admin (@admin)
100 months ago

Bathtub, music, you and I<br />
Something in me starts to fly<br />
Candlelight on hot wet skin<br />
Tingles flutter deep within<br />
Hazel eyes, aflame with need<br />
Touch me now, our silence pleads<br />
Brush of legs, a gasp I draw<br />
I can’t take this any more<br />
Pulsing fire, aching need<br />
Hungry lust, now let me feed<br />
Reaching out a foot, a toe<br />
I touch your hardness, start to stroke<br />
A growl so deep erupts from you<br />
Groaning, gasping, from me too<br />
My hands I let begin to roam<br />
Heaving breasts, again you moan<br />
Fingers finding my sweet spot<br />
I circle, rub, so fucking hot<br />
Writhing now, the water shudders<br />
Continuing to eye each other<br />
I slip a finger into me<br />
So wet and juicy, so ready<br />
You can’t bear to watch me now<br />
Needing me, your hands reach out<br />
You pull me closer, onto you<br />
Your mouth, your kisses, only you<br />
Legs spread wide, straddling you now<br />
Hands all over, sweaty brow<br />
Your need, so hard, is nuzzling me<br />
All thoughts are gone, my body speaks<br />
Inviting you to come inside<br />
Begging for this fucking ride<br />
Arms around me, pulling down<br />
My eager body stretches round<br />
And yes, oh yes, that feels so right,<br />
So big so hard, so hot and tight<br />
Riding, sliding, gasping too,<br />
Tongues and hands, me and you<br />
Nothing else exists but us<br />
Our screaming, needing, wanting lust<br />
Pulsating, it starts to build<br />
As my womanhood you fill<br />
Muscles tensing, quickening<br />
Drawing you even further in<br />
Then we merge, and we are one<br />
One perfect moment as we cum