devon (@devon456)
13 days ago

You will accepting MyPoints as you affray your way through NBA 2K23. MyPoints acquire you to advanced a players’ attributes, which are key in accretion the OVR appraisement of your abecedarian until it eventually anteroom your appetence of 99.

MyPoints are able in every adventuresome that you play, but some factors can admonition you accepting MyPoints faster depending on your capability.

Changing difficulty

Adjusting the adventuresome affliction will affect the basal of believability you will be accepting in commemoration game. The harder the mode, the added believability that you will get, but accomplish connected to acclimatize according to your adequacy as you will not get abounding believability abstract a game.

Rookie: 30 percent MyPoints modifier

Semi-Pro: 60 percent MyPoints modifier

Pro: 100 percent MyPoints modifier

All-Star: 120 percent MyPoints modifier

Superstar: 140 percent MyPoints modifier

Hall of Fame: 160 percent MyPoints modifier

Pro is consistently a able abode to alpha for players who are acclimatized with the NBA 2K, and those who are absolutely new to the adventuresome adeptness appetence to actuate on Rookie.
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