really want to suck on those babies. My cock is rock hard as I turn my attention to my sister.

"What's it going to be, Sis?" I ask. "You're welcome to join me on the couch and help me judge these beautiful ladies' attributes.

"Not a chance, Big Brother," Lauren says defiantly as she unclasps her top and shrugs it off her shoulders. Holy fuck! Her tits are perfect. Slightly smaller than Alex's but still quite full with wide, pink areolas and gumdrop shaped nipples.

"Line up," I say as if none of this is bothering me in the slightest. Shit! Who wouldn't give his left nut to have four teenage beauties lined up in front of him ready for inspection? I stand up, adjusting my cock as I do, which doesn't go unnoticed by any of the girls.

"Why do you get to stay dressed while we're naked?" Alex asks, generating a glaring look from my sister.

"You're not naked... yet," I retort. "Do you want me to take off my shirt?"

"Yes," three girls respond in unison. This is too easy. I slip off my shirt to the appreciative nods from the girls. I don't have washboard abs but I stay in shape.

"Okay, let's get started," I say, stepping in front of Alex and making a show of inspecting her tits from all angles. I take a chance and cup my hands under the dark flesh and heft her large tits like I'm weighing melons.

"Nobody said anything about touching," Lauren objects from the other end of the line.

"I don't mind," Alex says quietly, biting her lip as my thumbs lightly brush across her taut nipples. Lauren steps back in line but she is clearly more nervous than she was before.

Wanting to give each girl some accolades and esteem builders, I start talking to Alex about my perception of her tits.

"These are heavy little monsters aren't they," I ask, still fondling her milk chocolate mounds. Alex just nods, catching her breath as my hands glide around the sides and gently caress her sensitive tits. "A guy would be crazy not to want to bury his face in these babies and get lost in there like a big soft pillow." Reluctantly, I lower her breasts back down and move over in front of Kristina.

Kristina smiles shyly as I scrutinize her almost non-existent mounds. While the breasts themselves are rather small the nipples are not. They are mature, long, thick nipples that jut out from her teen sized tits. With nothing to heft, I grip her breasts from the front, pressing my palms against those lovely nipples.

"Mmmm," Kristina lets out an involuntary gasp as I move my hands in tiny circles, lightly brushing against her thick protruding nipples.

"I love your nipples," I say, just above a whisper. "A guy could feast on them forever. They're so wonderfully sensitive." I add, gently increasing the pressure from my palms and eliciting another quiet murmur from Kristina. "I bet it doesn't take much sucking and nibbling to send erotic pulses directly to your pussy. You can probably have an orgasm induced solely from those beautiful nipples." She emits a noticeable shiver as I pull my hands away and turn to face Kylie and her puffy nipples.

Kylie is smiling as I study her convex areolas that cap her medium sized tits and reshape them into conical protrusions unlike anything I've ever seen. I bypass the fleshy part of her breasts and go straight for the nipples, running my finger around the areola and exploring the tiny bud-like nipples almost completely recessed into the areola. I watch her face as I pinch the very tips and try to coax them out of their protective surroundings. Her expression doesn't change until I put my fingers on either side of the puffy areolas and tweak them gently in a half circle. She bites her lip and sucks air in through her teeth.

"What are you going to say about mine?" she asks seductively as I continue to play with her unique tits.

"I'm going to say that I have never seen anything like them, "I tell her. "I could imagine how erotic it would be to rub against them. You know, as you do the horizontal love dance..."

"Seriously!" Alex laughs. "The horizontal love dance? Why don't you just say fucking?"

"Because horizontal love dance more poetic," Kylie answers for me. "Go on," she nods towards me encouragingly. "What were you going to say?"

"I was going to say that when you were in that particular position, rocking back and forth, a guy could enhance his pleasure by rubbing his chest against these potent little puppies."

"Like this?" she asks pulling me against her and rubbing her nipples up and down my bare chest. Fuck! I thought I was just blowing smoke but her nipples feel incredible against my chest.

"Kylie!" Lauren cries. "What the fuck?"

"Afraid you'll miss your turn, Lauren?" Kylie asks as she releases me, and steps back in line. Her nipples seem to have popped out of their cocoons, anxiously awaiting more attention.

"Thanks," she says, kissing me on the cheek and pushing me towards my sister.

Now what?

I stand looking at my sister for the longest time, just staring at her perfect tits. Her wide areolas are just a shade darker than the surrounding skin and her taut nipples seem to be more aroused than when she first exposed them. I know I shouldn't be touching my sister but I can't very well leave her out either. Lauren is blushing as she looks at me expectantly.

"Well?" she says, nodding her head towards her tits.

"Well..." I answer. "They're beautiful, Sis." I say, hesitantly raising my hands and putting them on her shoulders. "Lovely shaped," I add while I trail my fingers around her collarbone and glide them down her chest. "Perfectly round areolas," I add while my fingers brush the outside of her breasts. Instead of hefting them like I did with Alex, I bring my hands down around the sides and lift them gently. "Soft and pliable," I whisper, gently caressing all around her areolas. "Sensitive nipples." Her breath catches as my thumbs lightly explore the distended tips. Our eyes lock on each other as my hands move around her breasts like they have a mind of their own.

"Ahem..." Alex clears her throat to keep me from getting lost in my sister's luscious breasts. I drop my hands and step back, surprised by the disappointment I see in Lauren's eyes.

"And the winner is..." I announce, trying to regain my composure. "By a very small margin, I might add..." I look from one topless girl to the next. "You all have gorgeous breasts but the winner is..." I pause for dramatic affect and then turn and point my arm. "My sister, Lauren!"

They are each gracious and offer such wonderful comments about Lauren's tits that I almost expect her to make an acceptance speech.

