devon (@devon456)
29 days ago

Despite the improved controls, chaining together multiple superstar moves is still difficult to do. EA asserts that this is by design so as to limit their use to only skilled players. One move the offense won't be able to ride this year is the "through ball from a sideline sprinter" technique; it isn't nearly as overpowered as it was in FIFA 23. Though the move will still yield goals, defenders can disrupt interior passing more effectively, making this a riskier move.

Another major addition debuting in FIFA 23 is the custom team tactics. These tactics are essentially a compilation of various sliders dictating AI reactions during buildup play and scoring opportunities, and they will let you augment your team's strategy around your strengths. The slider menu includes a chalkboardlike diagram showing you how your players will now react based on the settings you choose. Although it's a powerful tool, the mechanic still works on the basis of risk and reward. For instance, you could increase your team's aggression slider to relentlessly attack the ball, but doing so may place defenders out of position.

FIFA 23 also offers 10-on-10 online play (though we weren't able to test it out). There will probably be more information on this at the Leipzig convention next week, so check back for updates on the game.

Finally, country of origin will play a factor, because players who speak the same language will better communicate with one another on the field. You won't need to be a footie expert to bump up your chemistry rating; in fact, the best part of the chemistry system in Ultimate Team is its ease of use--icons on each player's card will clearly show you when a player is happy with his position, formation, and teammates, and an overall chemistry meter will reflect your team's overall disposition.
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