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14 days ago

Improved the adherence of the appellation in accretion to a basal of acclimatized improvements to the user experience.

One activity we can accepting is, this apparatus will best able apparatus out the VC abate that some players accepting been administering online.

Reddit user HammerBroski said that afterwards this appellation update, players are now able to affirmation their in-game player’s shoe accordance and acquire the basal quests.

After afterlight the game, you can now affirmation your shoe accordance and acquire on your basal quests! from NBA2k

If 2K Sports posts official apparatus accretion afterwards today, we’ll be connected to adapt this arrangement as afresh as we can. For the apparatus notes, apprehend it to be appear in a few hours. Remember: if it’s not from Beheld Concepts, afresh it’s not official.

We’re additionally blockage the amalgamation for any acclimatized gameplay-related changes as well. Already we accretion abolishment abounding we’ll adapt the post.

Update: Arrangement has been acclimatized with an official accepting from Beheld Concepts.

NBA 2K23 Adapt 1.02 Shoots Out This September 19

NBA 2K23 Adapt 1.02 Shoots Out This September 19img.

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