"Okay, take five!" I tell everyone. "I need a beer." The girls all start chatting at once as I go to the kitchen for a beer. Leaning against the counter I take a minute to catch my breath as I twist the cap off the bottle. Damn! The look on Lauren's face... if I didn't know better I would swear she looked just like she wanted me to kiss her. Nah.

"Okay girls, on to the next event." I call as I walk back into the living room. Maybe I should tone this down a little. "Turn around! We're ready to look at your lovely asses." The girls line up with their backs to me. Okay, maybe I won't tone it down. What a lovely lineup of teenage flesh!

I go through a similar routine, running my hands over their bare cheeks and telling each one what I think of their ass.

"You have an amazing ass, Alex," I say quietly. As my hand glides over her smooth, dark skin I can feel the firm muscles tensing in her ass cheeks. "With your well toned muscles and fully developed curves a guy would want to do you from behind just for the view."

"Even you?" she asks, looking over her shoulder.

"I'm a guy, aren't I?" I laugh as I move over to Kristina, my cock still hard inside my shorts.

What Kristina lacks in tits she more than makes up for with her ass. I'm surprised I never noticed it before. Curvaceous doesn't even begin to describe it. I squeeze her delectable cheeks as I tell her what I think. "You have one sexy ass, Kristina," I whisper in her ear as my hands explore every inch of her heart-shaped mounds. "How can these round cheeks be so firm and so soft at the same time? It makes me want to bury my face in them and just nibble away." It's true. I have trouble tearing my hands away from her.

"Ahh, Kylie," I take a deep breath as I move down the line. "You have an ass made for spanking," I say, giving her cheeks a playful smack.

"Mmm," she moans seductively. I think I may have found a pleasure point. Round and firm, her cheeks swell just enough that they almost invite you to spank them.

"Guys will look at your ass and fantasize their red handprint embossed on your cheeks." I tell her as I teasingly slap her firm globes. "Have you ever had an erotic spanking?" I ask. She shakes her head. "When you do, you'll know what I mean." I pinch the inside curve of her ass cheek and move on to my sister.

Hesitant about touching my sister after what happened with her tits, I give her ass a cursory caress and tell her she has the perfect size, shape and firmness to make guys follow her anywhere just to look at it.

"No nibbling, spanking or doggie style comments for me?" she teases. "Just looking at it?" The truth is her ass invokes erotic images of an energetic anal fuck but I'm not going to tell her that.

"Disappointed?" I ask, kneeling behind her as I place one hand on each of her luscious cheeks. With my fingers extended and my thumbs between her legs, I gently massage her fleshy ass while letting my thumbs brush lightly against the thin material covering her pussy. "You have an ass made for squeezing, Sis," I add before she has a chance to answer.

Fuck! Maybe it's my imagination but her thong feels moist. Well, why not? I've been hard as a rock since we started this little game. There is no reason to believe that these girls are any less affected. But my sister?

"You all have great looking asses," I announce as I walk back down the line, caressing each one as I pass. "But there can only be one winner and I choose this one!" I finish by grabbing Alex's ass cheeks and digging my fingers into her dark flesh. "Alex you have the sexiest ass!"

"Yay!" she screams, jumping up and down as she turns around. "Thank you, Brandon!" To show her appreciation, I am rewarded with the erotic sight of her dark brown tits bouncing enticingly in my direction. Throwing her arms around my neck, she kisses me hard on the lips, mashing those impressive breasts into my bare chest. Fuck!

"What's next?" Kylie asks with a sly smile, "legs or pussies?"

"Legs," I answer while peeling Alex's arms from around my neck. It's not because I wasn't enjoying the kiss or the feel of her taut nipples pushing into my chest, it was the glaring looks I was getting from Lauren that made me move the festivities forward.

"For this one, I'll be not only looking at the tone and shape of your legs but feeling the smoothness. You'll lose points for any residual stubble," I say with a smile.

"Only on our legs?" Kylie asks cryptically, catching me off guard and putting me in the rare position of being speechlessness. Is she inferring that her pussy is shaved? I'm going to be jacking off the rest of the night!

"Stand facing me and I'll start the leg inspection," I announce, taking another swig from my beer. The girls have continued downing wine coolers, which may be contributing to the unabashed remarks... or not.

I start again with Alex who is still glowing with the excitement of having the sexiest ass. I've just started thinking that my best bet in all of this is to find each of them the sexiest in a different category. Not having thought about this ahead of time, I now have to figure out whether to give Kylie or Kristina the best legs with the other one having the sexiest pussy.

As I glance down the line, I realize that Kylie with her long, shapely legs is a perfect candidate to win this one. Now, if Kristina's pussy is as sweet as I expect, I'll hopefully appease everyone.

Kneeling in front of Alex, I put both hands around one ankle and glide them up over her knees. "Very smooth," I say as she smiles down at me. From this vantage point, her brown breasts are even more striking. Damn! She surprises the hell out of me when she spreads her legs farther apart just as my hands reach her upper thighs. I can smell her arousal and see the wet spot forming on the front of her thong.

I let my fingers barely brush against the thin material covering Alex's pussy lips, invoking a short gasp from her as I move my hands to her other thigh and slide them back down to her other ankle. "You have great legs, Alex," is all I can offer before moving over to Kristina.

I repeat my actions on Kristina's legs, noticing she is no less aroused than her dark skinned friend. Although I can smell her arousal it is much less powerful than Alex's strong aroma. "I love your legs," I tell her as I move my hands closer to her pussy and watch her blush from her small chest to her face. "Very smooth and delicate, just like the rest of you."

By the time I get to Kylie the aroma of female sex is permeating the room. When I kneel in front of her my face is almost level with her scantily clad pussy. Her smell is just as strong but a much sweeter fragrance than the pungent "ready to fuck" smell of Alex's pussy. My cock is straining against my shorts as my fingers reach the top of Kylie's thighs.

