devon (@devon456)
2 months ago

Dark And Darker - The classes with less durability

Pretty sure the slow interactions are a way of keeping classes in check

The classes that are less durable (except for wizard) require fast interactions in order to run away or keep distance, these being those of the rogue and ranger.

However, I believe they overdone it.. but that doesnt suggest that it's the only way to interact, for the example, barbarians who have a very low resourcefulness stat to interact with objects are granted the 'Smash", which can take out all non-reinforced chests or doors with the two-handed axe.

Wizards, at times, are able to use fireballs and open doors to provide an escape too.

The game is still in playtest, do give them some slack i still am hopeful that there will be more indepth combat or mechanics, perhaps not levels of mordhau, but between chivalry , and what the game currently is or at doingdging.

Give the game time and do not get distracted by the 'git gud' people Any negative feedback (actual constructive criticism) is treated as feedback to the devs. Let's just hope that they will listen.

This is not a game everyone will love. We appreciate you being so rational. breath of fresh air for the forums, to be honest.

I'd love to help you in looking for what scratches you have.
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