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28 days ago

There is a lot more variety and a lot more depth this year. You'll get to build your character by playing through different skill-based series of events, unlocking cool rewards from players to tricks to venues to clothing. Become good enough and build your own venue and team. You'll have to deal with player rivalries as a team captain and keep your guys happy en route to international glory. We've also added a cool feature whereby you can have a friend help you out on your rule-the-street journey.

BARCELONA, Spain--Although it was released for other consoles in Europe this week, Xbox 360 owners will have to wait a further month until they get FIFA 23. Fans shouldn't be disheartened, though, as the one-month delay will let EA Sports update the team rosters, and as we've noted before, it has been hard at work building the game from the ground up. After seeing the game at X06 this year, we are happy to report that FIFA 23 is looking polished and completely geared up for its release. We were happy to forgo the X06 party in Barcelona to spend some quality time on the single and multiplayer game.

Like EA's other recent Xbox 360 sports titles, FIFA 23 lets you start playing the game as soon as you get into the menu system. The main menu sits on top of a practice pitch, which you have access to both here and when the game is loading. The X06 demo featured Ronaldinho squaring off against a goalkeeper, and if you don't like the Brazilian megastar, you can choose to practise with any other player. Like other modes in the game, this practise mode is immaculately presented, with the detailed pitch featuring a video wall on which you can see your goals being replayed. However, exhibition games load in a matter of seconds, so it's not like you'll need much to keep you tained while you wait.

The Xbox 360 version of the game is also heavily integrated into Xbox Live. Although Internet connectivity wasn't offered at X06, the showing let us see how these features will fit in with the game. EA Sports has integrated a series of real-world updates, with FIFA news promising to deliver up-to-the-minute fixture and game information directly to the main menu. Those without Internet connections will still be fed information, as the ticker-tape messages along the bottom of the screen relay your recent performance statistics.If you want to learn more about FIFA 23 Coins,please vist mmoexp