"You have statuesque legs, Kylie," I say as my hands glide upward on her thighs.

"Thank you, Brandon," she says, smiling seductively. Not to be outdone by Alex, she not only spreads her legs but bends her knees just enough to rub her barely covered pussy against my hands. It's subtle and I don't think anyone else notices but her smile is unmistakably an invitation. Instead of moving my hands away, I press the edge of my index finger firmly against her pussy lips pushing the damp material of her thong into the opening.

"Very nice, Kylie," I whisper referring to the outline of her swollen lips with the bit of material caught between them.

"Mmm hmm," she nods as I slowly slide my hands back down her other leg.

Moving on to my sister, I kneel in front of her and my nostrils flare at the delicious smell of her aroused pussy. I didn't imagine the wet spot earlier or if I did, it has definitely increased since then.

"My legs, Brandon," she prompts as I just stare at the center of her damp thong. The wetness has made the material almost transparent and I am mesmerized by the contours of my sister's pussy behind the small triangle of material.

"Sure, sis," I respond, looking down as I wrap my hands around her ankle. I relish the softness of her skin as I move my hands up her shapely legs. My sister reflexively spreads her legs as my hands reach the pinnacle of her thighs. Fuck! This is my fucking sister! But still, I look her right in the eyes as my hands deliberately linger against the small purple triangle. Lauren's eyes go wide and she sharply inhales as I lightly move my finger back and forth across her pussy lips.

"Your legs are very sexy, Sis," I say, after clearing my throat so I can talk. Lauren doesn't even answer. She just stands there as I breathe in her intoxicating scent and slide my hands down her leg. I take a deep breath and stand up to address the group.

"You all have very sexy legs," I start out diplomatically. "But one of you has such long shapely legs that every guy who looks at her has to be imagining them wrapped behind his back. Kylie, you have the sexiest legs!"

"Thank you, Brandon," she says quietly. "And I appreciate your graphic endorsement."

"My pleasure," I respond.

"Mine, too," she whispers, obviously referring to the gentle pussy rubbing.

"I need another beer," I announce, as the girls stand there anxious to see how we proceed to the final event. As I'm getting my beer I decide to just go for it. Either they'll bare their pussies or they won't. Either way it's been a hell of a night already.

"Ladies," I say as I march back into the room. "Time for the final event. They appear to be a little less nervous than I expected and they are glancing at each other like they've cooked up something while I was in the kitchen.

"Take off the thongs," I say.

"We'll take off our thongs if you'll take off your shorts," Kristina announces while the other girls nod knowingly. So this is what they were up to.

"It's only fair," Kylie adds. I look at Lauren who gives me an almost imperceptible nod. This is what I wanted anyway. The evening has just changed course. We are no longer engaged in a simple judging who's sexier contest but are playing "I'll show you mine if you show me yours."

"Fine with me," I say, unbuttoning my shorts. Hell, what a trade off. I take off my shorts and I get to inspect four teenage pussies. Hell, I can't get them off fast enough.

The girls stand motionless waiting for me to show them the prize. Slipping my shorts off, I see them smile at the bulge in my white briefs. I sweep my eyes across their nearly naked teenage bodies as they lust for a view of my stiff cock. Getting a little into the dramatics myself, I pull the elastic waistband out and slowly slide it over the head of my fully erect cock.

A collective gasp as I drop my underwear on the ground and stand stark naked with my hard-on pointing right at them.

"Very nice, Brandon," Kylie says to appreciate murmurs from the rest of the girls. Only Lauren is not audibly responding to my nakedness, she's just staring intently at my engorged cock.

"Your turn," I say, swinging my arm in their direction. They quickly reciprocate, peeling thin strips of material from between their ass cheeks and exposing their beautiful teenage pussies. Fuck! My cock hardens even more, if that's possible.

Just like I thought, Kylie's pussy is completely bald, while the other girls have varying degrees of trimmed pubic hair. Lauren's is a cute brown triangular patch while Alex has a neatly trimmed rectangle of thick, black, curly hair. Petite Kristina has the most beautiful light blonde hair neatly trimmed around her pale pink pussy.

"What makes one pussy sexier than another?" Kristina asks, mirroring my exact thoughts.

"I'll let you know when I'm done inspecting," I answer because I honestly have no freaking idea!

"Here's how we'll do this," I say, making it up as I go along. "One at a time, you'll lie on the couch, leaning your back against the arm and spreading your legs. I'll sit between your outspread legs to conduct my inspection." I hold my breath waiting for their objections.

"Lucky you," Lauren says, sarcastically just as Kylie asks who's first.

"We'll go in the same order we've been going, starting with Alex," I answer. Alex dutifully makes her way to the couch. We are all completely naked now and the room is thick with sexual tension. Every movement emits fragrant smells of arousal mixed with shades of embarrassment.

"Wait!" shouts Lauren and we all look questioningly at her. I was afraid my sister was going to pull the plug on this at some point but instead she surprises me.

"I want to see this but I have to go to the bathroom," she laughs. "Can we take a quick break?" Everyone breathes easier. Apparently I wasn't the only one thinking she was going to call a halt to the proceedings.

"Sure, take a break," I respond, glad for the idea. "Refresh your drinks and we'll get started when everyone is back." I head into the kitchen to get another beer while watching the flexing of Lauren's sexy ass cheeks as she dashes down the hall to the bathroom.

Fuck! Two hours ago I was dragging my ass home after a fight with my girlfriend, with nothing on mind other than spending the night sulking in my old room. Who would have thought I'd be romping around buck-naked in my parents' house with four equally naked teenage girls? Not to mention that one of them is my sister who is sexy as hell and is a major cause of my intense hard-on.

