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I sit in the front row, staring at her uncontrollably. Her name is Ms.Davees and she is my English teacher, just saying that would do her no justice so i must explain that she is perfection at its finest. She's tall, about 5'8, shes slender and has amazing tits. If i had to guess, i'd say they were a perfect C36. Her shiny honey blonde hair falls to her nipples. God i want to fuck her like she's never been fucked before. I think about her naked everytime i see her, i try to picture it but its so hard when you've never seen someone that beautiful without clothes. She is my own personal movie star, i want to do everything to make her feel that way.<br />
<br />
The bell rings, and reality suddenly appears. I stay after class, after all any extra time just gives me more moments to think about later when i touch myself at home.<br />
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After my peers leave Ms.Davees stares at me in confusion, then asks "Charlie what are you waiting for, do you have a question or something?" I sat still in shock that she noticed me, my mouth was dry but i finally replied "Ms.Davees can I stay a little late and get help with my homework?" Of course she reassured me with a "YES! I would love that!" It made me feel so good, my cock was getting a little hard with and image of her nude in my mind. She moved the desk to my right closer to me and then placed her perfect ass in the wooden seat. She was wearing thin black square glasses and strawberry smelling lipgloss, i wanted to throw her on the floor so badly. She looked at me mysteriously and said, "Charlie, you are a very handsome young man and i would be lying if i said that i didnt know you wanted me, guess what...i want you too." I was speechless, but then my brain came to terms with the fact that she had actually said that so i spilled out my first thought. "Ms.Davees, i'm going to fuck you so good that you'll call me your daddy." She licked her lips premiscuously and replied "lets go to my place, so you can prove what you've just said." We stood up, she grabbed her keys as we walked to her car.<br />
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During the drive, i couldnt help my emotion, i placed my hand on her perfectly firm theigh covered by a gray pencil skirt, i slowly moved my hand up to her pussy...i began rubbing, first softly then a little firmer. She moaned "Charlie...oooooohhhh...more please more..." I shoved my hand up her skirt, surprisingly she wasnt wearing any panties, i was overjoyed. Her pussy was so wet i yelled "Ms.Davees you feel soooo good inside, i'm going to fuck you so bad." We pulled into her driveway and ran inside. I pushed her agaisnt the wall as we shoved each others tongues down our throats. I wanted so much more and lost control. She stopped me and said "Charlie...I've been a bad bad girl, teach me a lesson." I couldnt help myself, i yelled "Shut up bitch and get on the floor." She stood there with a surprising look on her face, so i just threw her down and jumped on top. I ripped open her blouse and began to squeeze her perfectly roung tan titties, she moaned asking for more. "Take off my pants and suck my cock bitch." She easily replied, "you're the boss. I do as you wish." She hopped on top and un-did my jean button and zipper quickly whipping them off, then came my boxers exposing my 9 inch rock hard cock. She softly placed her lucious cherry flavored lips aroung the tip then moved it down, up and down over and over, i was holding back my load because i wanted to fuck her when i blew. I pulled her hair and she moaned in pleasure. I stopped her and said "Sit like a dog bitch" She rolled over with her ass in the air and said "Give it too me daddy, i need it so bad." I played with her clit from behind while rubbing my cock in between her pink lips finally i couldnt hold back any longer, i shoved myself in her soaking wet pussy. She screamed "YOU'RE MY DADDY, YOU'RE MY DADDY. FUCK ME MORE!!!" I shoved my cock in harder each time, spanking her like my bitch. She loved it. Finally i had to blow, i said "Bitch suck my load and swallow it." She happily and quickly rolled over and placed that beautiful mouth around my whole cock, pumping it with her lips, finally i blew. It was the most pleasurous thing, i have ever felt. She moaned, "mmmm..." I fell on the ground afterwords, then she said "I'm not finished, so you're going to fuck me again." It was so forceful i was kind of scared, but i couldnt wait. At that moment i didnt care if i past her class anymore.