devon (@devon456)
2 months ago

I hope that you support this thread by discussing it and its concepts in greater detail while refining and building on it so that it stays at the top of discussions so that developers will be able to read it and hopefully take action in time for the next play test.

It is really to the benefit of Dark And Darker

"Current problems: Combat is all about movement, or let's call it positioning, in addition to the gear you're using and what your health bar looks like. Your other tools Can be helpful until you get into melee."

This isn't a problem This is the central piece of the design of the game.

The game is all about aspects of strategy that go into fighting, the actual execution of the fight is not supposed to be a big factor.

You're paid for putting yourself in a good position before the fight starts instead of for doing a tip on crouch-spin-tilt that you found on YouTube.

I like these kind of games too. not throwing shade, but this isn't exactly that type of game.

The idea of bringing that type of limit on action-related skills is precisely the reason why the developers have effectively taken out Wizard by imposing adjustments (and Ranger is next).
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