Everyone is back and we're ready to roll. Alex never left the couch.

"Like this?" Alex asks, as she takes up the position I mentioned.

"Exactly, Alex," I answer, my throat dry despite the beer as I stare at her widespread legs. I glance over to see the other girls almost as enthralled as I am and it dawns on me they have probably never seen another girl's pussy, at least not displayed like this.

I sit on the edge of the couch and lean down towards her wide-open pussy. Fuck! This is a fucking wet dream come true if ever there was one. With everyone watching, I jump on this opportunity to distract Alex from how intimate I'm getting by slipping into lecture mode.

"The pussy can be sexy in so many different ways," I explain, while running my fingers through Alex's coarse pubic hair. "It's not just about how it looks but how it feels, smells and tastes. I'll need to use all of my senses to determine who has the sexiest pussy." Alex's pussy lips are glistening with her juices even before I touch her.

"Seen a lot of pussies, have you, Brandon?" Kylie asks with a slight smirk.

"I'm about to see four more," I answer for lack of a better response. Before she can respond, Kristina changes the subject, sort of.

"You're going to taste us?" Kristina asks anxiously. I can't tell if her anxiousness is excitement or nervousness but I notice Alex opening her thighs a little wider.

"Don't worry," I reassure them. " I'll be using my finger to get the taste sample." As I'm talking, I slide my finger across Alex's pussy lips, dipping the tip in just enough to get it wet.

"Oooooo," Alex moans as my finger slips between her dark pussy lips, exposing the slick pink interior.

"You have a lovely pussy, Alex," I tell her, leaving the tip of my finger resting inside of her while I bend down towards her pussy. With my face inches from her aroused pussy, I take a big whiff and suck in her incredible aroma. I watch the girls turn up their noses as I push mine closer and breathe in her smell again.

"Damn, you smell like sex!" I tell her. "You girls might not think so," I continue my quasi-lecture to the other girls, "but a woman's smell is a major turn on and why so many guys enjoy going down on their girlfriends."

"Do you go down on Kelly?" Lauren asks and I'm not sure why she's brought up Kelly.

"Who's Kelly?" Alex asks as her pussy pulsates around my fingertip and she arches her back to suck it in farther.

"His girlfriend," Lauren answers, looking at me like she's still waiting for an answer.

"Which of you has had your pussy eaten?" I ask the group in an attempt to sidestep Lauren's question. The girls look at each other and only Kylie raises her hand.

"I have," Alex says, "but not by someone as experienced as you," she smiles teasingly.

"Show us," Kristina says. "Show us how you do it, Brandon."

"I don't know," I answer, wondering why I'm even resisting this invitation.

"Why not?" Kylie asks.

"Oral sex is usually a prelude to sex or a substitute for sex. If I start licking Alex's pussy without giving her an orgasm, that's not fair. I'm just going to frustrate her. And I'm not really sure we should be turning this sleepover into an orgy," although it is pretty damn close already.

"Same question, why not?" Kylie retorts. "You have four, or maybe three," she hesitates as she glances at Lauren, "very willing girls, am I right?" she asks of her friends. Alex and Kristina nod while Lauren looks contemplative. "You appear to be somewhat aroused by us," she laughs as she stares at my fully erect cock.

"We're all over 18, Brandon, consenting adults," Alex adds. "Just do it!" I look to Lauren for direction but she just shrugs like it's completely up to me.

"What do you want me to do?" I ask to no one in particular. "Just taste her a little or eat her pussy through a full orgasm?" Okay, is this the weirdest fucking conversation you've ever heard? It is certainly the most bizarre conversation I've ever had. It's like I'm putting it to a fucking vote. While the girls all look at each other, my phone buzzes in my shorts pocket.

Lauren grabs my shorts off the floor and extracts my phone from the front pocket. "It's Kelly," she says, holding the phone up so I can see.

"Let it go to voicemail," I answer, raising a smile from my little sister. Shit. What am I doing here with these high school girls? Eighteen or not, they're all too young for me. Before we can get back to what we were doing, the phone buzzes again.

"It's a text," Lauren says, reading it out loud, "I'm sorry, let's talk." She raises her eyebrows at me. I should text her back but one of my fingers is in Alex's pussy and they're about to tell me how long I should eat her.

"Text her that I'm sorry, too. Helping my sister with something. Let's talk tomorrow."

"You want me to text all that?" Lauren asks with a scowl. "Why don't I just tell her you're eating our pussies and can't come to the phone right now?" Her thumbs are flying across the screen before I have a chance to answer. The other girls laugh hysterically as I wonder what the fuck Lauren actually texted.

"You have a girlfriend?" Kylie asks, sounding somewhat disappointed.

"We fight a lot," I answer, not sure why I even said that.

"Why are you here with us if you have a girlfriend?" Kristina wonders aloud.

"Kylie has a boyfriend," Lauren counters, "and she's buck naked waiting to get her pussy eaten." I guess that settles the question about whether it's just Alex's pussy I'm going to be diving my face into.

"Can we get back to this?" Alex asks. "Will you eat me to an orgasm, Brandon?" she asks quietly. I gently pull my finger from between her moist pussy lips, push her legs up towards her shoulders and lower my mouth to her charcoal black labia.

"Ooooo yeah!" Alex moans as I flatten my tongue and lick from just above her puckered asshole to her clit.

"The secret to good pussy eating is the tease," I tell my nearly hyper audience. "Anyone can dive in and tongue-fuck a pussy but the intense arousal that will produce an orgasm is a different art form."

"Will you shut up!" Alex says, pulling my face back to her pussy. I take the hint and start licking all around her thick outer labia, tasting her succulent juices while I tease her by avoiding direct contact with her pussy.

