tiga (@tigaka)
11 months ago

Types of road maps
In this section, we will analyze the types of roadmaps that will help you understand the purpose of the project, correctly schedule tasks and add appropriate metrics.

Grocery stores. This is a strategy for the development of a product or product line. For example, the launch of a new product - a line of gaming laptops. The map will indicate the launch dates, informing managers about the differences and advantages of products, promotions.
Technological. This is a plan for the introduction of technologies into the production process or into the company. For example, you want to put a conveyor in a production shop in order to automate the work and minimize the percentage of defects by eliminating the human factor - previously this process was performed by people.
Industry-specific. Schemes that describe the development of the industry and market segments. For example, you need to assess the impact of the market. In the map, you can specify the analysis of competitors and the technologies used, conduct research on economic indicators and determine the strengths and weaknesses of the industry and its potential.
Corporate. The map shows the company's development process and the achievement of long-term goals. For example, a company wants to enter a new market. In the map, you can specify the indicators of sales, revenue and coverage - both those that are relevant now and those that the organization wants to achieve. It is also necessary to prescribe deadlines and tools to help the business achieve results.