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28 months ago

The feel of love during love-making is felt when you are with your loved one. But can a call girl make you feel the same degree of love that you get from your loved one? Let’s see.

Whenever we see any beautiful thing we take a break, praise that thing for a while, and then move on. Beautiful things do attract us. Similarly, whenever we come across a beautiful girl, everything else except that girl vanishes out. The only light in this world that is actually lit, is the moon and all the moonlight is now focused on her still it feels like the glamour of her face is fading out the beauty of the moon.
With such attraction now a spark of lust is also created within. But is it easy to satisfy this lust at this particular moment?
The Dilemma
Most men want to get laid by any means, that’s natural probably. There are many tricks in the book to get laid and one follows that trick which he feels easy for him. But the easiest of all the tricks is to hire call girls. This is the easiest way to get laid with a bonus. The bonus is that you can change your taste as per your mood, while in other cases whatever your mood might be the taste is always the same.
But there are certain types of people with a mindset that they need to get laid but they also need the feel. Yes, the feel of love. They just don’t want to perform a mechanical session with Indian call girls but they do want a session full of love and romance and yes the mechanical part acts as the dessert in this course.
Indian escorts have the potential to satisfy men but do they have the capability of giving the feel? Of course, this is the most common question in most of the minds before hiring a call girl in Mumbai. Also, some men cannot perform if there is no feeling between their bodies. There must be some chemistry before biology.
The Chemical Reaction

Assume you are trying to light a candle or lit up your dump yard, then probably you need a match stick that will help u ignite the candle. But how did the match stick get lit? It lights up due to the strike of the match stick on the matchbox, and there happens a great chemical reaction and then the match stick lights up.
Similar is the case for most men, there must be some chemical reaction to ignite the warmth in the body and make it more hungry for having call girl sex. The beauty of the call girl does only 50% of the ignition process and the rest is mostly done by the feelings or you can day the romance. After the full ignition, the mechanical process starts, just as an automobile.
The Feel That You Never Felt
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Now, The Big Reveal
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