The other girls move in for a closer look as Alex moans and murmurs in response to my machinations. I hear a gasp from one of the other girls when I lick around Alex's crinkled asshole.

"He's licking her ass," Kristina whispers. "Yeww!"

"Ask Alex how it feels," I say over my shoulder to Kristina then push my tongue into Alex's pussy and suck her inner labia into my mouth.

"Oh fuck!" Alex cries when my tongue brushes against her clit. "It... um... felt weird to have him... you know... lick my butt, but I really liked it," she reassures her friends.

"Oh yeah! Oh Brandon!" Alex screams as I suck her clit into my mouth and gently tap it with my tongue. Sliding a finger into her pussy, I piston it in and out while I devour her clit with my mouth. Alex is rocking all over the couch now, moaning and crying words of encouragement.

"Oh! Oh! Just like that! Oh yeah! Oh Fuck!" she pants, as she grabs my hair and humps her pussy against my face.

"Damn!" Kylie exclaims. "He's going to make her cum!"

Of course, I am. That's the whole idea.

"I'm getting soaked just watching them," Lauren says, causing me to conjure up images of my sister's juicy pussy as I attack Alex's with renewed vigor.

"Damn... right... I'm...going... to... cum!" Alex has abandoned any inhibitions she might have arrived with and is unabashedly fucking my face with her pussy. Her fingers are entwined in my hair and she's rocking so hard against me that I'm having trouble breathing. Just when I think she might suffocate me, I go in for the kill shot, gently biting her clit between my teeth as I push my tongue hard against the tip of it.

"OhhhhhhhhHHHHHH FUCK!" Alex screams as the floodgates open and pussy juice gushes from her wide-open fuck hole. Her clit is too sensitive now and she pushes my face away and tries to close her legs. I pull my finger from her pussy as I block her thighs from closing so I can lap up her freely flowing cream. Fucking delicious!

I raise my eyes to see her face but they stop at her luscious breasts and her dark nipples, thick with arousal. I reach for those black nubs, pinching them between my fingers as I continue to devour her soggy pussy.

"Unfuckingbelievable!" Kylie says as I release Alex's nipples and lower her legs down onto the couch. She still hasn't caught her breath as I sit back and wipe my face with my arm. The other three girls are flush with arousal, their legs pressed tightly together as they watch their friend recover from her orgasm.

"I need to wash up," I say to no one in particular as I stand up and head to the bathroom. Fuck! One down, and two to go. My face brightens into a wide smile. Or maybe three to go... we'll see.

I wash my face and hands, brush my teeth and get myself presentable for my next contestant. This has turned into the wildest night of my life... and to think it's with my sister and her friends! As crazy as we got at some of my college parties, I've never experienced anything like this.

As I walk back to the living room, Alex is giving the other girls a detailed description of how she felt during the whole thing. I listen for a minute before I go in.

"No one has ever eaten me like that!" she says. "The guys I know just stick their tongue in a few times and then want to fuck." She lets out a big sigh. "Thank you, Lauren, your brother really knows what the fuck he's doing!" This seems like a good time to make my entrance.

"I'm all cleaned up and ready for my next contestant," I smile as I walk over to the couch.

"Thank you, Brandon," Alex says as she stands up and gives me a hug. I squeeze her ass checks and hold her against me, my hard cock pushing into her stomach.

"The pleasure was all mine," I tell her.

"Not hardly!" she answers, kissing me lightly on the lips and trailing her fingernails along the length of my erection as she moves over by the other girls and Kristina jumps on the couch.

"I'm ready," she declares, assuming the same position Alex was just in and spreading her pale legs as wide as they'll go. The two pussies couldn't be more different. Alex's labium was thick and meaty while Kristina's is thin and delicate, like a flower. Which is exactly what I tell her.

"Your pussy looks like a delicate flower, waiting to open with the first ray of sunshine," I whisper as I brush my fingers through her tuft of blonde pubic hair.

"More like waiting to be pollinated," Kylie laughs.

"Hey, I thought you liked me being poetic," I smile, laughing with them. "What do you want me to do?" I ask Kristina as I use two fingers to spread her thin pussy lips. They are slippery with arousal without any stimulation.

"I want what Alex got," she says pleading with her eyes.

"It will be a pleasure," I answer, turning to my audience to add a few comments. "Every pussy is different," I tell them. "Look at how delicate Kristina's looks compared to Alex's. Her aroma is different, too," I say, taking a big breath and filling my nostrils with her sweet scent.

"Your scent is intoxicating, Kristina," I tell her as I gently lick all around her pussy before sucking her outer labia into my mouth and flicking my tongue along the sensitive edge.

"Oh God!" Kristina cries. "I've never felt anything like this!" I remember she didn't raise her hand.

"And we're just getting started," I breath as I smear her juices around her pussy with my little finger.

I take my time licking and sucking on her delicious pussy, enjoying the less pungent flavor of her steadily flowing juices. I keep teasing and then pulling back until she's almost whimpering with anticipation. Finally, just like with Alex, I push my finger deep into her tight pussy while I suck her clit through to her orgasm.

She's not as wild or out of control as Alex but when her orgasm hits, it nearly drives her through the roof. She arches her back all the way off the couch, pushing her pussy so hard against my mouth that I almost lose my balance. I stay with her and when she lets out a long whimpering scream, I know we've arrived.

"OooooooooooooooooooaaaAAAAAAAAGGHHHHHH!" she cries and I'm rewarded with a thick creamy release of sexy syrup that tastes just like heaven. I retract my finger and lap at her pussy as she settles back down on the couch. Her nipples look gigantic in their fully aroused state and I pinch them more gently than I did Alex's. For some reason Alex invoked more aggressive sex from me than Kristina. Kristina just exudes delicateness throughout her whole body.

