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Time Spent on LoL – Ways to Find Out How Long You Play
Zed is one of the toughest heroes of the League of Legends game, the master of shadows. He is the head of the "Order of the Shadow". He created it himself in order to use the martial and magical art of Ionia as an effective weapon against the Noxian invaders. Possesses powerful techniques of forbidden magic. In the game, he plays the role of a killer. It is not easy to manage it. It is recommended to study the guide for this hero to play lol zedom.
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Like any other League of Legends character, ZED has certain abilities that make him strong and vulnerable in battles. The hero has five skills:
Contempt for weakness. In the original it sounds like Contempt for the Weak.
Shuriken throw. Translated into English, this is Razor Shuriken.
A living shadow. It is also called Living Shadow.
Shadow cut. In English, Shadow Slash.
The stigma of death. The game is also called Death Mark.
Each of these skills has its own characteristics. You need to know about them in order to apply skills on time and in place.
Contempt for the Weak.
An interesting and useful passive skill. Deals stronger magic damage to weakened enemy characters. It is advisable to apply it to heroes whose health is below 50%. It is not difficult to bring Zed's opponent to such a state. The ability to Contempt for the Weak is relevant on the line. It can be used for various purposes, including minions. This allows you to play in the forest, easily and confidently earn gold.
Additional damage for champions varies from 6 to 10% of the enemy's maximum health. ZED has the ability to apply the Contempt for the Weak skill to one target every 10 seconds. The skill "Contempt for Weakness" deals stronger damage to monsters: about 200-500 units. But the ability "Contempt for Weakness" has a charge that is quickly consumed. Therefore, in one fight, the skill will most likely be applied once.