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31 months ago

Selection of circulation pumps
The main task of circulation pumps is to provide forced circulation of the heat carrier (water), which
it is located in the heating system of a cottage or private house. Their use allows you to use a smaller diameter pipeline in the heating system used, in comparison with heating, which is mounted taking into account the natural circulation of the coolant.
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In addition, the use of a circulation pump allows you to quickly warm up the room to the desired temperature. However, most people who are first faced with the installation of heating with forced circulation of the coolant, there is a legitimate question: what criteria should first pay attention to when choosing a circulation pump? In order to answer this question as correctly as possible, it is necessary to consider the existing types of circulation pumps, study their main advantages and disadvantages.
The natural circulation of the heat carrier in the heating system works due to the difference in temperature and mass of heated and cooled water. However, such a self-flowing coolant circulation system has many disadvantages. The main drawback of the gravity heating system is that it is not able to fully cope with the heating of houses with a large number of rooms.
In order to ensure uniform heating of a house with a large heated area, it is recommended to use circulation pumps. Their main task is to create excessive pressure in pipes filled with a heat carrier (water). Thanks to this, the pump ensures uninterrupted and uniform delivery of heat to all rooms, even if the house is large.