By the time I sit up, Kylie is moving towards the couch. "Give her a minute," I tell her. "Besides, I have to clean up first anyway."

"Sorry," Kylie says. She appears to be in such a state of arousal that any touch might set her off. I'm going to have to calm her down a little if I want her to have the same experience as the other two. The question of Lauren is still on my mind as I head to the bathroom to wash up again.

Kylie is already in position when I get back but there doesn't seem to be any of the chatter that followed my romp with Alex. Kristina is sitting on the floor, away from the couch and I'm wondering if she's okay with what happened when she beams me the most beautiful smile I've ever seen. "Thank You," she mouths as she spreads her legs so I can see how much juice is still dripping from her flower-petal pussy. I stop and kiss the top of her head on my way to the couch.

"I'm going to need a new tongue when this night's over," I joke.

"Can I have your old one?" Alex cackles, making us all laugh hysterically.

"Kylie," I say, staring at her porcelain smooth pussy. "You've seen two different approaches to eating pussy. What about each one excited you the most?" I ask, hoping that by getting her talking in a more analytical way it will prolong her pleasure once we get started.

"I liked the way you had Alex moving around so wildly," she answers as I run my fingers over her smooth pubic mound. "But I also liked how long you took with Kristina and how overpowering her orgasm was."

"Well, let's see what we can do for you." I continue trailing my fingers around her bare pussy as I lean in to sample her scent. She's like a cross between the other two girls. Not quite delicate but not as strong as Alex. "You have a very distinct aroma, Kylie. Enticing without being overpowering."

"If you say so," she smiles, clearly anxious for the main event. Her smooth pussy lips are shiny with her leaked juices and I run my fingers up and down the edges coating them with the transparent lubricant. She leans her head back and closes her eyes as I tease her lips open and slip a finger inside. Her pussy muscles clamp onto my finger pulsating around it as she rocks her ass against the couch.

"I wish that was your dick," she says, raising her eyebrows at me. I hear my sister suck in her breath and she looks like she's ready to speak. I beat her to it.

"I thought you wanted my tongue," I say, enjoying the banter.

"That too," she says. "We can start with that." Hmmm. I bend my head down and attack her pussy in much the same way I did Alex. I suck and tease her back to her full arousal level before I push two fingers into her experienced pussy. I pump my fingers in and out as I'm nibbling on her engorged clit, and trying to keep up with her as she bounces her ass all over the damn couch.

"God! You're good!" she cries as my teeth gently tease her sensitive love button. She raises her ass off the couch as she screams my name.

"God! Brandon! Fuck! Oh yeah! Fuck me! Oh God!" Her body convulses and she jerks her pussy against my mouth as she twists her body and raises herself up on one arm.

"Ohhhhh! FUUUCK!" She shoots her love juices into my mouth as her body spasms with pleasure. Fuck! I've never eaten a woman whose pussy erupted in a geyser like that! I suck and swallow her tangy cream, keeping my mouth locked on her pussy as she settles back down onto the couch.

Just like the other girls, I reach for her tits as I continue licking her pussy. To my surprise her thin nipples are jutting out from their protective cocoons and I pinch the sensitive tips, which causes another eruption from her wide-open pussy.

"I forgot to tell you, I'm a squirter," she says, smiling coyly.

"What's a squirter," Kristina asks. I had almost forgotten we had an audience.

"Most girls gush extra pussy juice when they cum," I answer. "Kylie shoots cum almost like when a guy ejaculates."

"They call it female ejaculation," Kylie says, still panting. "I looked it up after the first time it happened," she says with a shrug.

"You could have warned me," I smile.

"It doesn't always happen. Only when I'm extremely aroused," she says, smiling back at me.

"So I passed the audition?" I ask, as I reach for my beer.

"With flying colors," she answers. "But it's not a speaking part," she laughs. "Damn, now I'm the one who has to clean up." She stands up and heads for the bathroom.

I watch her ass while I take another swig from my beer. I'm just biding my time, waiting to see what Lauren is going to do. I've eaten her three friends to orgasm and she has clearly been affected by it all but whether she wants her older brother to eat her pussy is another matter. I admit that at first I thought it was weird but now I'm anxious to taste her hidden charms.

"You're waiting to see what I'm going to do," Lauren says. Damn, she nailed it.

"You know me too well, Sis," I answer raising my eyebrows.

"What do you want me to do?" she asks, making eye contact like she's silently hoping I'll take the decision away from her. Lauren is sitting on the floor with her knees out and her ankles crossed, in what they used to call Indian style before it became politically incorrect. Her glistening pussy is blatantly on display.

"You're clearly aroused by all of this," I say, like it just occurred to me. She nods. "You've never had anyone go down on you." She nods again, maintaining eye contact but not saying anything. "I've been fondling you all evening." She nods again. I shrug as if this is a no brainer.

Alex and Kristina are watching this interchange but are definitely reluctant to get involved in it. This is between us... brother and sister, deciding whether to cross that line, or maybe whether to cross that line with an audience. Hmmm. Before I can get my mind around that idea, Lauren speaks again.

"Do you want to eat me?" she asks. There it is. My decision. Do I want to eat my sister's pussy? Hell yes! Do I want to eat it in front of her friends? Will it be all over twitter in the morning? Doubtful. At least no one is taking any pictures.

"We'd be crossing a line," I respond. She nods again. "Maybe one we shouldn't cross without some clear headed thought."

"Are you not clear headed?" she asks, tilting her head to the side in a way that makes me want to kiss her, and not a brotherly kiss.

"Which head?" I laugh, glancing down at my cock, which by the way hasn't gotten any relief.

"Good point," she laughs and the spell is broken, she looks away. "You still have to check my pussy though, right?" she asks. "To see if it's the sexiest."

