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May 14th 2019, 1:44 am

How does the lymphatic system work?

The lymphatic system is part of the immune system and also the human information system. It is the only system that preserves and transports from the body the harmful substances that are produced by the body. The pollutants enter the body from the outside through air and food. Because this system is the main defensive factor of the organism, it has a decisive role in all diseases of today.

Lymphatic circulation is very similar to blood circulation. Larger lymph vessels are similar to veins, scattered across the body. The system also includes lymph nodes and organs (bone marrow, spleen, thymus). The greatest influence on the formation, quality and flow of lymph has organs such as the stomach, pancreas and spleen, which perform secretory function in the body. In addition, they directly affect muscle nutrition, the system most conducive to lymph circulation. Therefore, proper nutrition and proper function of these organs play an important role in the overall immune system.

The main function of the lymphatic system is the absorption of excess fluid and its return to the bloodstream, as well as fat binding and involvement in the functioning of the immune system. The nodes capture the impurities flowing through the lymph and secrete them from the body. So the lymph takes away all the toxic substances our body receives from the body. Normally, about 4 liters of fluid flows through the lymphatic system daily. They contain water, proteins, fats, salts, dead cells, bacteria, metabolic waste materials.

How are lymphatic system disorders manifested?

Every major environmental burden, scarring from injuries and surgeries, old tonsils in the tonsils, head cavities, or around the teeth in the jaws (so-called bearings) are disturbing fields for the body and can slow or stop the passage of lymph, causing swelling, tension, pain, accumulation toxins and then inflammatory changes in the surroundings and at distant places.

Excessive load of lymphatic system with toxins, stress, eventually. damage to the lymphatic vessels by injury, surgery, infection, etc., usually manifests itself by "ordinary" fatigue of the foot, later the whole body, psychic irritation, swelling of the legs especially in the ankles, mainly in the evening and after great exertion, later swelling in the abdomen or face often attributed to obesity, lymphedema, swelling of the eyelids, lymph nodes, respiratory problems without obvious external cause, tendency to infectious diseases due to weakening of the immune system and, last but not least, cancer.

Lymphatic Massage (Lymphatic Drainage)

In particular, it is advisable to treat the sites of the lymphatic system as a whole by massage. Suitable are lymphatic massages with acupressure elements on the body and its parts (microsystems) using various massage and herb and essential oil wraps, supplemented with modified diet, herbal, fruit and vegetable cleansing treatments, including breathing and other exercise and suitable sports to improve flow lymphs are the best prevention for all diseases. Remove cellulite, relieve swollen feet, accelerate metabolic processes in the body, wash out toxic substances. All this can be done by lymphatic massage.

What is the secret of lymphatic massage?

This special massage is designed to restore and increase lymph circulation. The lymphatic system does not have a pump. If it does not work or its activity is slowed down, tissue exchange remains. Fat cells increase in volume, fat pads, orange skin and swelling are formed. With targeted massage pressure and direction, the lymph can be activated and washed away from the body. Lympho-drainage massage is performed by a lympho-therapist, a fine and well-defined technique of manual lymphatic drainage, when it unblocks the main nodes and drains the drained fluid through the excretory system from the body. This method is natural and medically justified. It is not only purposeful but also very pleasant and relaxing.

Who needs lymphatic massage?

Lymphatic massage is suitable as a precautionary measure for people with long standing. It also helps faster regeneration after physical exercise, tourism, sports. It is used both for the treatment of swelling but also for the improvement of the skin condition, for the acceleration of metabolic processes, for detoxification of the body, and for the recovery of liposuction, for the prevention of varicose veins and cellulite. To get the best results and see the effect, it is recommended to have lymphatic massage (lymphatic drainage) at least twice a week, but at least once a week. The recommended number is ten massages. This should be followed by a maintenance treatment once a month.

What do you massage lymphatic drainage?

The most popular are lymphatic massage of the lower limbs and buttocks. In addition to the symptoms of cellulite, it can remove swelling, feel heavy legs, relieve muscle pain, etc. It is, however, good to combine massage with regular movements such as cycling, swimming or taking longer walks. Also popular are lymphatic massages to remove swelling in the face, swelling of the eyelids, to reduce "follicles" under the eyes and "second chin". They can also be used to treat acne or to fight wrinkles.

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