devon (@devon456)
15 days ago

I never said or claimed they can win 1vx naked.

Its not a goal post shift. look at the topic and the context of this entire conversation. You are not creating a new conversation. This isnt a discussion on the start to endgame of the wizard. This is a topic on the EARLY game of the wizard. Meaning default gear and maybe some greens.

"Only good when" is not a weak argument when each class scales different based on the type of gear they obtain and when talking about Early Game they are STILL the weakest class. A ranger with a longbow will literally 1 shot you with a headshot and yet nothing in your arsenal can 1 shot any other class. Melee classes can also 1 shot you in early game gear. The only other class that cannot one shot you is another mage.

You just made a generalized statement "They are the strongest class and can win most 1vX situations". You gave no thought to the context of the thread or comment. You are being disingenuous by suggesting im saying "Naked" when I've stated "Default Gear" several times now.

A blanket statement of "They are the strongest class" is an incorrect statement. So no goal post was shifted.

Mummies have 250 HP

Mummies have 250 HP.

I suggest looking at the wiki, then hitting the dummies or looking at your detailed stats when you have your weapon equipped and comparing them to the HP of the monster.

You will realize that in default gear, you aren't doing as much damage as you think you are doing. That is why it seems like it is taking so long to kill. Because certain monster just have multitudes more health than others.
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