"Right," I answer, scooting over on the couch. "Up you go," I say, patting the couch next to me.

Lauren crawls up on the couch just as Kylie returns from the bathroom. "You're going to let him eat you?" she screams. "That's fucking awesome!" she moves in close for a good seat.

"My turn to clean up," I say, getting up from the couch. "I'm just going to compare her pussy to the rest of yours to see whose is the sexiest," I tell Kylie as I head out of the room. I pause in the doorway to hear her response.

"Really?" she asks, disappointment dripping from the single word. "Lauren, you don't know what you're missing." Kylie clearly doesn't have the same reserve the other girls showed; she's more than willing to jump into the discussion. "When you do get a guy to go down on you, you're going to need something to compare it to," she argues. "Your brother sets the bar pretty high! You shouldn't pass this up."

I continue down the hall and wash my face and hands. They're still at it when I return.

"He's my brother!" Lauren answers, as if that explains it all. "He'll be here if I need him later." Okay, I wasn't expecting that response.

"But why wait?" Kylie asks. Good question.

"Kylie," I admonish her. "It's her decision, right?" Kylie shakes her head like it's the stupidest discussion she's ever heard. I turn my attention to my sister's pussy. She hasn't spread her legs as wide as the others did but her pussy is still on full display. And what a damn fine pussy it is.

Although medium thickness, her labia is larger than any of the others. I didn't see it when she was standing up but it overhangs almost twice as far as any of the other girls. Shit. I want to suck those pussy lips into my mouth and just gnaw away at them. I know I could drive her absolutely crazy!

"Your pussy lips are to die for, Sis," I tell her as I pinch one side between my fingers and slide them around on the slippery surface.

"Hmmm," she murmurs as a shiver runs through her body.

"I like the way you've trimmed it too," I tell her as I move to the other side of her pussy and do the same thing with her other lip.

"Let's see how you smell," I smile as I bend closer to her exposed pussy and take a big whiff. Holy fuck! My cock swells at the erotic scent of my sister's pussy. I could get high on this stuff. I take another big sniff as I insert my finger into her pussy to get some juice to taste.

"Just lick it once," she says so quietly that I'm not sure that's what she said. I look up at her and she just nods her head. If I'm only going to get one lick, I'm going to make it a good one.

I lift up her thighs and push them farther apart, exposing both her ass and her pussy. With a thick coat of saliva on my tongue, I slowly rim her asshole before gliding it up along that very sensitive area between her ass and her pussy. Then, pushing it between her lips, lingering as I dive deeply into her hot love canal. Sucking in some of her delectable cream, I press my tongue against her clit and swirl it around several times.

When I come up for air, Lauren is shivering with arousal. She has her eyes closed and her head back and I savor her persistent flavor inside my mouth as I await further direction.

"Again," she finally says almost under her breath. I repeat nearly the same route only this time I suck her clit into my mouth and push two fingers into her pussy.

"Ohhh! Mmmmm," Lauren moans as I work my magic on her red hot pussy. She's so ready for a climax that no teasing is necessary; I just piston her hole with my fingers while I assault her clit with my mouth. In short order, she is crying out her need for release.

"Brandon! Damn you! Fuck you! Oh God! Right there! Oh Yeah!" She arches her back, grabs my head with both hands and nearly suffocates me as her pussy explodes in orgasmic bliss. Her pussy gushes hot liquid honey while her body convulses in pure pleasure. I stay with her until her orgasm subsides, then pull my fingers from her still quivering hole and lick all around her wide lips.

"See, I told you," Kylie says, stroking Lauren's hair as she strives to catch her breath.

"You were right," Lauren nods. "It was amazing!

"And the winner of the sexiest pussy..."

"I haven't even caught my breath yet!" Lauren protests. "Give me a second."

"Okay," I smile. "I'll go clean up." I linger, watching my sister's chest heave as she catches her breath.

"Go already," she says, shooing me away.

Damn! I just ate my sister's pussy! Instead of feeling ashamed, I find myself wishing we were alone. I splash water on my face and stare at myself in the mirror. Pervert!

"Are we ready now?" I ask my sister when I return from the bathroom. She just nods but returns my smile with that 'just fucked' glow all over her face.

"The sexiest pussy award goes to... drum roll, please... Kristina!" Her smile is absolutely radiant. "With your rose petal pussy lips, sweet, exotic scent and feathery blonde hair, you're going to have guys lining up to serve your every need!"

"Thanks, Brandon," Kristina says. "But not with these tits." Fuck! I never thought she was so self-conscious about her tits.

"You're wrong, Kristina," I admonish her. "You've got great tits. I admit guys like cleavage but your nipples are the end all of nipples and your ass - don't even get me started on your ass again, plus you have the sexiest pussy in the room. Wanna fuck?" I didn't actually say that last part but I was thinking it. I would love to drive my hard cock into that tight, possibly unused pussy!

"If you say so," she smiles.

"So who wins overall?" Alex asks. Good question.

"You are all sexy as hell. No guy could be disappointed with any of you." I look around at the naked girls, bathing in their post orgasmic radiance. Shit. I just ate out four different girls and my cock is so hard I can barely think.

"The winner, Brandon?" Kylie prompts me.

"The sexiest girl in the room with best combination of attributes.." I pause and look at each of these naked beauties. "By a very narrow margin, mind you is... Lauren, my baby sister!" I point my finger at Lauren as I await the complaints from the other girls but they just start whooping and applauding my choice.

"What does the winner get?" Lauren asks, mischievously.

"You get to take care of that," Kylie says, pointing to my erection.

"What?" Lauren responds incredulously. "Wait... no."

"He's been hard for nearly two hours, don't you think he deserves some release after eating all this pussy?"

"Yes, but..." my sister stammers but Kylie cuts her off.

