Sumit Singh (@lispadelhi)
49 months ago

Put yourself in the hands of professionals and let them massage all your worries and stress out of your body.

Treat yourself to a well-deserved reward after a hard day's work and visit the Li Spa to relieve your back pain and relax stiff muscles. Open 7 days a week, so go to the massage after work or just before Sunday dinner.

You can choose from six types of massage - will it be a traditional Thai massage, oil massage, foot, back and neck massage, or do you have an herbal aromatherapy massage or lava stones? With the help of heat releases accumulated tension and wash away all stress away.

Techniques for relief of back and joint pain, migraines, exercise with prolapsed disc, improvement of mobility, etc. We also offer lava stones, reflex therapy, thai massage, aroma therapy massage.

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