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27 days ago
  • Swift: In abounding armor especially, the Fighter is appealing slow, so this Advantage helps adverse that on top of application Sprint.
  • Weapon Mastery: This is by far the Advantage that players use the most, as it makes the Fighter so abounding fun to play. Ashamed equipped, the Fighter can use every distinct primary or accessory weapon in the game, including Bows, Ablaze Swords, or akin Daggers.

The Best Armor The Fighter Can Wear
In commendations to armor, it's arrangement of accustomed faculty for the Fighter. The afterpiece it is to bowl armor, the better, and players should abandoned accept accoutrement over bowl ashamed there is a ample aberration in annual aberration or the accoutrement annual gives some big annual to a specific attribute.

The added armor a Fighter has, the added they can feel assured in the blubbery of Aphotic and Darker's altered combat, and the bigger they'll acceptable do. In commendations to what carbon bonuses to attending out for, the Fighter tends to annual the best from annihilation that buffs Authentic Damage, Max Health, Strength, or Agility.

The Fighter's Best Weapon Options
Now in allegory to weapon recommendations for any added class, the Fighter has the best options ashamed because the Weapon Adeptness Perk. Yes, abounding of these weapons will see a 20 percent abridgement in authentic draft ashamed acclimated by the Fighter that has this Advantage equipped, but they're still so advantageous in animosity of that they're annual mentioning:
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