"You're the one who said you could deep throat a real cock and wish one was here."

"But he's my brother," Lauren retorts.

"Who just ate you your pussy!" Kristina jumps in to counter Lauren's argument. "Seems to me you owe him one."

"One of us needs to do it," Alex says, stepping closer while she looks questioningly at my sister. Fuck! Four naked teenage girls arguing over who's going to suck my dick? Life should always be this tough.

"Think you can deep throat him?" Kylie challenges while looking appreciatively at my cock. I'm not built like a porn star. I have a normal width cock that is maybe a little longer than average. Not much different in size or shape than the rubber dildo that's still sticking up from the coffee table.

"Of course, I can do it," Lauren says looking directly at me. "Brandon?" she says, raising her eyebrows questioningly.

"It's your party, Sis," I answer, scooting forward on the couch so whoever sucks me off has easy access. None of these girls would be a consolation prize but I find myself hoping it will be Lauren. "Your party, your rules."

"You know you want to, Lauren," Kylie urges her on. My pulse is racing as my little sister kneels on the floor between my legs. The other three girls gather around as Lauren hesitantly reaches for my hard-on.

I swear that until tonight I had never harbored any sexual feelings towards my sister. I am happily in a relationship with Kelly, well mostly happy. Lauren has always just been my annoying little sister. But when I look between my legs and see her big brown eyes staring up at me as she wraps her fingers around my solid cock, my mind blots out every other girl I've ever known.

Staring right into my eyes, she tries a few tentative strokes up and down the length of my shaft before rising up on her knees and moving her mouth towards the domed head. She questions me with her eyes just before her lips reach me. I silently nodded as she plants a kiss on the tip of my dick.

Based on what I heard and saw earlier, Lauren is no stranger to blowjobs. Instead of diving right in, she teases me by licking up and down the sides of my shaft, coating the length with saliva. It is so fucking erotic the way she maintains eye contact with me the entire time.

With one hand gently cupping my balls she licks all over my cock, concentrating her attention on the sensitive underside of it just below the head. Even with three other naked girls to look at, I couldn't break eye contact with my sister if I tried... and I didn't try. With our eyes locked on each other it's like no one else in the room exists.

Finally, pulling my cock down towards her she slides her lips over the head while her hand strokes up and down my shaft. I emit a low moan from deep in my throat as she corkscrews her hand up and down my shaft and slides her lips farther down my hard dick.

Damn! My sister knows her way around a penis. This is already one of the best blowjobs I've ever had and she's barely gotten started. I'm not sure how much is due to her skill and how much is due to the fact that she's my sister. Either way, I'm not complaining.

Lauren continues stroking my cock while she takes a deep breath. I know what's coming next and apparently so do her friends.

"Here she goes," Kylie says, breaking the spell between Lauren and I. Fuck! I wish they would just watch quietly. Doesn't matter though once Lauren's mouth engulfs my cock and she slides her lips about two thirds of the way down, I don't care anymore!

"She's doing it," Kristina marvels as she leans in for a closer look. I reach up and pinch Kristina's nipple just as I feel my cock enter my sister's throat. Fuck!

Lauren pulls back along my throbbing shaft and continues stroking my cock as she gasps for breath.

"You didn't hit his pubic hair," Kylie announces.

"What?" Lauren, yells at her. "He was in my fucking throat!" I can vouch for that.

"True deep throating means you take his entire cock," Kylie says, sassily. "Your lips have to hit his pubic hair." I'm not sure where she's getting her rules but it's an interesting one.

"And you can do that?" Lauren asks?

"Yup, sure can," she answers.

"Fine. Go ahead!" Before I know what's happened, Lauren has moved out of the way and Kylie is kneeling between my legs.

"I've wanted to do this all evening," she says, smiling as she sucks the head of my cock into her warm mouth. Kristina is sitting on one side of my legs and Lauren on the other watching intently as Kylie pumps my cock into her mouth, taking it deeper with each stroke.

With the other girls watching so closely, I feel more like a biology experiment than getting a great blowjob. And it is a great blowjob! My sister knew what she was doing but Kylie is the blowjob queen. She's only at it a few minutes when I feel her loosen the muscles in her throat and my dick slides down. She actually swallows my cock! I can feel her swallow as the head enters her throat. Fuck! I could almost shoot my load right now but Kyle is pressing my cock deeper into her throat.

"She did it!" Kristina announces as Kylie's lips brush against my pubic hair. Damn! She has my entire cock in her mouth... and throat! She holds it there, glancing up at me before she starts the slow withdrawal. My cock is about to burst, especially with the next surprise.

"Can I try it?" Kristina asks as Kylie gasps for breath. Kylie literally hands her my dick. Shit! Am I just going to get passed down the line? Not that I'm complaining. Any guy would sell his mother to be where I am.

"I've never done this," Kristina admits as her small hand encircles my hard cock and she feeds the head into her mouth. "Mmmmm," she moans around my erection as her hand strokes the length of my saliva-coated shaft. This girl has been watching her friends.

"Don't try to take too much your first time," Alex advises her. Alex has moved up to where Kristina was sitting and Kylie is over beside Lauren. Even just the head in your mouth feels great for the guy. Isn't that right, Brandon."

"Absolutely!" I agree as Kristina bobs her head up and down on my cock.

"Use your tongue to lick the underside of the head," Lauren adds her two cents and this starts feeling more like a training session than an orgy. Not that I mind. It's quite a turn on to be a girl's first blowjob. Makes me wonder about the state of her vagina. Surely she can't really be a virgin.

"Now you've got it," Alex says encouragingly. "How does that feel, Brandon?"

"Fucking amazing!" I answer and Kristina's eyes reflect what I interpret as a proud smile.

"How about now?" Alex asks seductively, as she glides her f @admin good
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