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The Rainbow Six franchise has been around for more than 20 years – a considerable period of time, during which it managed to acquire a decent number of games, including several mobile ones. To date, the base of Siege alone exceeds 40 million players, but not all parts of the series have been so successful.
Ubisoft has been experimenting throughout the existence of the series, changing the degree of the tactical component, and it was perceived differently by fans. We decided to make a list of all the main games in the Rainbow Six series, excluding mobile and territorial exclusives like Take-Down, which was released in South Korea.
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At that time, the world of first-person shooters was based on arcade Half-Life, Unreal and Starsiege: Tribes. The original Rainbow Six, which spawned an entire franchise, dared to challenge the trends.
Developed by Red Storm Entertainment studio, the game set the standards for all subsequent tactical shooters. Planning the route before each task was literally vital. Without him, the game turned into a cruel meat grinder, a kind of shooter in the style of Dark Souls, where the slightest mistake was punished by a screen with the inscription: "Mission failed."
That year, console players were obsessed, for the most part, with the arcade shootouts of TimeSplitters 2 and the total destructibility of the sci-fi Red Faction II. Only Medal of Honor: Frontline somehow tried to dilute console shooters with realism.
And then Lone Wolf came out with her merciless intolerance of player mistakes and the need to think before shooting. Even fans of hardcore games appreciated its complexity, although in general this part of the franchise received far from the highest ratings.